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> SubSpecies UK Sub Tropixx 2021 (inna de yard) <

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Auto Runtz XL Harvest Update:


large.ras_greetings_wave.gif mi Lions & Lionesses! Hope everyting blessed inna ya life and inna ya gardens :yinyang:

I&I greet you with a overdue update of tingz that a gwaan inna mi yard, and its 1st harvest of the yearlarge.ras_rastaleafs.gif Auto Runtz XL and Auto Zkittles are 2 week long chopped now.....

So here we go, disya one is juss the Runtz auto update for now, Zkittlez will follow shortly....


Enjoy the end result, this strain is amazing, the taste is very tropical fruit flavor, like pink grapefruit into pineapple into mango juice, i mean WOW man!!!!!!!!!!! So strong too!! 23% THC :yinyang:

Auto Runtz XL 24th June Harvest @ 93Days (13 Weeks) 7 and half Weeks Flower


The last shots of her alive, i had previously harvested the main cola due it being ripe and a very little mold.











Now after chop, i&i been having lots of fun large.ras_smokin2.gif



A blessed nite of riddim, fresh fruits (strawberry and wild strawberry served on pink rose petals) with delicious fresh Ganja Runtz herb to smoke in spliff and coconut chalice :yinyang: Rastafari :yinyang:



Mi coconut chalice......



Ready to smoke dry Runtz herb



Bubble Hash.....



A tasty treat, is like to be young again lol:bong:










Hope your mouth is watering, i can seriously highly recommend anyone to grow this amazing tropical tasting strain, it will blow your mind!!! Very please i tried this strain. 100% grow again large.ras_wink.gif


In the next update (soon come) will be more mouth watering candylicious herb to drool over hehe!!


Untill the next time, stay blessed and live the life you love and love the life you live :yinyang:


Hugs to the ladies, fist bumps to the dudes large.ras_cheers.giflarge.ras_old_jah_bless.gif

Thanks for stopping by large.ras_bike_thumb.gif Stay tuned :yinyang:






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@SubSpecies yes me bredda.. very pleased to have come across this lil update here as I did ask how you got on with her but maybe you missed that as you have clearly been a busy boy.. big up to you and your growing skills dude, some awesome looking flowers there.. how many of those did you run sub? I have had mine munched but have 2 left..I hope can get them past the dam slugs.. sterling work dude :yep:

Loving the lil feast of fruits and weed in your pics, bit of Black Uhuro playing in the background with the bass turned up.. well what more could I man want right :yep:

Great read as always, I have come to expect this from you now dude.. load your coconut chalice with Runtz  kick back and relax bredren you have earned it.. have a blessed day my bro :yinyang:

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Fast Buds Auto Zkittlez Harvest Update: large.ras_dancing_fruit_1.gif


Blessings & Love Bredren & Sistren, hope you are all feelin Irie and well in these rainy warm sub-tropical weather conditions, for all those with ripening plants i wish ya'll the best and watch super close for pesky babylon mold forming on your buds, shaking your plants after the rains really helps if dem nar under cover seen, Jah Bless and protect :yinyang:


Well, it is a nice time to show Zkittlez as she all dunn an dusted deep into meditation cure in the glass jam Jahs large.ras_wink.gif


Please press play to the video below and chill back as you read on... You juss gotta have reggae inna yo life when yo inna de Sub Tropixx.... so bun'up your spliff, blaze up de Chalice, Lick de Pipe Peter... play de Riddim Rasta!!!!! Bless Up :yinyang: Hang about abit if ya in no rush and enjoy de whole tune, eat some rice & peas and smoke some Collie Buds.........


So without further ado............. Guess who's Coming To Dinna? ...Natty Dreadlocks and his big bag of Sensi Zkittlez large.ras_ganjabag.gif

Auto Zkittlez 25th June Harvest @ 94Days (13weeks) 7.5 Wks Flower :notworthy: WARNING: This strain really REALLY STINKS FOR MILES!! If you grow this, be warned! :yinyang:



Inna Circle you can see a piece of babylon mold-bill pon mi beautiful main cola, Rhaartid mon!! But thats juss the way it go, i see it as a sacrifice to the holy1 creator :yinyang: (but it still hurts)



Collie Budz!!



Bun out the parasite!!



Dem cyaant spot mi pon de satelite....



It love the light in de marnin!!!



This likkle phat ting she are mi darlin!!!






Ganja mi love 'till de end of time...............



You are now about to see Babylon pon mi buds, but fret not thy self, it's cool, it's generally inevitable to the nature of outdoor growing in UK, the bess ting we can do is accept its gonna happen and know how to manage it properly and when to not fuck about an an know when to harvest straight away large.ras_wink.gif


kiss mi teeth! Cha BloodKlaated! Mi a Fyahman Rastaman Bun Down Chant Down Babylon Rhaatid Bumboclaat rassclaat mold-bill lol (and a few swear words can help)




Sooooo..... she come in fo manticure and goes up to dry, NO FUCKERY!!!


