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> SubSpecies UK Sub Tropixx 2021 (inna de yard) <

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Update 30th April:

Greetings in the name of the most high, Jah :yinyang: Rastafari :bong:

How are you all doing? Praying for some good warm sun no doubt, i tink it's on its way so hang in there seen :yinyang: Me an Jah been avin words about this low temp fuckery, don't worry, coz every little ting... is gonna be alright large.ras_listening_music.gif, Jah sey 'soon come' large.ras_jahlive.gif


You got a nice spliff rolled? If not get too it then read on..... Light it up, inhale, exhale...... Lets go to the Yarden an see wattagwaan inna de yard lately shall we.......

1st up is Rude Bwoy Red Mandy Male, doin juss fine seen, starting to bust his nuts now....

Looks Irie


Banana drama, ain't too sure if this bredda is shootin blanks! Ain't see any dust from them bananas yet!


But mi a give him likkle more time seen, 48 hrs and his job should be done. When this lobster claw opens it hopefully be full, pollen is produced at maturity.


Sticky balls!!large.DSC00599.jpeg

More on Male Mandy in a few days hopefully, gonna bag & shake it when done :yinyang:


Here the Red Mandy Female in flower but re-vegging, she lost a side branch some how, so i removed the other side for symmetrical energy distribution...



Crystal Candy FV recovering from cold shock, she's much happier now, i shall likely remove the bad leaves in a week or so.


Pruned top thriving, hoping for a FIM (Fuck I Missed) mutation. You can see the fur on her main stalk, never seen such fine hair on herb before, interesting.



Critical Nev Haze Early V doin her ting, steady healthy growing.



Affidaze Bonsai Sub-Tropical Palm! Love this one!! Jah




And now fo the real exciting stuff, these amazing Auto's, im amazed so far!! Heres Auto Zkittlez loving it to the MAX!! Been hardening off, 1 week of veg left and then she flowers, crucial toughening up time, and temps are still not great outdoors, but it warm inna de green house large.ras_wink.gif


Under Mi Sensi large.ras_smokin2.gif


Anticipating the initial burst of flowering, exciting stuff! Especially this time of year!




And now Auto Runtz XL, smells so sweet already! Been training the shit out of this one as you know, check her out at 5 weeks 3days...


This pic below was taken 3 days before the one above.



When bending your Autos its important to tie the stalk securely as not to damage roots by strain or stress from bending, i got the green rubber wire secured through a hole in the pot as you can see. Also i use a training rod fed horizontally through holes in the pot and tie the main stalk down along the rod. Im keeping all the plants tips as level as i can for now.



A good knuckle in the main stalk, this will stop the plant from trying to straighten upright too much, making it easier to wrestle down and grow sideways for training.



Gettin ready for flowering.



And fo the end of the day over night they go back indoors, this is why they are doing so well :yes:



Mi Sugar Cane juss so you can see how it's doin. Sugar Cane takes 100 days from germination, much the same as Auto's :yep: Juss gotta hope it survives :yinyang:



Thats I&I done for now, see you all in the next update.


Happy Growing large.pngegg(4).png


BIG UP UK420 CREW!! NUFF RESPECT large.ras_thankyou_thumb.gif



Enjoy the Vid :yinyang:


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Wednesday 5th May:

large.ras_greetings_wave.gif family, blessings and love to you all :yinyang:


Juss a 'likkle' update, nuttin' (nothing) much agwan (going on) except temperature concerns, its May?? Rassclaat could have fooled me, as we all know we are behind in time of season.

When i&i checked the weather earlier it sey temps could get to a dramatic 0 celcius large.ras_eek.gifEek-large.ras_eek.gif-A-large.ras_eek.gif-Mouselarge.ras_eek.gif (a wa-do-dem), a mi nar kno so..... what i have done is set up a likkle sumting interesting.... check it out:


A wicked parrafin heater system wooooo large.ras_wow.giflarge.ras_smokin2.giflarge.ras_fyahblaze.gif and a heat tube... and my 2 heat mats! Lucky girls! Warmer than me man!! I always put my ladys first, always, Jah bless :yinyang:





So basically, the Auto Zkittlez and Auto Runtz XL are sitting on a 23w heat mat each, on bricks on a piece of wood, off the ground seen, and then the best bit... the excess heat mat that the pots are not on is tucked under the containers handles and snugly around the pot's side that is facing the cold side wall, booya! heat tube pon the othe side of pot, paraffin (parrafin or whatever the bl**dKleet its spelled/spelt/spalt haha) generating wicked ambient temperature :yinyang:


Juss one ting..... what if mi burn down mi PVC tent with mi parra-noia-fin heater?? ???   ahahaha ima dreadlockin going to sleep tonite to be honest! BumboKlaaaattt (bleep) !! Is this a silly idea in a desperate attempt to keep my darling ladies at next best ting to Jamaican temps!? Aye aye aye large.ras_sos_help.gif



Tip Of The Day: Wipe the inside of your PVC/Glass/Other-material-house (i forget the name of it) with WASHING UP LIQUID large.ras_grin.gif and a tiny bit of water. LOOK it really works!!! but for how long....




IF temps did get to 0c tonite, i couldn't be as bad or even as facinating as last Novembers FROZEN Jamaican Dream buds.... remember remember the 5th of November, how could i forget!!
Memories...... Twinkle twinkle icey buds.......



The heat of May is apparently on our door step.... couple of days and it soon come :yinyang: But can't come quick enuff!!

Honour & Respect my dear friends, May Jah bring forth the rightous sun very very soon...

Take care, untill next time.......


Rastafari Bless :bong:


Check out the video below to warm up your soul if it gets a likkle cold for you tonite....... :yinyang:One Big Love :yinyang:


Edited by SubSpecies
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Great update as always @SubSpecies be careful with that parafin heater my brother.. are you sure the  greenhouse won't move in the wind? Id worry if everything don't stay in place that's all.. great bit of improvisation bredda.. fuking still so cold not got a bean wet yet :wallbash:

Whats going down dude.. looks like your having fun ma man bless for that.. will be waiting for your next instalment.. exciting times..

Have a blessed eve and keep it green..


Edited by Revive
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@Revive Bless UP mi Bredda large.ras_cheers.gif Mi hear ya star, Irie, fortunatly i got the tent drilled to post nice an firmly, it had a good test run the other nite when winds got up to 60MPH can you believe! Madness man mi a tell ya, tent stayed firmly in place, other plants in garden fell over, blueberry bush snapped a branch, branches fell off trees etc, but my tent.... standing firm inna babylon!! Yes Rasta!!

+ i have secured all around the base flaps to stop winds whisking in under the tent and flying off mary poppins style!! My plants would proper tell me off the next day if that ever happended, i couldn't let it happen, my plant would gang up on me they just said, id be fuuuuucked bro ya get me!! Ganja never kill anyone right? so why did my plants say that haha?? I love my plants but if they ever killed me i wouldn't love them any more...... :yinyang:


BIG UP Rasvive, im sure you'll get poppin some ganja beans soon, looks like your havin fun out there too init!! Hard graft shall reward you bountyfullness fo sure!! All the blessed mi friend :yinyang:


Respect brother large.ras_cheers.gif

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@SubSpecies yes I..  glad to hear you have got that sorted my bro.. im sure you will be fine if its already had that kind of test run.. looking good those autos dude.. what's your fav from the runtz and zkittles? Have you popped all your beans now or still holding a few back? Whats the cane looking like? Surviving? In this cold fukery? Your fudging a great job squire you plants will not gang up on you lollol they need your love and they know it ;) without you they was just a bean now they are beautiful young ladys.. big up G!! Subs tropixx for real..

Catch up soon  my brother :yinyang:

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Update 10th May:


Greetings and a good day to you all, family :yinyang:

Lots of pics to get stuck into for this update. I&I will show you some tips for training and how i re-pot my autos from bio pots into final pot.


So roll up light up an let mi tek you round mi yarden.... Bless Up!! large.mlg-blunt-transparent-9.png


So 'Redman-D' has been harvested, i brought him indoors ina sunny window to finish up, as not to spread the love to my in-flower autos, seen. 



(below) Dominant red gentical bannanamans!  This reminds me just how much i wanna grow Sweet Seeds Red Strawberry Banana Auto® :wub: but mi juss cyaant get the seeds in the UK yet sadly large.ras_sad.gif ah well, i gots mi Runtz XL Auto so evting Irie still large.ras_smokin.gif



Say goodbye to Redman D large.ras_bike_thumb.gif  Pleasure doin bizniz with ya bredren! Travel Well, R.I.P Red Rasta SoulJah large.ras_cheers.gif



The brutal remains.... Banannarama Drama lol



And the ashes.... urm.. Redman-D urr.. spunky funk dr spunk :huh::puke:lol (and i gots to handle it lol )  Narr it's good stuff man, all the fuckery (mischeif) i can cause with strains now... bumboclot! I got red genetic pollen now, maybe i breed some maaad ting one day and let you folks try it! Rastafari :bong:



Keif sieve box to collect pollen, makes sense :yinyang:


All pollen is now stored in a little brown air tight 2ml glass vial in the fridge for freshness seen! Propa chillin :yinyang:


Now Jah Yarden Garden.... Critical Nev Haze Early Version ready for plant up...



