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Buds on one but not the Other Skunk 1

I have 2 Auto Skunk 1 plants. Both planted at the same time In 11 litre pots using  Plant Magic supreme soil. Both started flowering but one has buds the other seems to be going back to vegging and become very leafy. Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on.


Using Plant Magic soil bloom feed. 




As you can see the 1st picture of skunk 1 plant you can see the buds, but on the 2nd skunk 1 plant there are more leaves growing where the buds are supposed to be.  Anyone know what the problem might be. or will it sort it's self out.

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Just looks 2 weeks behind the other, 


just a slightly longer flowering plant than the other, 


I wouldn’t worry bout it mate


ive had reg skunk no 1 plants flower in 8/9/10 and sometimes 11 weeks, I don’t think it’s a really uniform variety 

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I have 2 opg that have done a similar thing, the 1 on left had top snapped off but not sure that would make it flower sooner. Don't think they are autos though as 8 weeks old so maybe semi auto. 

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