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> SubSpecies UK Sub Tropixx 2021 (inna de yard) <

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@AutoAberdeen Lookin gooood there brother!!! Nice mon!!! Bless to the Scotch Bonnet plant cultivation :yinyang:

If i remember i tink mine turn red in August, but i right down the country so it may vary, but looks like yours will turn once the pods are swollen, couple or several weeks i should tink they will swell, be sure they get all the sun possible large.ras_wink.gif

I feed mine bat shit and seaweed and dem love it!! Keep that phosphorus level high coz they feed heavy on it seen, sulphate of potash is great too large.ras_wink.gif

I look forward to seeing the red fyah pods when dem done seen, juss got my 1st pod today large.ras_dancing_banan.gif

Jah Bless my Brother :yinyang:

Nuff Respec

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Thanks again @SubSpecies, hopefully not too long. It’s my first year trying these hot little things but sounds like they’ll be well worth the wait. My hot fajita, hot banana and normal sweet peppers are coming on nicely too, just the fiery bonnets keeping me waiting. 

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Had to chop-a-top today, been fightin mold for several days now, supressing it from eating into the main cola, dutty babylon mold-bill large.ras_cop_stop.gif
And some more goodies from the Sub Tropixx... Enjoy blessed people :yinyang:


Below: I been saving this fat top with i-life!! Look at babylon mold-bill on this, i couldn't take it no more and you see why, so chop today... smells like old skool weed from 90's and juss so dense!!



Below: My prize for fighting Babylon Mold, 100% clean top from half way up, result, even if 1 or 2 weeks early large.ras_smokin2.gif



Below: an this is her now, the light fades away, so welcome to Sub Tropixx at night... can you hear the tree frogs?.... shhhh listen................. gleep..... gleep.....gleep...  :yinyang:



Below: HUGE!! Turned purple yesterday..... beautiful.


Someting magical about the flashlight on the camera at night :bong:



Below: 5 1/2 weeks into flower.. lost some to mold, she clean now, blessed of luck Gelato, smells like it too!



Below: Xtreme take 9-10 weeks to flower, but she pulling in quicker i tink, she huge too!



Below: But best of all, this incredible strain Runtz, such an amazing strain!!! Speechless





Below: Nearly forgot one, main crop....



Bless Out peeps!




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@SubSpecies yes my bredda..been looking for this diary a while now but forgot the name of it so just been scrolling all my activity unless i found it..  dude that is some garden you got there..how big is it? So many vars they just keep on coming lol looks banging my bro but im not suprised under your care and attention.. you have done really well so far this season and long may that continue.. the ganja gods are looking down on you my friend.. bless up!!

The cashcrop auto is finally doing her thing at last.. but only bout 1.5 weeks in.. she smells ridiculous brother.. for now enjoy the rest of your day ma man..

1 love :yinyang:


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Heartical words bredda @Revive, Jah Bless every time zeen!! Glad you found mi hidden garden bro as your welcome any time, i gonna tek a stroll tru your yard later as i back from doin tingz, got some time now and i&i long over due a big juicy fruity tangy Ganja update, will be be on it any time now, sittin on a baaaangin' blessed harvest from these autos this year, curing is naturally takin its time, the herbs this year are very gassy indeed, mi bredda said his bag of Moby Dick XXL inflated after giving the bud a squeeze tight and putting it in the bag!
Yes mi bredda, mi garden could accomodate 6 big photo monsters the size of the ones i usually grow (to be seen in next update), so not to bad fi size seen, i worked hard to dig several tons of soil to created more sunken stealth space, i gots mi lil boat i made in there now, i sit in it and smoke drifting far away to Zion..... bless Lee Scratch Perry, for he in Zion now, maybe i see him in mi herb smoke when i reach the Zion-I gates again.... R.I.P scratchy, travel well :yinyang:

Cash Crop large.ras_wow.giflarge.ras_rastaleafs.giflarge.pngegg(4).png NUFF SAID!! BOOM!!


Live good mi bredda an walk like a Lion :yinyang: ROARASTAFARI !!!!!! Hail de-I :yinyang:



Bless fi poppin in, untill next time mi SoulJah, Jah Bless you and your fabulous herbs!



