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** Win a "Par Plus 240 LED " + Ugorg #1 BX1 and Cookies BX1

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On 8/16/2021 at 9:28 PM, stu sleeper 20vt said:

I dont deserve to win but would love to win an led of the finest quality.

I promise to retire my coal burning hps (maybe!) lol

you dont need top end leds, i found.   i got a wee viparspectra p600 - 95watts and dimmable, fr 73 delivered from viparspectra uk.  and that was a trip across the water as well.   decent amount of heat of that, and the other led and cob so that i only needed supplementary heating, a reptile heat cable on floor, so far.   i put the filter on the floor so the air is sucked down to floor warming plants and then threw filter which stands on its end.    forget big bills (relative to energy sucking hid) on the leccy front.    i'd  be looking for ways to get free leccy if i had a magnetic b allast!


Go for it bud,  you don't need top end stuff.   Check out the Migro youtube channel.    I have three of their lights, plus the uvb one.   I got the viparspectra as id seen Shane from Migro do a test of the viparspectra leds.      Great info on pretty much everything thats out there,  more or less.  YoUR Wallet will thank you.    Happy Xmas!

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enough heat from led lights in current climate so no tube heaters this time
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What a coincidence PAR 240 Is actually exactly my PAR at Golf ! 

it’s a sign from da universe :) 

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