Rastafari Bless I&I


Pon de 'flip' side large.ras_wink.gif


Niceness, now mi jussa wait fo 10 days.......


As the clock keeps ticking away.... 10 days later.... at last, had some fuckery in mi buds while drying, rassclaat babylon formed on the inside of most of mi good branch tip buds, had to disect the mold out and put the good salvage into mi frozen bag of trim fo bubble hash later, i cut about 1oz of buds off the drying line to disect and lost about a quarter of oz, so not so bad afterall, all this rain pushed humidity up to 90% at time while drying, not ideal at all, had fan going but needed a dehumidifier, next harvest i won't be without mi dehumidifier seen.


But all is well still, mi a happy happy Rasta right now! Respect!!



Mi Kief Pollen Collector, 100 Micron screen seen. Hashish!!!



Lots of super tasty HIGH GRADE smelling budzzzzz....



Gots to give Jah people what dem want!!


We want sweet Zkittlez Collie Herb please Rasta!!!



Sweet as F**K JahKno!! Real HIgh Grade Ganja is this plant!! Thank you oh mighty Jah fo blessing I&I with your natural fruits!! :notworthy:



Hehe, you know you want to! Be my guest... please roll a spliff large.smoke_spliff.gif and.........



Last shot of the show...... Enjoy my good peeps!! Share and spread Jah Love :yinyang:



See you all in the next update, untill then may the Shwartz be with you!!!

Spiritual Guidance, Honour & Love :yinyang:

Respects large.ras_cheers.gif




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Mold has no place bothering you! Those Skittlez look delicious  :smokin:

Edited by Alys
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Thank you @Alys, hope you are well and happy :yinyang: Thanks for dropping by! Both these Skittlez are delicious, i like smoking the 'green' ones 1st and then eating loads of the red ones, but i kno i shouldn't eat sweets at my age, these sweet were only for the making of this update, honest!  lol Really wish you could build yourself a nice spliff of this stuff, i could do you a swap for a bit of your delicious White Widow if ya like!! Hope you are enjoying that White Widow large.ras_wink.gif


Bless Up for your support Hempress Alys large.ras_cheers.gif:hug:

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Delightful looking harvest.... Hope mine is a fraction as good.... I'll be an incredibly proud father. Top work 


Bless up

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Update: Auto Dark Devil Harvest @ 11 Weeks (77 Days) 12th July 2021:


Sunshine smiles to all us UK420 Crew!! Love & Blessings an nuff large.ras_greetings_wave.gif

Juss gunna be a likkle update on the Dark Devil auto by Sweet Seeds.


She suffered from the earlier chills in the summer, i don't really tink this gyal like to be outside as mi nar see to many great results with this strain outdoors, indoor grows is a different story though.

She wozza freebie an it still a pleasure to grow this delightfully fragrant dark beauty and to say hello to :yinyang:

Of course with the wet rains and high humidity she was getting mold, just the odd calyx to begin with, then it progressed so about 95% milky trichs i harvested before all was lost, these shots are just before babylon infested her buds, or.... nobbly bits more like! Got a couple of 'nobbly' bud auto's this year, dat rassklaat cold innit :doh: You will see in mi next PHAT update! Mi plants are lookin good!!


Heres Dark Devil Auto: The super heavy pounding stormy thundery rain in this pic is what set off the babylon mold..... but such a nice Sub Tropixx Vibe to this pic :yinyang:


Her Trichs....



Lil' Cutie!



Juicy like blackcurrant yum....



The smell is like.....



.... the smell of purple! If you know what i mean then you will know what i mean..... It's really strong sweet sugary violet sweets lavendery candy! Exquisit......



Pretty deep purple, looks wicked when trichs turn white, can see them nice an Eazy-E large.ras_wink.gif (with flash)



Mini Nobbly Cluster Bud....



Wow that color..... makes me feel hungry for some of mi blackberry puree i made from foraged blackcurrants....



Front Shot wid flash pon camera...


Side shot wid flash pon camera....



An so the dry begins....



I&I sure i will enjoy this 'sample plant' as i gunna smoke it with some delicious blackcurrant sorbet after sunday rice & pea large.ras_smokin2.gif

Tanx fi tuning in to Sub Tropixx Sunshine Station where the Sinsemilla smoke simply sooths your soul large.ras_cool.gif


See you next time with a seriously good update on my remaining Autos....




Enjoy Jah Sun Friends!!!