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Absolutely awesome old bean. That runtz looks fantastic. Was debating whether to go for that or the Grape gusher again for a stealth box I'm doing inside.... Runtz it is. Love immersing myself in your adventures dude..... Bless up

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Update: 11th September - Guerilla....


GREETINGS in the name of the most high Jah! Rastafari ever livin' ever faithful ever sure :yinyang: Selah :yinyang:


Howzit people? Hope ya'll feelin' IRIE in this beautiful sunny September large.ras_cheers.gif


I went to visit mi bush plot last night large.ras_cool.gif  I did go 'bout 2 weeks ago to give dem a feed an see if dem were ok, dem fine, went to take some pics and the battery dead, fuckit mi sey, that night i hiked 45 Litres of water and food to the 4 gyals, was a absolute killa to bumboklaat but i made the journey, fuck was that heavy ,maaan!! And lass night i give dem 5L each of water mixed with seaweed and SOP (sulphate of potash). Heres wagwaan inna mi plot.........


'bout 3 weeks into flower......


mmmmm tasty!!!!



Sweet Cheese no flower yet, but stinks!



LSD nar flower yet.



but the Affidaze well well ell....... about 4-5 weeks into flower.


juss as resinous as i remember......




Had bad stem rot on one main branch, i bent it slightly to clean and it snapped.....





so obviously it came home with i........



How she looks after snap.....


Still as Irie as Irie large.ras_wink.gif



To be dried and ready for hand sieve hash......



Even at this stage lots of Trichs are milky.... looks nice.......




So evting looking blessed inna mi 'wild' garden out there, not bad for a 95% plant-n-leave job large.ras_old_pirate.gif Rastafari bless wid Jah guidance and protection everytime large.ras_jahlive.giflarge.ras_old_jah_bless.gif


Give thanks fi yuh passin 'tru mi yard to see wagwan inna de SubTropixx station, its pure Sinsemilla fi di healing of nation and your salvation..... Rastafari bless :yinyang:


Untill next time........ ONE HEART ONE LOVE!


JAH Bless....




:yinyang:RIP 1936 - 2021 :yinyang:



Edited by SubSpecies
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Update: 25th Sept:


large.ras_greetings_wave.gif in the name of the most high! Rastafari! Bless'ed LOVE!!! :yinyang:  :bong:

Hope ev'ting Irie for all mi bredrens an sistrens, Emperors and Empresses, Lions an Lionesses, we nearlly through the season now, juss weeks left for most, altho i def got untill November before i done, LSD and Sweet Cheese are finally in flower, 1 week for LSD, 1 1/2 weeks for Sweet Cheese, fuck me, at last!! But more on that in another post, coz today i gots to show you the Critical Neville Haze EV and juss wagwaan with her.....


6 weeks into flower now and i'v been fighting mold back big time but also loosing buds to mold, altho i do have some nice salvage buds hanging up drying, but she is hard hit by mold this gyal, she's had powdery mildew and she still got grey mold, i defoliated someting chronic, i&i juss trying to get some more milky trichs before i chop, coz i tink i gonna have to chop real soon as i can't keep fighting the mold like this, i keep snippin buds off daily and i fear it may be lurking inside some more good buds, so maybe the time has come for her.


She is big, heavy, early very very very very smelly and juss too sticky too touch, amazing!! She seems to holding a very high water content inside her fibres, hard to explain but she seems 'wet' but obviously she dry coz it ain't rainin yet, iv had this before with Affiedaze due to the excessive resin content, weird and very wonderful!

Juss gonna show the pics of her today, with 2 Sweet Afgani Delicious at the end, will hopefully get pics of the gorilla girls next post, so stay tuned fo that.


Here we go then..... Critical Neville Haze Early Version @ 6 Weeks on 25th Sept 2021, picture frenzy large.ras_camera.giflarge.ras_wow.giflarge.ras_grin.gif






















Below: Before..... nice bud innit......


Untill i removed the yellowing leaf which i knew babylon mold large.ras_cop_stop.gif was lurking under, bumboclot man!














Neville Haze Photo Bomb! S.A.D buds towering in the background large.ras_wow.gif





An lastly for now Sweet Afghan Delicious (S.A.D) by Sweet Seeds.....



