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Anyone used these products? (and LST advice)

Posted (edited)

Hello, newbie here. (Sorry for long post)


I grew autoflowers last year and want to grow again this year! Last year I had a incredibly basic setup, 5 VERY small plants (around 50/60cm Fresian Dew auto grown only with multi purpose compost and rainwater). They were very nice but I've done plenty of research and spoke with friends and have decided to up my game this year. I've got myself;


- Sour Diesel auto (Dinafem)

- 12l Root Pouch fabric pots

- 100l Perlite (far too much) 

- 100l BioBizz light soil mix 

- BioBizz Bio Grow & Bio Bloom nutrients


Who has had any experience with these products? I plan to add %25 perlite to the soil. I'm also restricted by hight so I want to LST my plants to keep them under 70cm, I have no experience with this so any advice is very appreciated! :smokin:


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Posted (edited)

Dinafem autos tend to be really good and usually manage to cope with being outdoors in the UK fairly well from what I've seen with other people trying them. 


The light mix and perlite will do fine. Just watch it doesn't dry out too much, in fabric pots on windy days that could happen quite fast. Can't comment on the feed, I grow organic and mostly slow release. 


LST is brilliant for maximising yield and getting more even quality in your buds. You basically tie down the main stem and any tall branches, basically whichever part of the plant is the highest point, this makes it so each branch gets a more even amount of light, sap and growth hormones. Check out my diaries below to see it in quite an extreme form. Outside I normally just tie the main stem down so it points north as it begins to flower, that gets way more light to the lower branches and evens out the canopy quite well. 

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