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Sweetie Cupboard - The Next Episode

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@wifi-user it's the temperature sensor for my fan controller dude, well the sensor is inside an upside down plastic cup covered in foil. The foil is hopefully helping protect the sensor from direct light, giving a false reading :) oh it's not on the bulb, just the cable is hanging off the side of the reflector 


@jadenugs thanks, yea the Black Jack looks great so far just hope I can keep it going ok :lookaround:..  She's flowering faster than the Creams too, stopped stretching first and building some frost. 




Here's Cream Caramel #1 it's got that weird twisting leaf thing on the tops of the bud. I had this once before and I was advised it was due to lack of magnesium, so this feed it has had an extra dose of epsoms. Hopefully this will sort it! large.20210225_191842_copy_1857x2476.jpg




Here's a side on view showing the finished height. I started by propping the CC#1 up a little, and now it has swung the other way, and I've had to raise BJ up to level out the plants. CC#2 is still raised also. The Creams have stretched ridiculously, and have long internodal spacing. I wonder whether my bulb might be losing some oomph, or maybe I had it raised too high. BJ on the right:



Some hungry looking lowers



And an overheader.




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9 hours ago, wifi-user said:

@Openairbud wtf is that on the bulb? lol tin foil thing? 



It's a hat on a string :D





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Day 37


Just a quick one to show what I've done :eek:.


CC#1 has grown more and I've run out of headroom. About 6-7" from closest top to my bulb, and shes starting to look unhappy. So I've supercropped all her main tops over, and at the same time removed the stilts from under Black Jack. 


I've left me tin foil hat in the same position to show what I've gained. 





And after:large.20210228_201611_copy_1919x1439.jpg


So I've gained maybe 4 or 5 inches there which hopefully will make a difference, and also heres hoping the brutal bending wont phase the Cream Caramel :unsure:






heres a couple of Black Jack flowers large.20210228_203640_copy_1919x2559.jpg





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Day 41


Well I've had some issues, I think down to over feeding the Blackjack. Here she is with burnt tips spreading to edges of some leaves. I have knocked d the feed right back for one watering then I'll reintroduce at a milder solution. I had given her 2ml fish pl and 2.5ml bloom for a couple of waters, preceded by a 3ml fish and 2ml bloom. Obviously too much oops! The reason I went a bit heavy was the lowers leaves were fading. Must've over compensated..large.20210301_212121_copy_1374x1382.jpg


I've tweaked the environment slightly, I've raised the root temp to 25c, just to allow the inkbird to kick in for a bit longer. And also dropped the room temp by a degree, to 25c. I think I've been pushing the 2 big ones a bit hard.


By contrast, the small Cream Caramel on the outskirts doesnt look stressed at all to me. A few faded lowers but nothing major. Here she is: 








Shes got quite big for a 3 litre pot. 


Cream Caramel #1 has recovered well from the harsh bending. I will have to string some of the tops up later I think, as they will want to bend right over when the weight of flowers builds. 


I know this isn't part of this diary, but deserves a quick mention..large.20210304_081332_copy_1548x2064.jpg


Doesnt look much I know. Grown in my garden with not much love. Pretty much left to fend for itself. It is Psicodelicia, and it's the most intense in your face buzz I've grown so far. 1 bowl of this in the mighty and I can tell I've reached my limit. Its completely debilitating and it seems to come in waves. It beats the one I grew indoors and that's saying something!  :skin_up:





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Day 45


I've dropped the feeding down to 1ml fishmix and 1.5ml bloom per litre. The little Cream Caramel has had 2ml bloom and 1ml fishmix. Things are going ok I think, I have managed to re jig my light so I've added an extra inch of height. Going forward this cupboard is only good for 2 autos in 6 litres pots, anymore and things get too squashed! 


Damage has continued slightly on the Black Jack but seems to be manageable... for now. I've seen a few rusty looking patches on upper leaves of Cream Caramel #1 also. I'm guessing it's an environmental issue caused by the close light.. 


Heres the trio!



You can see BJ here on the right filling out nicely.



Here is a choice bud shot from each plant..











You can see the frost building nicely! 


Till next time, stay stoned and well :bong:

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Looking great, very frosty now. Yes less can definitely be more with autos - you want to fill your space, but do it too quickly and the shade encourages stretch. I'm looking at my space again and thinking I maybe should cut the numbers, again. Still, yours looks loaded with plenty of bud to enjoy soon :yep:

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@delagdo hi mate yea I will try to keep just 2 next time! And maybe topping one might a good experiment, see how big they get then. Thing is you dont really know how big they are going to get till they get there :unsure:


Day 50 



I've had to tie the big CreamCaramels branches down, as they have sprung back up after my harsh supercropping. 