Next will be Guerilla girls....... untill then enjoy this video large.ras_listening_music.gif


NUFF RESPECT TO ALL UK420 CREW!!! large.ras_cheers.gif


large.5eee0e3f8a536_ras_bigup.gifAND large.ras_old_jah_bless.gif



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A picture of health :yep: @SubSpecies   Looking wonderful sir and the camera work aint halt bad too :)      Those SAD's look delicious mate !!    A great outdoor choice for sure. 


Your yard is looking splendid.     Keep on it & at it :yep:

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25th September: Guerilla


Cream Caramel lookin very tasty! Big super tight smelly buds.... about 6 weeks in by the look of her......



Sweet Cheese about 2 weeks into flower.......



LSD, finally flowering, about 1 week.....




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28th September 2021


Irie-Ites Family, brrrr it getting chilly, hope ya'll keepin well even better choppin your Ganja herbs large.ras_rastaleafs.gif

:yinyang: Rastafari Bless :yinyang:


Here is Sweet Seeds Sweet Afgani Delicious F1 FV:


@OldFord thought you may appreciate this one bro :yep:


Had to chop most main tops as early mold starting to show, so CHOP nar fuckin about, she about 7 weeks in i tink... AMAZING STRAIN!! Too Tuff!! Super Tuff like Tuff-Gong Studio!!!



Kept some mold at bay for a week but now its chop top time, mold was startin to fight back....



Really rock hard buds!!!



Calyxes swelling....



Trichs milking....



This pic below is the was and not the now ....






Caveman clubs drying in deep aticipation to try them, cyaaaant wait Rasta!!



I7I pushing what is left on the plants for as long as i can, so far so good, Critical Neville Haze is down and hanging, S.A.D has about 50% left on her, a big branch snapped coz of just 1 patch of stem rot i had cleaned up, it make the stem brittle and wind snapped it, so i gots more S.A.D hangin up large.ras_wink.gif


Now gonna probably maybe chop my Cream Caramel from the bush, at least have a look at her with choppers in hand juss incase she suffering out there :yinyang: Buzy buzy Rastafari, muss haffi dash now.... large.ras_bike_thumb.gif

Bless'ed LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


large.5eee0e3f8a536_ras_bigup.gifAND large.ras_christmas.gif


This 'ere tune IS my TUNE SEEN :yinyang: High Grade inna mi yard! OH GOSH OH GOSH large.ras_wow.gif

Big Up Micah Shemaiah mi bredda...... Rasta Kno' Who Jah Bless NO Man Curse large.ras_lighter.gif


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@SubSpecies     Lovin the tunes sir :yep:       

Got a bit of a reggae session going on right now with the bass bins shakin the shit out of the yard & even Bass cat is nodding in time to the B line 



Sweets SAD & Mohan Ram are both on point !     Cream Caramel a close 2nd. 

My SAD's from last year,  untrained and left to do its ting.   


Real purple & pink pistils.      Sadly no SAD this year as i wanted to fill a jar with some Ganesh :)   Another top outdoor girl.  

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Update: 20th October 2021


PRESS PLAY to vid below and come chill with me, get yuh boots on an lets go... i'll take you to mi Irie blessed UK Sub-Tropikal night garden zeen.... come now mon, come follow-I outta babylon and into freelance countryside, no torch, juss Jah moonlight..... Bless mother nature :yinyang: ps i tink it's gonna rain while we are there, maybe put on wellington boots instead.......



Irie Bless good people, hope you are alll feelin Irie and enjoying your smokes from this year (an the sounds of the Tree Frogs if you pressed play) :yinyang:


All mi 'erbz from inna mi yard have been 100% chopped, only 3x guerilla girls left now. I can say that Sweet Afgani Delicious stole the show this year, she is increddible smoke, super heavy, i sleep very well!! She also pulled in half a kilo juss 1 plant, Sub has done it again! Half Key a plant! Jah Bless!!


Guerilla Plot:

Cream Caramel FV:

This is her before i had to chop the main cola due to some mold 2 weeks ago, 1 budlett on the main cola had deep mold, so i ain't loosin that and it came home, but its was really not ready, i made top quality hash from the trim but the buds don't taste of anyting, just that shitty hay type smell an flavor, might go with a cure but i know this is immature so the smell might not ever come through, so today i froze it and hashing it later, all the deep complex flavor of this strain is present in the hash fortunatly, so hash is wize for sure, it taste sort of eucalyptus/vicks/henna tone and definatly caramel, really nice with a nice cup of Marley's Coffee (Stir It Up).