Here is a nice reggae tune, not mi normal vibez but in respect to Dark Devil Auto who is Purple and has been in the Rain lots, you guys like Ali Campbell from UB40? Here he is with Purple Rain


Edited by SubSpecies
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Update: Crystal Candy FV 6 Weeks (42 days) large.ras_dancing_banan.gif


Bless-ed day or night UK420 family :yinyang: Hope you and your plants have been thoroughly enjoying Jah sweet sweet sun large.ras_cool.gif

Crystal Candy FV is just super SUPER delicious as they come @ 42 days into flower, Sweet Seeds say 45 or 6/7 weeks, i gonna keep her 'till next weekend i tink, if mold at bay maybe a likkle longer, check out this absolute beauty..... my fav uk grown herb next to Jamaican Dream........ are you ready?


Oh my goodness!!!! large.ras_wow.giflarge.ras_wow.gif


4:30pm in she goes through da winda lol :badass:









What ya tink so far?



If only you could smell this......



She ain't called Crystal fo nuttin!!!!!



It no joke, she beyond satisfaction, her resins are heavy and so abundant, the extraction from this is to die for, i swear to bumboklaat!! next week i chop..... fuuuuck-to-rassclatt mi cyaant wait!!!!



Please clean any saliva that may have escaped during your mouthwatering visit, and happily proceed to enjoy da tune below to bring you back to reality, or at least our stoned reality, free from Babylon!!

ONE LOVE INNA IRIE HEARTICAL STYLEEE!!!!!!!! FOREVER LOVIN JAH large.ras_thankyou_thumb.giflarge.ras_smileleaf.giflarge.ras_rastaleafs.giflarge.ras_old_jah_bless.giflarge.ras_lighter.giflarge.ras_listening_music.gif





Edited by SubSpecies
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Wow, wow wow!


Truly amazing bredda!




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Yowzer my good fellow. Truly blossoming

Bless up indeed 

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Update: 6x Autos......


large.ras_greetings_wave.gif Idren & Sistren, once again from deep Inna-De-Yard you can hear the sweet sounds of the Nyahbingi (Rastafarian gathering) drum play and thump deep like a 'eart beat, Ganja smoke smelling like mango juice (Runtz) licks past your nostril an smells so sweet your eye dem light up, and so do you as you ready yuhself for a cool an calm meditation inna de Sub Tropixx...

Evting blessed Iyah, Roots! So wi juss cool now Rasta, juss cool, catch a vibe an blaze up de fyah large.ras_cool.gif large.ras_fyahblaze.gif   Irie Ites :yinyang:
A long overdue update on mi auto's since the training way back, so i bring to you now the current anticipated Yarden of Auto Flower Power :hippy:
Enjoy!!  large.ras_thankyou_thumb.gif


All Auto's @ 86 Days 12 Weeks ... (18th July 2021)


Auto Runtz XL (No.2) by Sweet Seeds (and on the left you can see photoperiod Neville Haze Early Version, and the Bannananana)



Below: Strike a pose..... (Banana photo bomb at back and Moby Dick XXL photo bomb-a-klaat blur at front, they all wanna be famous lol )



Below: Top Buzz Junglist Massive (Runtz Top Bud)



Below: Gorgeous! More Mango juice being brewed :wub:



Below: Mango sugar sap utterly oozing dripping!!!! Let me show you someting maaadd... next pic......



Below: Can you see the SIZE of those mEnTaL trichomes  large.ras_wow.gif.63acfb54e8afebae6dd886large.ras_wow.gif.63acfb54e8afebae6dd886large.ras_wow.gif.63acfb54e8afebae6dd886large.ras_wow.gif.63acfb54e8afebae6dd886 I mean seriously Jah? Fi real??



Below: Lets take a closer look........... you see dem 'blobs' mi a talk 'bout?   Totally twinklin' blobby MADD!!!


ok take a breath, gotta move on....


Below: Auto Ultimate by Dutch Passion



Below: A BEAST!! Seriously nice structure and even better buds..... Loved the training!! Very slight mold problem. nothing too drastic so far....



Look at the BUDZZ!!! Perfect!!



Below: Juss like you see in the movies!!!



Below: The smell is propper old skool smell straight outta the dutch 90's!! All those who know what Hollands Hope smell like will be with me on this one large.ras_wink.gif



Below: Rock hard nugz, really hard large.ras_smokin.gif



YO mi DOG juss pressed return on mi keyboard and posted the update prematurly haha!! Sorry bout that lol  I&I will continue after mi walk him...... Bless him WOOF :yinyang:

Back inna bit..................

Edited by SubSpecies
Mi Dog posted mi update by accident... or did he? He clever you kno!
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The auto's seem to be producing lots of resin as usual, cyaan wait to shmoke this Ultimate!  


