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Growing 7x Auto's outdoors Safe Temps full Sun

Hi All


I am growing 7x Autoflowering Plants outdoors this year. I even Germinated the seeds outdoors. 


I planted the seeds directly into pots i am growing them in.


I planted in black 11 litre pots, so i won't need to transplant them into anything else.


This year i am growing 3x Northern Lights, 3x skunk 1, and 1x Cash crop, which was a freebie.


All the seeds came up, due to the excellent weather, we have been having here in the UK. 


They get full sunlight from 8AM till about 7PM.


My only concern is the temperature of the weather. What temperatures are to hot for Auto's to grow in safely. 


People say give the plants as much sunshine as possible, but surely if the weather gets to hot, won't that do damage to the plants.


My plants are in black pots sitting on concrete slabs.


What do you guys think.

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I only grow outdoors and do 2 runs of autos a year, over the years its been warm and not noticed any detrimental lasting damage due to high temps ,  i do see way more damage & slowing of the growing process by over watering  / over feeding than hot temps.   


Just keep them happy & healthy and let them do the rest :yep:    All the best with the grow and get some pics going along the journey :) 

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