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Germination question

Hi guys,

got a question about germination. Read everywhere it should be done in the dark. But when you have planted several seeds, they don't necessarily sprout the same day. So what you guys are you doing when one or two have sprouted and the others still are in the soil ? You just put the light on without changing anything or do you take the pots with dormant seeds out of the tent ?

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I'll qualify this at the beginning that I'm a terrible grower.


But in my experience germination is about moisture and heat. They prefer the dark, but that's not what triggers germination. The the thing that makes seeds germinate is a humid environment that is within a certain temperature range.

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OK, so when the 1st seeds sprout, I will just put the lights on. Just have to be a bit more careful about keeping moisture as my CMH will dry the soil much quicker.

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