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Organic soil and nutes for Autos

So I'm looking to try my second grow this year with some Pink kush CBD plants. Just growing 3 of the ladies but interested to do a little experiment with the different soil set ups. I have some biobizz light mix left over from last year which I will use for one. I then plan on making my own soil for the others, I was wondering what base of compost you would recommend? Just looking for something cheap and organic, I then plan to add worm casts from the compost bin which has only had fruit and veg placed inside. In one of the pots I would then add some mycorrhizal fungi. I plan on only feeding the plants organic nutes, we have worm juice which is very rich, do any of you think this could be too rich for the sensitive autos? I have then read about comfrey and nettle teas and can top dress with more worm casts and the ladies develop. 


The 3 plants would therefore be:

  1. Biobizz light mix with worm juice added as nutes
  2. Compost (yet to be decided) mixed with worm casts, worm juice and nettle and comfrey tea used as nutes
  3. Compost (yet to be decided) mixed with worm casts and mycorrhizal fungi, worm juice and nettle and comfrey tea used as nutes


All the plants will be grown in the greenhouse. May sound like a waste of time but am keen to see the difference in yields due to different factors, Particularly interested in the difference between the plant with mycorrhizal fungi, becoming more and more fascinated with the fungus world. Any tips from you experienced growers would be welcome.

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