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2 extra instead of 1?

Hey guys, start off by saying sorry for all the questions on different threads lately.. 


My old room I used to run a 8 inch rvk fan and filter with 8 inch ducting to a 5" flue pipe.. I quickly learnt that this would of been very restrictive and noisey on my garage roof... 


I'm currently building a new room, little bit bigger but will be the same set up inside pretty much but difference is I've put a louvered vent in the back of my garage roof bit.. I'll see if I got a pic once I've typed this out. (new vent isn't in the picture but it's against the wall side, and I've attached a picture of the inside, so vent will be to the right of that picture. Garage door opens right up to that yellow foam, so I've only got the gap from the wall to the side of the door when opened. large.IMG_20190825_082439_compress76.jpglarge.IMG_20190825_082122_compress74.jpg


I made this louver big enough for 8" ducting but I've just gone to set the ducting up and realised the garage door is going to hit it.. Gap from the wall to the side of the garage door is 6.5 inch. 


So Im not left to think of a way to get around this, 


I can run solid plastic 6 inch pipe from my new louver with a couple 90 elbows and in to the grow room but running this with my old 8" fan and filter set up isn't going to be alot more sufficient than my old set up is it? 


Do I run a 5" rvk fan and filter to my old flu and a 6" rvk and filter to my louver set up? So 2 extractions in one room? 


Or try and bodge a way to use my 8" ducting to my louver? 



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Or I could use my 8 inch ducting to my louver, just means using velcro straps or something and any time I need the garage door open (probs once a week) I just relocate it with the velcro for a hour then put it back. 


That's not a bad shout tbf lol

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2" isn't much of a squeeze down so why don't you run 6" reducer from the fan and then go 6" all the way to your louvre?


If you're switching to LED you won't run the extraction on full either :yep:

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