7th October:



20th October:

Budz are really really dense and very very fat, doubled in size in the last week, and she's STILL fattening up.... neally a whole week of sunshine forcast inna mi yard for next week so its Rastafari GROW GROW GROW!!!! By i calculation, she must be 8 weeks in flower now, dare i say maybe even possibly reaching nine weeks in!!! No yellow leaves yet? Gonna make delicious hash!



The Cheesey is at about 6 weeks into flower now i believe, plucked a soggy mush of a bud off the top bud, and now we have had 3 days of rain but (not solid rain) there may be more to come, we shall see, so far though she is holding up like a real SoulJah inna the battlefield, shame she was late to flower but i ain't complaining, she proper nice!! Lovely dense stinky buds, i juss know she gonna rockit into space come harvest!



If only you could smell this cheese! I walked away home with her smell all under mi nostrils and a big rassclat smile on my face after a bit of cunnilingus with her, oh wow  :wub:



Hope the mosquitoes ain't bitting you, do you wanna spray of the Jungle Juice? I gotta bottle if ya need it. We won't be long now, one last trip to see the.... LSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK large.ras_wow.gif pretty gyal innit! NO mold on her! FREE from Babylon 100%!!! She about 5 weeks into flower now, smells divine, soooo sweet, 100% sativa :yinyang:



She's gonna make it man!! That is blessed, she has impressed!! Her resin is insane, i feel honoured so far, i LOVE a nice strong trippy Sativa, and this one apparently kicks ass! Juss imagine the hash ohhhh shit!!!!!! Roll on November!



Ok we made it, we are outta there now, i took you on the safe route, nobody did see us at the plot, but the cows knew we were there, they seem ok though, they don't really tell people to be honest, and if they did... well they wouldn't get any Canna leaves to eat at harvest would they large.ras_wink.gif

Oh, that reminds me, i got chased by the cows one night early in spring, i was walkin across the field with 70L of soil on my back and i could hear stampeed on the ground behind me, i didn't look i juss bloodclaat ran with that bloodclaat heavy-ass soil on mi bloodclaat back while the bloodclaat cows are chasing me across the bloodclaat field, about 30 of the bloodclaats chasing me, bloodclaat!! I reached the bank and lord knows how i never fell over is beyond me, if i had fell over... i would be a squashed Natty Dread on the floor-for-shor! Even DEad..... fuck! As i reached the bank the cows were litterally feet behind me, they had slowed down on approaching the bank and i could touch one on the head and say hi... fuck you don't do that again please! Madness, juss be careful out there, take it from me, cows don't play!!!


Right blessed peeps, its time to go make some Cream Caramel hash! If your hangin about your welcome to try some with me, gonna chill at mi yard and bump some chunes pon the hi-fi now, eat some food and have a good time zeen large.ras_wink.gif


I&I give tanx fi life, Jah Bless and keep I strong trough these times. One Love! RASTAFARI :bong:

Untill the next time, take great care out there.

Peace & Love to each and everyone, no matter where you come from :yinyang:


Love the life you live and live the life you love! Rastafari Bless large.ras_thankyou_thumb.gif



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Looking fantastic sir :yep:     The S.A.D is rather special outdoors, its a nice smoke too :)    


Congrats on the bounty mate,  a bit of curing and its time to indulge in some outstanding outdoor home grown ..... one of lifes little pleasures.   


Im assuming S.A.D will feature at the yard next season ?  :)         Not long to go ,  i have already rounded up some interesting flavours & will start prep work soon for a good GG run.   


All the best mate.   

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@SubSpeciescracking update dude.. man you have made my night.. Reading about the cows killed me, im infact still quite giggly now even.. the fun and games of the gorrilla game..its funny as fuk what it can throw at you.. wow half a box from 1 plant.. you have the golden touch sunshine im made up for ya.. well ill catch you up as its all busy busy busy here.. have a blessed eve mukka :yep:

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