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2021 Green(hopefully)house grow

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Well here goes nothing, thought I’d start my first diary, It’s a bit late but what can you do.. hope everyone’s enjoying this marvellously festive start to a summer, still a bit chilly up north!


So currently on the go we have:

2x Northern Lights auto by Sensi Seeds. 

2x Frisian Duck by Dutch Passionlarge.C28A54DD-B7F2-4E96-89FC-299DE8B0CF9F.jpeglarge.023FC0D2-9EAF-4C4D-A321-DD198BE8C202.jpeg

2x Quick One Auto by Royal Queen Seeds


2x Blue Mystic by Royal Queen Seeds


The oldest one that’s in flower is the NL auto at 55 days old, it grew alright because I was bringing it in at night. I ignored the advice not to top autoflowers because I have a need to tamper with things, and to be honest I’m not really bothered about yield. The other NL was sown on a mystery date along with a Purple Punch Auto by Tastebudz, they’re both extremely stunted. 



The two Frisian Ducks are looking pretty small as well, I topped them both a couple of days ago, I’m going to try to mainline the one with two leaves per node depending on if it grows well. The one with three leaves per node I may just let go and see what happens. I’m aiming to kick them out into the garden in a month or so to make room for some more veg in the greenhouse!


The two Quick Ones and Blue Mystics germinated on 7/6. I spotted brown speckles on one Quick One, not sure what that is?



I made a foolish mistake, I read about Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic and how it grows well in cold climates and stupidly bought RQS seeds only to read that they thrive in a Mediterranean summer. We’ll see hahah. 


currently all of them are growing in a ‘super soil’ made up of 1:1:1 worm castings, compost and perlite, amended with FBB, seaweed meal, guano, dolomite lime, epsom salts and rock dust. 


Think that’s as much info as I have, but if I’ve missed anything (or if the format sucks) let me know, peace!

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Well done for getting a diary up so quickly and with your phone too!  Following along now and wish you lots of luck and more bud than you can smoke :thumsup:

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Yeah nice one getting a diary up so quickly :yep:


I think the issue with topping autos is more to do with the risk of hermaphrodism occurring,

ending up with seeded buds.


Following along.








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Thanks @Alys, your comment about joining the mad house spurred me on! :badass: I’ll take all the luck I can get, have a feeling I’ll need it


@Shumroomcheers for checking it out! I had no idea that was the reason behind not stressing them. So if an auto goes hermie do you know if the seeds carry the same genetics as the original plant? 

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I doubt it, 

but I've only just started reading about the breeding side of things recently. 


So I can't give a clearer answer, 

yet :)






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What’s good homeslices, hope everyone’s enjoying the summer.. trying every day to remind myself to appreciate being able to wear a t-shirt and sandals while the warmth lasts!


Not loads to report but just a weekly update, nice to see the changes (and lack of change for some unfortunate plants).

Going to go from oldest to youngest, seems like the easiest way!


So here are the Northern Lights autos, they oldest is starting to get a little frosty but has comically taken on the smell of feet, I hope this will pass :g:smelled pretty good for a few weeks before this point


and the younger one, a wee bit of lst later. large.BE5C8F90-E545-4436-99F3-953358C0AD5A.jpeg

Next the Purple Punch auto, not got high hopes for this little bugger but we’ll see



These are the two Frisian Ducks that I’m trying to mainline. I really regret tampering with them, the whole idea of this strain is that it blends in, but mainlining it is like putting high vis patches on a camo jacket… hopefully by the time I‘m finished it will look a bit shrubby. Still a good while until flowering starts so I’m hopeful! 


Two quick ones, can anyone tell me if the small one has any chance of catching up? I’m not sure if it’s to do with phenotype or whether it was stunted, though I have a feeling it was stunted judging by the difference


two blue mystic



two Purple Punch in Dalefoot tomato compost, they were freebies so i popped them a few days ago, one of them got off to a bad start which was definitely avoidable. So far I’ve lost one of every three seeds to impatient interference, an expensive habit I desperately need to break


cheers guys, that’s all for now! :rockon:

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Nice work.

