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Sweet Amnesic Gorilla Girl in the Hazy Tropic of Canna.

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@Punta Roja Cheers dude, yeah the venturi is simple but doing the job.


Haha I hope so. How old you have to be for grey pubes like? lol  Makes you wonder about dealer weed when they stash it down their knackers  :puke: Always grow yer own everybody :yes: Unless your dealer is a bird ;) Not a 100 year old bird, there'll be no juice on it lol 


@Amo  Yeh man :rockon: 

 Waste not, want not ;) And we can't  forget the environment :yep: 


You're welcome to the info Bro, just what I think though, no expert :smokin: 


I like to learn too, every day :yep: 


ATB lads :bong: 

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Feb 27th day 11 bloom.

Hi folks, hope all's well :) The Tropicanna Poison is flying into flower ahead of the others. Will this be my first proper fast version now I've managed to get my temps up to scratch? We'll see. I've grown Crystal Candy FV that came down on day 64, Red Mandarine FV chopped at 62 days and Killer Kush FV 1st harvest chopped at 66 days and lowers at 77 days. I like them well cooked though. So let's see if I can do this one justice now I've insulated the tent better. Sweet Seeds say 6-7 weeks so I'm hoping for 56 days max but I know I won't chop if there's too many clear trichs lol  

Day 7.
Canopy level air temps 22-28C, roots 23-25, RH 46-58%
EC in res 0.59

New mix of 20L
Background EC straight from tap 0.36
1/4 ml/L MC to 0.39
1/4 ml/L VK to 0.4
1/4 ml/L Mi to 0.43
1/4 ml/L Bl to 0.47
1/4 ml/L NC to 0.49
1/4 ml/L AF to 0.51

Added to res for a total of 25L, final combined EC 0.54

Week 1 stretch.
Gorilla Girl: Flip = 16". Day 7 = 19". Stretch so far = 3"
Sweet Amnesia Haze: Flip = 15". Day 7 = 18". Stretch so far = 3"
Tropicanna Poison F1FV: Flip = 22". Day 7 = 27". Stretch so far = 5"

Day 8.
Canopy level air temps 23-28C, roots 23-25, RH 47-55%
EC in res had risen to 0.6

Day 9.
Canopy level air temps 23-28C, roots 24-25, RH 48-59%
EC in res was settled and still at 0.6

The Led was tweaked up a further 5w on the blue to 115w, total wattage in the tent 430w. 

Day 10.
CLA temps 22-28C, roots 23-25, RH 48-58%
EC 0.6

New mix of 20L.
Background EC straight from tap 0.35
3/8 ml/L MC to 0.42
3/8 ml/L VK to 0.44
3/8 ml/L Mi to 0.49
3/8 ml/L Bl to 0.54
3/8 ml/L NC to 0.56
3/8 ml/L AF to 0.6

Added to res for a total of 28L, final combined EC 0.6

Some pics were taken on day 10 with both lamps on. I don't really like taking them with the lamps on but it would be rude not to show them illuminated under what's giving them their energy, so why not :) 

Group shot.
I've not done any defoliation or pruning of lowers since switching the timers.


Gorilla Girl.



There's no stopping this girl praying, not even when the tent's been open a while :) 




Sweet Amnesia Haze.



I think she's just about finished getting her knickers in a twist, let's hope so.




Tropicanna Poison F1FV.






Day 11.
CLA temps 22-28C, roots 23-24, RH 44-58%.
On opening the tent CLA temps were 27C, leaf temps 23 and RH 50% with a VPD of 1.2kPa. Just on the upper limit of healthy transpiration for late veg/early flower. 
EC in the res had risen to 0.7 

The TP had stretched to 31" and the closest top was only 23" from the LED so I set about bending her tops with plant bendz to slow her down a bit and shorten her (for a while). Minimum recommended distance for the Magnuslight is 24". It's only on low power for now but I'll be notching it up when they're in mid bloom so I still need the distance, especially with the CMH also shining on them.  

I took a pic of her after the bending and thought I'd include pics of the others too while I'm at it. Some stems folded inside the bendz as they were a bit thin, but never snapped so hopefully I haven't stressed her too much. I'll show the other plants first in the usual order. Pics taken with only the CMH on. 

Gorilla Girl.


Sweet Amnesia haze.


Tropicanna Poison F1FV.