Come mek we plant up Jah herbs, not a soul him a disturb, mi plantin for the healing of the nation, its mi only occupation! One Love :yinyang: 1st one of the year in Jah ground :toot:

with a wicked slug collar protector, haha eat my locks slimey slugs! The war on slugs is OVER!! now nobody haffi dead!! (has to die) :yinyang:



This is the old auto outdoor set up, served i very well indeed. It don't look like this now tho.... i also dashway (removed) the paranoiafin heater, damn ting stick chronic!! No tanx! Don't want that smell inna mi herbs!



Sub's Tropixx has been sweeeet reggae temps thoughout the cold April..... 21c is perfect for ganja, so dem seyso.....



Auto Zkittlez 6 weeks old, juss buss into flower, stinks already, really sweet... she now lives outside permanently and lovin it :yinyang:




Auto Zkittlez


Auto Zkittlez




Auto Runtz XL 6 weeks training (3 days behind Zkittlez but flowering same time)



When training, i always tuck my light blocking leaves out of the way, never cut them off, ever! Only on my auto's. With my Photos i chop leaves off! By tucking the leaves away you let heaps of light onto the new shoots which really need it while training to keep even formation of the canopy to help create even length and sized colas (hopefully, they can wrestle alot).




so now you see watta gwaan right.... try it if you train any auto :yep:





Runtz XL flowers 9th May


well 'appy init :thumsup:



The PVC greenhouse is now the autos crib, no more heating, in the hands of JahJah now, with one exception the Auto Runtz XL is still going in and out of the grow tent in the garage coz i want to test my lights for flowering, so she be in an out throughout flowering.




Auto Robocrop (Cream Of The Crop) did not make it, any of them, all bloodclat 3 of them, mi vexed! Tiny crap seeds, what can ya say! Bumboclaat thats what! 

Auto Cash Crop (Cream Of The Crop) only had 1 seed, did not make it. Bumboclat!

Auto Extreme (Dutch Passion) only 1 of 3 survived, at least i got 1. Not so bumboclat.

All the rest made it.

Auto Moby Dick XXL (Dinafem) almost didn't make it, had to bring it back from the dead, literally, got it's head stuck when popping up, had the inner seed film stuck on it too, half in the soil, it seemed to have broke it's neck, but i propped it up ever so carefully and freed up her head, what a mess she was in! she's was so stoned already!! lets hope she grows big, so far she looking good, more on that in future updates.
Auto Gorilla Glue (Fast Budz) only 1 seed of that, she got in a stoned muddle too, film stuck again, but she pulled through, juss a bit behind the others, hope she don't stunt.





>>>> How I Re-pot My Auto's From Bio Pots To Final Pot: <<<<


If it don't interest you, it's blessed, this is juss for those who may wonder or wanna know how, some have asked me, so here is...


1st, i don't recommend these bio pots for guerilla growing in respect to transportation to your plot, plastic pots for guerilla seen :yep: these bio pots are soft and will crumple in your backpack, don't do it.


Simply dig a hole in your final pot, put your pot in and make the soil levels match unless you bury plant a bit deeper if they have stretched a bit, the buried stem will then grow roots and all will be well.



Take pot out, now sprinkle magic dust (mycorrhizal fungi/root grow), im using my prize from winning Cream Of The Crop in 2020, Ontense Nutes (site sponsers) OG Inoculant Granules :notworthy:



IMPORTANT: You MUST drench the bio pot first with water and have a joint and let it soak for 5 mins or more, it will hold the soil together so it doesnt all fall apart when removing the pot, and it softens the bio pots so they tear eazy, if your soil falls apart it WILL STUNT your plants very badly.


Gently, slowly and carefully pull the bottom away with two fingers and thumb or what ever is comfortable for you, no roots are showing, good, i will get maximum potential from my autos.



Carefully put bio pot back in the hole and again carefully peel away the pot.....