Don't worry about the tiny ones for another while

There will be lots of tiny things this year due to weather.

Very well presented. Will follow. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reassurance @kittythemonkey, I figured I wouldn’t be alone in this, the nights are fairly cool even now…


cheers for following, all the best!

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Hello once again good people, another week and this time some hot weather, crazy how two days of cold can seemingly halt growth! 

In terms of anything changing I replaced the bark mulch with home made compost, the top layer of soil was dry and the bark was doing my nut in, so I opted for extra nutrients and easier top dressing to make life easier. I top dressed the flowering NLs with a bit of bat guano for an extra kick. That’s about all that’s changed.


was a bad time for a second topping on the Frisian Duck, only did one of them but it’s taking a while to bounce back. They’re fed up with being bullied, maybe I’ll just leave them now, we’ll see by mid july how they respond and if I should go again.. 6 on one 8 on the other would be alright! Otherwise 3 and 4.


Looking like jesus on the cross, a bit fackin fed up 



2x Purple Punch Auto


2x Blue Mystic. I may finish these inside if my set up is ready by then, hoping so.


Also I direct sowed these because I mixed up the seeds with the Quick Ones, being the clumsy bastard that I am. They seem happy though! 


2x Quick One auto, started the LST on one, the other’s a bit behind but seems okay



Here’s the Purple Punch Auto starting flower, the leaves look so beautifully healthy and dark at the minute!


2x Northern Lights Auto

One is entering the cheesy feet stage and the bigger one is coming out of it thank god, starting to smell sweet and citrusy. The buds are fattening up and the camera doesn’t do it justice. I know it’s a small plant but it’s the biggest momma of the lot and I’m chuffed to bits with it, feel quite proud in some way.


smaller one


“Big“ nugginsky



Well, that’s all for this week… 


… Or is it? 


I think it’s time to reveal my secret weapon of the season.


Backup crop to fill the jars if all else fails, a mammoth Gelato auto, growing like a parasol… 


Alright that’s actually it. There are so many things that I forget to add and questions that I want to ask but forget by the time it comes round to writing the diary, never mind.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the heat! 

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Glorious weather up here today, hoping that a few days of sun will help finish off the top parts of my furthest on autos. 

Im liking the looks of your trained plants, next year I’m going to give it a try like you have. I’ve eased my way into training this year with some gentle bending over but now see how much abuse they can handle. 

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Hey man, your plants are looking gorgeous, can’t believe how tall that big one’s getting! You’ll definitely need to employ some stricter training if you want to keep all of the panes in the roof hahah.. They’ll be loving the sun no doubt, enjoying keeping up with your stuff.


I’m trying to top them at the 4th node by pinching out the growing tip whilst it’s tiny, trying not to shock them. Just keeping it from taking over really!

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Just a little update this week as a few things haven’t come on much. I have a couple of questions for people with more experience though. 

This is the NL showing some lovely purple colours, seems to me she’s finishing up as there aren’t many white pistils coming out now, the buds haven’t fattened up much though. Is it too late or is there a chance they’ll still swell in this final week? (Harvesting the buds at separate times as the bottoms a week or two behind). Either way I don’t mind, still been fun and it’s my first plant so anything’s great.



younger NL



Purple Punch


other two PP, started feeding Biobizz grow today as they’re not in ‘supersoil’



Quick Oneslarge.004694F2-F026-496D-B94A-004CEA28E3B4.jpeg


blue mystic



Haven’t photographed the ducks this week as I can’t continue to bring shame upon my family. I’ll post if they start to look half decent hahah.


Can anyone tell me what pest this could be? The white powder was in a little squiggle like a mini bird crap…


I have neem powder that I can top dress with if advisable, though the damage isn’t really out of hand



Cheers folks, have a good one!

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Upon further inspection I have a feeling these top two nugs are ready to chop, any second opinions? What do people do if some are amber and some are clear? 

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The "bird poo" looks like it might be mold/powdery mildew? 


But I'd wait for others opinions before you do anything drastic. 









Edited by Shumroom
Eta powdery mildew and photo
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 You have powdery mildew I'm afraid.



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