We have red flowers :yahoo: I never noticed until I switched the LED off lol 


That's all for now.
Happy growing, be  :lucky:

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Feb 3rd day 15.

Hi folks, an update for day 15 and the stretch so far. I've not had much to do apart from a touch more training on the wild one. Looking at the stats below I should have turned my rad back up a bit but it totally slipped my mind, I've been that busy. I'll sort it later.

Day 12.
CLA temps 21-29C, roots 23-25, RH 46-57%
EC in res 0.69

Day 13.
CLA temps 22-29C, roots 23-25, RH 46-57%
EC in res 0.68
I don't know why the EC had dropped a touch when it's drain to waste, maybe it's a temperature thing or just EC pen discrepancy. As you know, my EC rises over a couple of days after mixing up, then settles.  

TP was stretching away again on a couple of tops so I added another plant bend to each of those tops and also one to the only top I hadn't sorted before. It was a bit shorter than the rest before I sorted them, but stretching a bit now and taking over. 

Day 14.
CLA temps 21-27C, roots 23-24, RH 53-70%
EC in res 0.68

Mixed 20L of feed.
The water had been stood for 24 hours.

Background EC 0.38
1/2 ml/L MC to 0.44
1/2 ml/L VK to 0.46
1/2 ml/L Mi to 0.53
1/2 ml/L Bl to 0.59
1/2 ml/L NC to 0.63
1/2 ml/L AF to 0.68

Added to res totalling 25L, combined EC 0.69

Stretch so far. 

Gorilla Girl: Flip = 16". Day 7 = 19". Day 14 = 25". Total stretch so far = 9".
Sweet Amnesia Haze: Flip = 15". Day 7 = 18". Day 14 = 22.5". Total so far = 7.5"
Tropicanna Poison F1FV: Flip = 22". Day 7 = 27". Day 14 = 28". Total so far = 6". Not forgetting the plant bend training. 

Day 15.
CLA temps 21-27C, roots 22-24, RH 48-70%
EC in the res had risen to 0.77 which is a usual rise the day after adding a mix. 

On first opening the tent air temps were 26C, leaf temps 23C and RH 55%. I checked the VPD from these stats and this gave a reading of 0.96 kPa which is in the middle of healthy transpiration for late veg/early flower. All well and good if my infra red thermometer is reading correctly. I had hung my hygrometer in the canopy of the GG on day 13 and thought that was the reason for the spike in humidity on the day 14 readings, but since moving it back to the side of the tent the RH high on day 15 was the same so that's where the hygro will stay. The spike in humidity was from the lower air temps. 

On to the pictures then.

Group shot.
I turned the LED off but I'm afraid it's still two tone leaves as it was too cold in the attic to turn the CMH off. Forgot to set the white balance too but I've corrected it best I can. 


Gorilla Girl.
She fits nicely beside the others when she's long ways. I've turned her round for the single plant shot to show her structure better. I'll try and open her out a bit in the coming week as the flowers form, get some light in there. 






Sweet Amnesia Haze.
Decent structure, I don't think she'll need much defoliation through flower to let the light in. I'll start taking a few leaves though, one at a time after the stretch.






Tropicanna Poison F1FV.
The wild one is a bit more tame after the plant bendz. I just hope she doesn't stretch too much in the next week as there isn't a lot of room to open her out. The plant directly behind her is a big plant. If I'd put that behind the GG before installing the Blumats and swapped with the smaller plant I have, there would have been more room for the TP to be opened out more towards the back of the tent. I can still bend the tops back down though, that have sprung back up. 






Thanks for looking.
Happy growing, be  :lucky:

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Quality grow and diary mate,I like your attention to details and all the useful info you put in.:yep:

Girls are in great shape and the flower show just started, good luck mate.:cheers:


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@Văru' Cheers buddy, I'm really enjoying the grow and looking forward to what these strains can do wwith the Blumat system :) 

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Ey up @jadenugs looking magic :) really good to catch up and see yet another grower vouching for the blumats. Mine arrived yesterday so will try flowering 1 or 2 to find me feet with them. The TPFV  was such a beaut until i got me knickers in a twist so will be eager to see how she goes! Keep up the good work owd chap look forward to the next update :yep:

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Remo Nutrients.

Hi dudes, I mentioned before that I'd do a dedicated post on the nutrients when I get time. Time, what's that? Had to get this post together in stages lol Work has gone mad again but I'm still getting a chance to get stoned daily and keep my girls alive, thanks to the Blumat drippers :D 

So here's a picture of the nutrients, 7 bottles front and back with the guaranteed analasys on the back.


