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Week 1 of flower

Good evening growers,


Setup: Hydro drain to waste.


Going into week 1 of flower.

Strain: RQS Green Crack Punch 

Using Shogun nutrients.


Ph down to 5.8

A & B

Katana roots



Sumo boost.


During veg i went up to 1.6 EC


So I am starting week 1 of flower at 1.6 EC

& will increase it by .2 each week.


What I want to know is do i have the right idea?





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Too high with the food dude. 

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Posted (edited)

Drain to waste? As in pooring nutrient solution straight down the drain??? Please tell me this isn't a thing.


Don't mean to be confrontational and I hope I've got the wrong end of the stick, but how can that be ecologically sound.

Edited by MindSoup
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I am a beginner and would like to ask if you add everything in the order you specify ? 

so far i used ph regulators at the end

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