Then give it a little wiggle and it comes off eazy seen.....


ahh yes there we go, job was perfect for every auto :yinyang:


Now just back fill the hole but don't press the soil hard, juss very gently. Now water and enjoy the ride. Peace of piss right!



Why not juss bury the bio pots? you can do that, but i don't, don't want my rootz getting any delays in life so i take the pot right off. Burying is to easy :geek:

Plastic pots? yeah use them too if you choose, but i don't for garden auto's, same as above, no delay in mi rootz seen.



Other tingz inna de yarden:


Re-vegging Red Mandy, smells divine!! Ahhh the smell of bud in the... SPRING!?!! Wicked!!



Crystal Candy FV - FIMM (fuck i missed) topping/pruning technique. Multiple shoots instead of two shoots, FIMM seems to work well for me.



More Sweets.... Photo plants....




Sugar Cane is doing good so far cheers brudda, on the windowsil for safe measures, will be re-potted and outside soon large.ras_wink.gif



Some 'Menthol' Mint




Some 'Grapefruit' Mint. I have lots of mint, i like the 'Chewing' Gum mint i got, Banana Mint is also delicious, but so is the Chocolate Mint, and the Strawberry Mint, ah shit then theres the Pineapple Mint, and not to mention 'Hillarys Melons' Mint haha!! Mint tea madness. Ital (healthy) is Vital!!large.6095d58b2bb25_May8th2021(23).jpeg


and at the end of a long day, (and night posting this ha) i&i (me and Jah) bid you all a blessed evenin, untill next time.... its all getting exciting from now on, some BUD shots in next update!!!!

Much peace &&& LOve to the world!! Stay blessed :yinyang:






Edited by SubSpecies
Bonus video added
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@SubSpecies wats up my brother.. nice lil update as always, and very informative I must say.. dam the casualties.. thats a right fuker that is.. lets see if my cash crop pops ;) not so confident now and I only got a single 1 too..garden is looking fire mukka, looks like your having loads of fun with the training and so forth.. glad to hear the parracat heater has been rid of.. yeah I thought about the fumes last time we spoke and as it was in the plastic greenhouse I thought it would build up a fair bit...

The chain is looking healthy bro I gotta say.. hopefully it suvives..sounds like the runtz xl is gonna be a nice plant to grow, you sound pleased with it? 

I ended up buying more autos lol

Well just another var so I have 6 diff ones now they are soon to get baptised in the next week id say.. went for a mazar auto from rgsc so let's see how it gets on.. I been busy trying to get these plots ready plus running 2 diarys and keeping it all updated.. takes some time but you no that more than most as you always put a lot of effort into your writeups... been doing a few myself lately lol go check them out man.. few beans are now wet too so soon I should have some young ladys to deal with.. I hope the germ rates are good but if not then I got back up but rather not waste the time going again ya no.. lets see how we get on.. nuff respect as always me bredda.. your doing a sterling job.. keep it up sub :yep: catch you up soon ma man.. 1 love

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I was planning on popping a cash crop auto later, hopefully it works out :hippy:


Loving your thread @SubSpecies, wish I was able to do so on the same scale. Definitely will once my kids fly from the roost

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Update 31st May:



Welcome back to mi yaard :haveadab:

Play the sweet Reggae music and please read on.... out of Babylon large.ras_cop_stop.gif Exodus! Movement to Sub Tropixx!


Irie Vibez!!
How is the blessed 420 Ganja crew? All goood i&i hope! Sun is shining Jah weather is sweet yeah large.ras_dancing_music.gif Positive vibez in the UK now as we have passed that bumboclot cold spell, oh man that was one hell of a May we juss been through, it's taken it's toll on some of the auto's sadly, BUT not all.... many many a good tingz fi come still, so sit back, roll your reefer and get lit, bless up the herbz, enjoy i latest update...... Respects large.ras_cheers.gif


So check it peeps, will start with some mouth watering 'oh my' goodness to get the taste budz going, are you all feeling hungry? You gonna wanna eat these allll up!!!

Auto Zkittlez @ 9 Weeks, 3 Weeks Flowering large.ras_wow.gif


1m 3cm and growing...


The Irie main cola, resin is now forming.


more more more!!


YUMMY!! Stinks soooooooo sweeeeeeet!! Never had Zkittlez before, WOW!! and the best bit... i dusted 2 lower branches with RED MANDY pollen to create RED SUB-ZKITTLEZ for next year!!