I put the picture together first, then realised the writing is a bit small to read from the pic (for me anyway) so I'll write down some details and my limited understanding of them :) 

I'll put them down in the order I add them to the tank. Not sure if the list on the nutrient calculator is in any specific order but this is how I do it. 

Grow Phase.

MagNifiCal (MC)   3-0-0
3% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Chelated Calcium
1.3% Magnesium (Nitrate)
1% Chelated Iron

Velo Kelp (VK)   1-1-1
0.6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.4% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Available Phosphate
1% Soluble Potash
Also contains 0.79% Humic Acid, and two types of Kelp Extract for the microbes totaling 2.27%

Micro (Mi)  3-0-1
3% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Soluble Potash
3% Calcium (1% Chelated Calcium)
0.02% Boron
0.05% Chelated Copper
0.1% Chelated iron
0.05% Chelated Manganese
0.0005% Molybdenum

Grow (Gr)   2-3-5
2% Nitrate Nitrogen
3% Available Phosphate
5% Soluble Potash
1% Magnesium
0.02% Boron
0.05% Chelated Manganese
0.05% Chelated Zinc

To simplify, for the Grow Phase there's a total NPK of 9-4-7 and the Secondary Macro + Micro nutrients total 4% Calcium, 2.3% Magnesium, 1.1% Iron, 0.04% Boron, 0.05% Copper, 0.1% Manganese, 0.0005% Molybdenum, 0.05% Zinc, 0.79% Humic Acid and 2.27% Kelp Extract.

Bloom Phase.

MagNifiCal (MC)   3-0-0
3% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Chelated Calcium
1.3% Magnesium (Nitrate)
1% Chelated Iron

Velo Kelp (VK)   1-1-1
0.6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.4% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Available Phosphate
1% Soluble Potash
Also contains 0.79% Humic Acid, and two types of Kelp Extract for the microbes totaling 2.27%

Micro (Mi)  3-0-1
3% Nitrate Nitrogen
1% Soluble Potash
3% Calcium (1% Chelated Calcium)
0.02% Boron
0.05% Chelated Copper
0.1% Chelated iron
0.05% Chelated Manganese
0.0005% Molybdenum

Bloom (Bl)  1-4-6
1% Nitrate Nitrogen
4% Available Phosphate
6% Soluble Potash
0.07% Magnesium
0.02% Boron
0.05% Chelated Copper
0.05% Chelated Manganese
0.0005% Molybdenum
0.06% Chelated Zinc

Nature's Candy (NC)  0-0-0
1.5% Magnesium Sulphate
1% Sulfur
0.1% Chelated Iron

Astro Flower (AF)  0-6-14
6% Available Phosphate
14% Soluble Potash
1% Sulfur
Also contains 0.79% Humic Acid

For the Bloom Phase there's a total NKP of 8-11-22 and the Secondary Macro + Micro nutrients total 4% Calcium, 2.87% Magnesium, 1.2% Iron, 0.04% Boron, 0.05% Copper, 0.1% Manganese, 0.001% Molybdenum, 0.06% Zinc, 2% Sulfur, 0.79% Humic Acid and 2.27% Kelp Extract.  



In the following pic of Remo's nutrient calculator I've set units to litres and batches per week to just 1 so that I know what mls should go in per litre, regardless of res size and batches per week. I set veg for 6 weeks because that's how long I vegged them for. Whether that means from the cotyledons opening (which is how I count), or from the 3rd set of fully serrated leaves and full veg, I don't know. I'm not bothered cos that bit's over lol I've set the Bloom cycle weeks to 9. I normally plan on 10 weeks for any late finishers and because I like them well cooked, but I've got a fast version here that I'm hoping will finish fast so I've set it to 9 to try and balance things a bit and give me a rough idea when to stop giving MC. The only thing to note really is that the MC stops after week 6 for a 9 week plant. So if the TP looks like she'll finish early I'll drop the MC earlier.