Auto Gelato by Fast Budz


Below: Smells like fuity ice cream, Gelato!!!



Below: Or Mr Whippy in the UK, her pistils remind me of Mr Whippy



Below: Really thick white long funky punky creamy pistils! What a chick!!




Auto Moby Dick XXL by Dinafem (and the Crimson Fire Dwarf Peach Tree pon the left there) Moby is a real big auto!!



Below: Stalk of Sinsemilla - Black Uhuru



Below: Moby twins! She double headed a top for i, bless :yinyang:large.60f76e761975f_AutoMobyDickXXL-86Days12Weeks(5).jpeg


Below: Bit airy, but she is an XXL and is supposed to take longer than normal, she's still filling out, but we shall see in the end.


Auto Xtreme by Dutch Passion. A big whispy sativa sugar coated (drenched) in tons of resin, she takes longer that most they say, but she's showing signs of maturing soon (not seen in pics, 21st July her fan leaves start fade).



Below: A nice top down shot, all these auto's are massive this year!



Below: An abundance of compact resin formation smelling on the lemon and haze side, very nice!!




Below: But the buds are very loose and whispy, its bcoz of the bending juss after flower, not all auto's respond equally, as a result of stress she has squirted a rich abundance of resins in self defence, as mi planned to make bubble hash with her all along this is now perfect, the resins will seperate nicely with ice due to their loose structure therfor producing the most resin recovery from bubble extraction large.ras_wink.gif  large.60f76eaec9b18_AutoXtreme-86Days12Weeks(3).jpeg


Below: Hardcore silver cluter buds!! I do love her, she not the prettiest in chunkyness, but her soul is good clean sativa, and i do love Sativa very mooch :yinyang:



Auto Zkittlez (No.2) by Fast Budz.  Ok, what a dissapoinment compared to Auto.Zkit No.1 earlier on in the year, how can we all forget that one! Well, this one is nothing like her sister in looks, iv planned to bubble hash this one from the start also, but she is still my worst of the autos now Dark Devil is a Duppy (ghost), she suffered too much stress from bending in flower, the cold didn't help her recover too well from it, she got mold, bugs, fly, wriggly larve all over her, absolutly loved by all the Canna-feeding little pests, it was like a grave yard on some butlets, dead white fly and aphids and spiders all stuck dead in the resin, i just been choppin bit after bit of mold from her nobbly buds, she half chopped now, this is before half-chop...



Below: Too much fuckery!



Below: Crafty mold on indidual calyx, have been discarding too much, but have been salvaging and freezing plenty for bubble hash too, way more good than bad has been salvaged, juss too early due to the fuckery. Lets see how the other half on the plants holds up now its cleaned up lots. Jah Bless the Auto Zkittlez thats having a hard time :yinyang:



Below: Prone to bug and mold attacks, seem to be on top of it now.




And there they are peeps, mostly looking good exept the odd one, as usual with outdoor autos.

I&I do hope you enjoyed the visions inna Sub Tropixx today or tonite, you all always welcome here :yinyang:

Now a couple of likkle Xtra's from the Yarden Tropixx...........

Mi 'Standard Trained' Scotch Bonnet large.ras_fyahblaze.gif

Below: Sugar Cane (infront), Bamboo (right) Banana (middle) (?? on the right? unknown plant large.ras_wink.gif


Below: And that photo bombing Banana up close and personal! Africa Rastafari, from Zion Land to I-man Land :yinyang:



  Arrrrighttt peeps, its time to hit the road jack but don't worry i'll be back, soon i will show my Geurilla plants (if dem still alive), dem were juss above the cages last time mi look :yinyang:

Good Night or Good Day Bredrens & Sistrens, may Jah Love shine inna your yard and Bless UP yuh plants and yuhself seen!! Respec!!

Untill the next time, thanx fi commin to mi yard large.ras_cheers.gif

large.ras_old_jah_bless.gif Everytime!!!!!! large.ras_smileleaf.gif



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@SubSpecies yes my brother.. top fuking work ma man :yep: just being having a walk around that garden of yours and having a lil catch up..

You have done us all proud dude,really top work

Super diary too, loving the content great lil read.. always get a lil chuckle here and there.. big up yourself sub!!

Catch you soon mukka :yinyang:

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Fantastic stuff @SubSpecies, my Scotch Bonnets are coming along nicely, I’ll take some pics tomorrow to share :bong:

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On 22/07/2021 at 0:22 AM, AutoAberdeen said:

Fantastic stuff @SubSpecies, my Scotch Bonnets are coming along nicely, I’ll take some pics tomorrow to share :bong:

sorry, just remembered to upload these. Lots of scotch bonnets growing @SubSpecies, how long do they normally take to start changing colour?

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