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Homebox tents

I was just giving my tent a light leak test as I'm about to do some fems. It seems my bud box lite has become a bud box light, I'm not sure I have enough tape to patch it so its upgrade time.


Which leads me to ask, does anyone have a homebox ambient plus?  Are they good?

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I've got a Homebox,

the 120 x 60 x 120 (vista I think it's called)


The quality is top notch,

German engineering :yep:


I use it as a veg/nursery so I've never checked it for light leaks though :) 


I might use it to flower some males later.






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Green Cube are also excellent tents

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I have a smaller homebox (60x60x140) and it is really well made. However the door zips down and then the very bottom of the door/flap is held by Velcro. There is no ‘sealing’ of the tent as you’d want. You can see the light coming out when the room it’s in is dark. If the bigger ones zip up tight without the silly Velcro bottom I’d deffo get a bigger one. Really good quality. 

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