What the schedule shows though is that all the bottles should be used at the same dose for a balanced feed. I know that doesn't always work and boosters aren't essential but I'm trying to stick to that and watch the plants closely. It shows 2ml/L for each bottle in week 3 of flower and I've only just raised mine to 5/8 ml/L near the end of week 3. I'm in quite strong compost though which is just starting to show some yellowing of lower leaves on the big TP after nearly 6 weeks in it's final pot and the low feed I've been adding. I'm not aware of any signs that they need flushing but I feel like I'm gonna give them a plain water maintenance irrigation soon, maybe at the 3 week flower point when they've been in finals for 6 weeks, just for a reset, in case of future salt build. There shouldn't be much build up at the moment with me feeding them low. One of my other plants has started looking a bit hungry for something. Looks like Mg but I think they're getting enough with my hard water and what I've been giving them to try and balance the Ca/Mg ratio. So could be a lockout. I've flushed it last night with 3L of plain water very slowly through a 300ml syringe. If this improves her then these girls will get the flush too. I've raised the EC in the res slightly so when she's dried enough for the Blumat to kick in there will hopefully be enough EC to sort her if the flush brings on hunger. The run off EC was only 0.2 higher than the feed going in so these Blumats are working better than I expected. I was expecting a higher reading, especially with the root balls shrinking. But then again the Blumats keep the medium moist, preventing salt build up. If the flushed plant does get over hungry I can always feed her a stronger mix by hand while I up the main feed steadily for the rest. The main thing is this guinea pig will give me an idea of what might be going on in the rest of the root zones, or what might happen soon. 

Happy gardening dudes, be  :lucky:

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@mikeydoughnut Hey up dude, thanks for reading through, appreciated :) 


Yeh man, the Blumats are great if you get them dialled in good. Not hard though, I just set them up the day after a good watering and when the plants were looking perky. Only had a couple of little adjustments to make with the TPFV with her being a crazy bitch lol 


Has yours been chopped yet mate? If so what do you think about the smoke, any good? 


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@jadenugs I’m sure I’ll be on the boards as I’m setting them up asking very silly questions. Idiot proof they maybe, but Mikey proof I’m not so sure lol 


Ahh I had my two hermie on me. Not sure why really. So I had what you could call a hissyfit and went on a plant murdering rampage. I still have 2 seeds in the fridge so will try again simply based on the vigour and appearance. So I’m very keen to see how yours finish and smoke. Definitely user error on my part I think since sweet seeds have a really good rep and you’re smashing it here. Definitely a quick finisher I’ll look to pop as I always end up with dry jars between efforts.

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@mikeydoughnut I saw someone mention on here about a video on youtube by Blumat showing how to set them up. I'll be having a look myself when I get a chance to see if I did anything wrong or if I can improve on what I did. 


Sorry to hear yours hermied on you mate, better luck on the next run :yep: 

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Fantastically detailed writing and high quality photos to boot. Looking really good in here :yep:


Admittedly, I, at first glance, thought you were using 14 bottles of feed lol

The 7 would be confusing enough for me. Certainly works for you though.


Keep up the great work, all the best.



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@Clumsy Cheers bud. Haha yeah the bottles confuse me too, is why I'm trying to follow the schedule as regards what to put in but not the amounts. 


I'll be glad when they're used up and I can change to something a bit more simple like Intense or Grower's Ark.


All the best dude :yep: 

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7th Mar day 19.

Alright folks? Hope your gardens are green and you're all well :)
An update for day 19, the environment is steady and the girls are doing ok. I'm just trying to get this feed dialled in the best I can. The big girl is looking slightly hungry and the other two will be over fed if I up the feed too sharpish. Good fun trying these Blumats for the first time though. I could give the TP some hand watered feeds but I'm trying to see if I can get away with a one feed fits all so I'll know if I can manage it in the future with work commitments etc. If I have to change methods then so be it but I'm happy with these girls for now and it's a good learning curve.    

Day 16.
CLA temps 22-27C, roots 23-24, RH 47-65%
EC in the res 0.77

It suddenly dawned on me that the nights had got a bit cooler again and RH was still quite high so I turned the oil rad back up from 5 o clock on the dial to about 2/3rds to keep things sweet. 

Day 17.
CLA temps 22-27C, roots 23-25, RH 42-58%
Looks like turning the rad up sorted the RH out but only kept the temps steady as they were, no rise. 

Mixed up a quick 5L of feed as work was getting in the way of things a bit.