Oh-La-La!! Real talk :yinyang:large.60b55945c7b15_ZkittlezAutoWk9Wk3Flwr31stMay(2).jpeg


Runtz Auto @ 9 Weeks, 3 Weeks Flowering large.ras_wow.gif Low Pro, ya'kno the way it go large.ras_wink.gif


I put her in my boat (to Zion), it throws back a whole heap of light as its white, need darkers on when looking at it in the sun, intenste reflection!


ahhhh the good stuff yes yes


also stinks sweet, very sweet indeed! How fuuuuurkin nice is that!!!


Flash Illumination....



Now for the 100% Outdoor autos:


Zkittlez Auto @ 5 Weeks



Auto Xtreme @ 5 Weeks



Auto Ultimate @ 5 Weeks



Auto Runtz XL @ 5 Weeks



Auto Dark Devil @ 5 Weeks (cold damaged)



Auto Gelato @ 5 Weeks (cold damage)



Auto Gorilla Glue @ 5 Weeks (cold damage)



Auto Moby Dick XXL @ 5 Weeks


Garden Photos:


Critical Neville Haze Early Version



Sweet Afghani Delicious (S.A.D)




LSD lookin ruff, cold weather huh large.ras_sos_help.gif



Crystal Candy FV looking supreme, i really gotta start light deppin her soon, currently building a new outdoor dark room large.ras_reading.gif



Affiedaze ready to amaze.



The Red Sub-Mandy still not re-vegging, but instead maturing her flowers even in this long light period,the smell reminded me of the excitement of my Many grow last year, but i do wonder when she will sprout new shoots? If?



Other tingz inna mi yaard...


Sugar Cane is doin ok, it's surviving at least, but i lost all my Red Sorrel due to the rhatid (bad) cold weather. But still, it's ok, no problem :yinyang:



Ensete Maurelii 'Red Abysinnian' Banana, now this one special, bend down low let me tell you what i know (Bob Marley), this one special because Abyssinia (Ethiopian Empire) is where Emperor Haile Selassie reigned who is an important person to me, he also carries the name Ras Tafari meaning Head Creator, now you see where Rastafarian culture comes from, so this beautiful plant with its stunning Red Gold and Green (Ethiopian flag) truly connects me to the origins of life as Rasta, to my culture, to mamma Africa, to where all life began. Give thanks and praise to the mighty Banana inna mi back yard, where home is never far away. Ride mi Banana boat to Zion into i&i fathers land, 'bun down Babylon with Shashamani living! Rastafari Bless :bong:



Time to go peeps, this ya one dunn for now, hope you enjoyed your time at Sub Tropixx today, may your day be blessed and may your herbs grow strong, live long, eat coconut, drink lemongrass tea (i forgot to take pics of mi lemongrass), smoke ganja, enjoy music and life, fly high! Sun Shine bright inna ya life! :yinyang::yinyang::yinyang:


Emperor Haile Selassie, Rastafari

large.images.jpg   PEACE MI TO LIONS & LIONESSES large.d4530771c6b4fb3d94202b14ee6355a2_men-clipart-reggae-pencil-and-in-color-men-clipart-reggae_300-382.png


Respect to the Marley Boys!


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Loving this thread dude. 

Gives us all hope and positive vibes!! 

Bless up brother

Edited by Idicanna jones
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@SubSpecies really enjoyed reading through this diary, not sure why I haven’t seen it before! You have a lot going on there. Respect :smokin:

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Enjoy some beautiful sunset Ganja photography fresh from the Sub-Tropixx UK, blazing temps, buds oozed chunkiness today large.ras_rastaleafs.gif


Zkittlez Auto:














I juss love mi Ganja with the most deepest uncontrollable passion on this earth, words juss cyaan explain how much :wub:large.ras_grin.gif



Jah Bless you all good people! All those that read this may you be blessed in your journey through life..... Rasta Live!!!




Nuff Respect :bong:

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Loving the diary. In the greenhouse I’ve got two small banana plants (£2.49 each in Lidl, bargain) and they look really good. Also have scotch bonnet, hot banana and hot fajita chillis on the go plus 2 normal sweet pepper plants. It’s good having some stealth plants to hide my ganja grow that’ll have some produce at the end. 

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Nice selection mate, plenty to keep you busy an tings :D 


Auto Zkittlez is a beauty, as was the Red Mandy from last year. Good luck with the pollen on the Zkittlez for next year's beans :yep: 


Parr-noia-fin heater. Cracked me up that one lollol 


Best of luck for the season.

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