Cheap Accurate PAR Readings

By MindSoup,
I've touched on this subject quite a lot recently so I thought it would be useful to make a thread to direct people to in the future.   With LEDs becoming more and more popular PPFD ,PAR and DLI are becoming a more commonplace topic. With most lights from reputable brands you can easily find an accurate PAR map to help you hang your lights at the optimal height. But, if you have a light from a less reputable brand or perhaps a custom setup you won't have that luxury. Keeping track of light intensity is something that I have found pretty essential when diagnosing issues, especially when working in smaller spaces. There are a few apps out there but a lot of phones have light sensors that max out way to early to be useful and proper PAR sensors are beyond a lot of budgets. Luckily good old Migro on the tube, has made a few guide video's using affordable lux meters and comparing their results to his apogee sensor so you can save a lot of money with a little bit of maths (I got my UNI-T meter for £14!)