Background EC straight from the tap 0.35
1/2 ml/L MC to 0.4
1/2 ml/L VK to 0.42
1/2 ml/L Mi to 0.49
1/2 ml/L Bl to 0.56
1/2 ml/L NC to 0.6
1/2 ml/L AF to 0.64

Added the mix to the res. I couldn't check the res EC beforehand or the combined EC after topping up. I'd gone up there in pitch black at lights off and got my bottles, EC pen and water container to mix downstairs, then went back up and topped up the res in the dark. After 12 hours the res EC was 0.78, much the same as the previous day. 

Day 18.
CL air temps 22-27C, roots 23-24, RH 45-56%
EC in res 0.79

Checked the current stats as soon as I opened the tent for a VPD check. CL air temps were 27, leaf temps 25 and RH 52% which gave a VPD reading of 1.31 kPa, which falls into the band for high transpiration rate for mid/late flower. A bit high for early flower, but at the lower end of the band and heading in the right direction as far as I understand it because they'll be entering mid flower soon. Hopefully I've got that right and there's no problem. 

Flushed one of my other plants with 3L plain water for a test, as mentioned in my nutrient post earlier. 

Mixed up 20L of feed.

Background EC 0.39 (stood for a day)
5/8 ml/L MC to 0.46
5/8 ml/L VK to 0.49
5/8 ml/L Mi to 0.57
5/8 ml/L Bl to 0.67
5/8 ml/L NC to 0.72
1/2 ml/L AF to 0.78

Added to the res for a total of 29L and combined EC of 0.79
I'd lowered the Astro Flower a touch, as the leaf tips looked to be burning a bit. 

I had to turn my veg cab extraction up a touch to improve conditions in there, so turned the fan running straight from the rad box down a bit to compensate and maintain negative pressure in the tent. 

Day 19.
CL air temps 22-28C, roots 23-24, RH 45-59%
EC in res 0.85

There were 23L left from the previous day's 29L so the girls are still drinking an average of 833ml each daily across the total of 6 plants in there.

I added a further 1/4 ml/L of both MC and VK to the 23L, which raised the EC to 0.92 and then set about spreading the Gorilla Girl out a bit. 

Here's some pics then, taken with both lamps off this time, so any two tone you can see is old damaged leaves from after the pot up or a bit of hunger, not the lights this time lol 

Group shot.
As you can see the big girl soon stood back upright after training a few of the leaders a second time, the SAH has a nice structure and the GG has had her wings spread out a bit. Well, as much as I had room for and without splitting the branches from the main stem. She will surely get more light down through to her lower buds now. 



Gorilla Girl.
Here's an example of how I spread her branches out. A short brace between her two middle leaders. The lower two braces are obviously longer to reach out to the outer branches but you can hardly see them for the foliage lower down. 


I simplified what I would normally do with plant sticks and soft tie wire. This time just a hollow cane with copper wire shoved down the middle at each end and bent into a hook to brace against the branches. I first pulled the branches out to where I wanted them and measured before making the braces to fit exactly. The strength of the branches wanting to spring back inwards holds them tightly against the braces and keeps them in place. An easy quick method and saves messing about with tie wire. 


Every leader is strong as an ox so I doubt I'll have to give any more support to them.  I've not really looked at the lower secondary shoots closely yet and I'm hoping they'll hold up if they get decent tops on them . Shame about the older damaged leaves or she'd be a real beauty.



A couple of her tops.





Sweet Amnesia Haze.
Looks happy enough to me, maybe a bit over fed. 


The twisty bud leaves seem to be ironing out and the pistils are coming on nice and dense.




Tropicanna Poison F1FV.
Older leaves starting to look hungry for Nitrogen. I'll see how things go but I don't mind a few fan leaves yellowing and dropping off if it happens slowly. IMO a natural way of getting more light to the lower buds without defoliation and too much stress before correcting the feed. Just my opinion but I'll be keeping a close eye on her as I raise the feed steadily to suit the others. If fading happens too quickly for the steady raise of feed I'll have to hand water a stronger feed. I doubt I'll be able to train her any further now, as the branches are proper rigid and I might break them if I try bending. They're straightening the plant bends out in places.


Buds are coming along nicely, faster than the others, and starting to look pretty. Just hope I can keep them that way. 




Happy gardening, be  :lucky:

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@jadenugs 'manship. :headbang:

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i dont think my stoner head could cope with all those nute bottles man, id be fried.

i struggle  enough with grow, bloom, silicone  and cal mag, so fair play for going with this lot.


Plants are looking good so far, is this your maiden journey with the blumats, aye?

it looks like youve got them dialed in now...

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