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> SubSpecies UK Sub Tropixx 2021 (inna de yard) <

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4 hours ago, OldFord said:

Looking fantastic sir :yep:     The S.A.D is rather special outdoors, its a nice smoke too :)    


Congrats on the bounty mate,  a bit of curing and its time to indulge in some outstanding outdoor home grown ..... one of lifes little pleasures.   


Im assuming S.A.D will feature at the yard next season ?  :)         Not long to go ,  i have already rounded up some interesting flavours & will start prep work soon for a good GG run.   


All the best mate.   


Bless ma Lion, nuff respec large.ras_cheers.gif

Yes-I, i gotta say this Sweeeet Affi Delicious is indeed a special weed my friend, praises for yuh inspiration as i watched you grow this, certainly in my top 5 of outdoor strains so far, she delivers in every way, was a shame the Crit Nev Haze next to her got hit bad with mold and spread onto S.A.D, but thats when she really showed off by fighting it big time, mold jus couldn't attack her as bad as it should or as it usually would other plants, great resilience! The weight is exceptional, i trim my bud strickly right back hard leaving minimal sweet-leaf on my buds due to minimizing mold risks while drying (i got high humidity), and she still weighed in like a champion! Had an abundance of trim and made extremely high terp and quality hash, iman actually speechless for the hash its that tasty, it makes me so slow haha large.ras_wow.gif


This strain is definatly on my 'to grow again as much as possible' list without fail, a true champion EVERY outdoor grower should try, serious! S.A.D is goin in the gorilla plot next year where it can get 100% full sun, i only get about 65% in my yard.
I&i working ma way through the Sweets FV range productivly each year, only a couple more FV's of theirs and i got it all covered, i shall pick my favorites and do some crossing with Jamaican genetics to produce someting very special in future when im old to take back home, SAD will defo be crossed into it, Crystal Candy is my ultimate sweets fav and will be in there as the main focus, Red Mandy is in there with the cross, gotta try Gorilla Girl FV and Tropicanna FV next year large.ras_wink.gif


Enjoy your blessed fruits of the earth my friend, all the best ma bredda! Manners & Respect large.ras_cheers.gif Irie-I, Selassie-I :yinyang:


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Quality as usual good buddy


Bless up 

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