I'm getting brown crispy upper leaves on her, whilst the Black Jack has yellowing edges. Fair to say I've f'd them up this time a bit, having said that the buds are still swelling And look healthy enough. 


Also I haven't mentioned the smell before now, that's because before this week there hasn't been much of note, bar some faint sweet smell. Well now that has cranked up a couple of notches and there is strong fruity wafts whenever I open the door. Im starting to get impatient, waiting to try them! 



Heres CC#2. Lots of brown pistils all over but some filling in to go yet. Shes furthest ahead:







And on to BJ. Leaves are looking rough but the flowers are sweet and frosty:













Here is some CC#1 flowers: 










And a couple of cupboard shots to finish!





I put some bubble wrap around the little pot on the left, as it's not on the heat mat. It's a precautionary measure really.


I'm considering adding a dark period to help ease the stress a little, does anyone know if that's a good idea now, so far along? 


Cheers all!! :bong:

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Day 55/56 




Cream Caramel #2 is looking lovely and is maybe a week or so off being ready, so shes been put on rations, 1ml grow per litre.





CC#1 is showing a few browning pistils now. She also still has bad rust patches on top leaves that appear quite fast and destroy the leaf completely. I cant find out what ratio of calcium:magnesium is in my tap water. Its Severn Trent, and they show ppm of all sorts except what I need. As a result I'm not confident in using much of a calmag suppliment incase it doesnt need it and makes things worse. I'm pretty sure it's due to proximity of the bulb as the Cream Caramel away from the light looks fairly healthy. I'm thinking itll finish before too much damage is done. 







Then BlackJack, no signs of slowing up yet, still dri king the most, and still pumping out fresh pistils. 









The Cream Caramels stink the most at the moment, tropical fruity is all I can muster so far.


Heres a couple of group shots to finish up..





Cheers all!! 


Ps. A Killer Kush Auto seed will be getting wet tonight to start the next round. I'm just going to do a single plant and keep it really low. I was planning on doing my first run of regs next but timings this year wont allow it. Should be able to squeeze an auto in tho! 



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Looking great in here. Fantastic "little" grow. Very nicely packed in :yep:

Always think of this when new members are asking about doing it small, great use of space.

Not long now til a very tasty looking bumper harvest :)


And best of luck with the Killer Kush, think you'll get a nice little haul from one plant in there with your training, atb.



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Posted (edited)

@ClumsyThanks dude that's very kind! 


I'm afraid this diary is not as detailed as I would have liked, life is so hectic for me lately! Ah well. Yes hopefully doing a single plant i should be able to keep it real low and wide, and leave a decent space between it and the light. 


You are smashing it out the park with your latest grow btw, diary is spot on :smokin:

Edited by Openairbud
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Day 63


We're on the final furlong! The 2 big girls are getting 1ml of grow and the smaller CC is on plain water. I can see amber trics dotted on all 3 but generally looking at the plants I think is a week to go yet. 


No sign of the Killer Kush emerging yet, its little pot has been sat between the 2 6.5 litre ones. 


Oh, it is arse twitchingly stinky now, especially when disturbing them. 


Here is the little Cream Caramel. I'm pleased that at least one plant has stayed green and healthy looking till the end:







And big ol' Black Jack:











I had to tie string around her branches lower down in an attempt to stop them flopping with weight of the flowers on top. 


Also the pots are teeming with little white jumping critters. It's very hard for me to get a decent pic with my crap phone, but there must be 100 or so come to the surface when I water. Nowt to do about them now, and I'm not sure whether they do much damage anyway.


I'll be back later with more piccies, of the other Caramel and some cupboard shots. 




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Posted (edited)

11 minutes ago, Openairbud said:

little white jumping critters.

Sounds like springtails maybe. Relatively harmless I believe.

Diatomaceous earth seems to be the way to control them if they get out of hand.

Edited by Wacky Wardrobe
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Look like big frosty tickle sticks :D Great job there.


I had springtails on my last grow, think I was overwatering a little which they seem to like.


Didn't do any harm and don't think they hang around either.





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Lovely frosty buds, looks like you should have a nice harvest very soon. The bugs sound like springtails which I get very often in my coco. They look annoying but do very little harm I think.

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Agreed with the springtails doing no harm. 


Black Jack buds look amazing mate, was always gonna be the star of the show. Plenty of frosty goodness in here, nice one :yep: 

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