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Sweetie Cupboard - The Next Episode

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Here we are at 10 days and its pot up time. The babies have been growing well and the older 2 have roots showing at the bottom of the pot. I like to pot up sooner rather than later with autos so as not to slow their growth down at all. Soon as I feel the compost will hold together that's it. 


Temps have varied a bit in the last few days, it's been down to 24.5 one morning and up to 27.8. Humidity is still off the scale low, but it will start to rise now the bigger pots are in, along with ever increasing foliage. 


Yesterday I sieved enough Clover to fill the 3 pots and pre filled them. I added 20ml ecothrive charge to each pot and mixed it in, and added some granules to the holes. Then a litre of water between these 2 and the third smaller pot got poured ontop.large.20210130_215708_copy_2559x1919.jpg

I then had a jiggle around to fit them in the drobe. Get that compost up to temperature :)


The plants themselves are looking nice and healthy: 


Black Jack




Cream Caramellarge.20210131_205900_copy_2559x3412.jpg


Plenty of action down below too: 






CC (could've gone another day really)large.20210131_210105_copy_2559x3412.jpg


Back with more in a mo :bong:



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Here we are now after pot up. I've raised the light to keep it the same height as it was (16"). The smaller Cream Caramel should be ready in 3 or 4 days I reckon. 












They had a water last night in the small pots, and now the bigger 2 have had maybe 250ml each after the transplant. 


Hopefully they didnt even know anything happened! Oh, and I've spotted a fungus gnat already, that didnt take long! 


I'll probably update further when CC#2 gets potted up, till then stay safe :smokin:

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Day 13


Cream Caramel #2 has been potted on, and the bigger ones are going great, I gave them 500ml water with a drop of seaweed each this morning. 



CC#2 is 10 days old today and perfect for a pot up







And back in the drobe! 



Having a quick look at the bigger girls, they'll be ready for starting some bending in a couple days I reckon. 





:yinyang: till next time

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Day 18


Hello all! Growth on all 3 plants has been very good the last 5 days, the Black Jack being quite vigorous in comparison against the Cream Caramels. Still plenty of time for them to catch up :)


This was day 14.



Then on day 15 I started lst on the bigger girls..large.20210206_195846_copy_2476x1857.jpg


On to day 16 and they are responding well, some decent tops reaching upwards. 


Here is BJ. I anchor the stem near the base, then bend the top over in the opposite direction.



and from above..large.20210206_195900_copy_2476x3301.jpg






And not forgetting lil CC#2.. 



temps have been cock on for me, lows of 25 high of 28. I'm watering the plants as they need it, still just with seaweed solution. They are all getting a full pot soaking now, then waiting till the pot lightens significantly before soaking again. I'm trying to go in to them as little as poss as it drops the temps in there really quick. 

Day 17 pic..large.20210207_203212_copy_2476x1857.jpg


More tying down of the side branches is in order this week, I'm ready with bulldog clips and string. I'm aiming to keep them flat and low for as long as possible, ideally filling the footprint of the drobe. 


Till next time may all your grows be green and stinky :smokin:

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Girls are looking healthy. :yep: The black jack certainly enjoying the LST method.  Keep it up!

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Your girls are looking stunning mate. Great roots at the 10 day pot up and no transplant shock whatsoever, Superb :yep: They really took off in the 4 days since pot up too, nice one ;) 


One thing that might help with CC#1's bondage if you want her to spread more quickly and catch the BJ up in terms of covering the pot and not hanging over the pot edge. Plus allowing you to tie the lower branches back towards the other edge more easily. I'd loosen the top string and raise the bottom anchor string up to just below the bottom node to prevent the whole plant leaning over to one side of the pot. Then very very carefully tighten the top anchor little by little. Be very careful though mate if you do it cos the angle will be much sharper. I don't like giving advice in case it goes wrong, just thought it might help and will also give you back your pot edge for any future tieing down. I find it gets really awkward when the plant is over the edge of the pot :) 

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to add
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Thanks for looking in @AustrianToker! Shes put on a great bit of growth the past few days:cowboy:


Hi @jadenugs all advice always welcome and taken on board mate, I have done just as you said on the Cc#2, it has given me a bit more wiggle room and the lower leaders have spread more now to almost cover the pot.


Day 22 


I have been continuing to tie down branches and adjust them as the plants grow. This is always the busiest time of an auto grow for me, in the transition from veg phase to flower. 


Temps have been in the 24.5 -27.5c range, and I have been watering plants as needed. The big two are drinking 1.5l each every 2ish days. Just a bit of seaweed. I will start to feed the Blackjack as of next watering as the first set of leaves have gone yellow and she is a big plant now generally. 


The Cream Caramels are more leisurely in comparison, they both have fat chunky leaves and are quite stout in stature generally.  I have super cropped the main branch on the Cc#2, as @delagdo has done. Will wait and see how it reacts now! 


I took the BJ and CC#2 out of the drobe and into my kitchen for a couple of pics, I dont want to move CC#1 as the temp probe is stuck in her roots. 


Pics! First up is the baby. CC#2 large.20210210_202757_copy_2477x3302_copy_1610x2146.jpg




Lady parts starting to emerge..large.20210210_202849_copy_1857x2476.jpg


And a peek and the super healthy roots. 



Now BJ.large.20210211_203423_copy_1857x2476.jpg





And finally how they all look together..




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Nice healthy plants mate and the training looks good,will reward you later.

I must say I'm impressed how fast everything's happen with auto.


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:cheers: @Văru' !


Day 26 


Just a quicky to say I have fed the Black Jack with 2ml fishmix, 1.4litres, on day 24. And both Cream Caramels got the same, 2litres worth between them last night, day 25. 


Heres a peek in the door this morning.. 



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Lovely luck green, gonna be some cosy nuggets

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Could have sworn I'd already posted in here,


Loving the new cupboard, very smart, hope your door is more light proof than mine, I might regret doing regs lol


Best of luck with the competition and the grow


Atb :oldtoker:

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Fantastic @Openairbud. The new sweetie cupboard is brilliant, it will soon be a very well stocked sweetie cupboard by the looks of things. It's very well organised and it's obviously providing a nice environment, the girls are thriving in there. You've done the transplant perfectly, they haven't missed a step. Good luck :yep:

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Thanks dudes!


Day 30


Stretch seems to have stopped, and budlets are starting to form. I've fed all three with bloom nutes now at 1.5ml per litre, and they have had a little epsoms salt, 1tsp per 2 litres. 

First up heres BlackJack. Really thin sativa type leaves.









Cream Caramel #1. Chunkier leaves and thick sturdy stems in comparison.large.20210220_203509_copy_2064x2752.jpg




And a snap of CC#2. This one has paler leaves than her sister, maybe from the smaller pot so nutes have run out sooner. I will up the fishmix on her for a bit.large.20210220_203515_copy_2064x2752.jpg


All 3 have grown so fast, if you check back up the page to day 22,  you can just make out the bottom of my light rail (the aluminium vertical rail in the middle of the main grow area). Below is a pic of all 3 in the drobe. They have grown past the bottom of the aluminium! 




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Perfecto dude. Very nice well looked after plants.


Liking the look of the Black Jack, you've really maximised the space with her, nice one :yep: 

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@Openairbud wtf is that on the bulb? lol tin foil thing? 

Edited by wifi-user

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