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Gavita EL1 master controller

ive been looking to modify my big room after too many poor runs and am looking to alter the lighting.

i managed to pick up another gavita 600/750 DE light tonight, bringing my total to 3 of these.

im going to sell off my hps lumii adjustable ballasts, and just use the gavs. its less light than ive had in there, but ive had temp issues and im sick of paying through the nose for electric, so im down sizing. 

Ive been looking at the master controller the EL1, and it looks to be ideal, with settings for almost everything.


Question is, do any of you use one and have an opinion on it?

Its a fair wedge for a tight arsed git like me, see, so i want to be sure its going to be worth it. 

Im liking the auto dim if temps go too high, the sunrise sunset modes etc, but i suppose im just looking for some feeedback from anyone who has used one.




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No but they do look nice. There was one on alibaba when I was purchasing my light with the same functions for about £100 - £150. Sunrise/set temp and humidity sensors. 

having only 1 light though I thought it was a bit of over kill for me but I could definitely see the value for you. 

don’t forget though it is just an rj45 dimmer control unit so other less expensive brands will do the exact same job with your lights. You just plug them into the Ethernet port on the light and the box does all the work.

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Posted (edited)

I have a EL2 Gen 2 Gavita Master Controller I bought for a group of Gavita 1700e's LED's, but never ended up using it. It's brand new! Depending on where you live, I can offer you a great deal on it. I put it up on Ebay with a few adapters, but it never sold.



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Don't bother, there 100% waste of money..

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