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Making the switch from Biobizz to Intense

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18 hours ago, Intense Nutrients Matt said:


Our dirt bloom and the wide load boost would be our direct alternatives for the canna bottles that you have mentioned mate 


Dirt grow and bloom 

Og granuals for potting up and initial inoculations

Runzyme for help turning the old dead and decaying root matter into sugars in flowering 

Wide Load Boost 


That would be what I would recommend to you for a full round replacing canna  the granuals and runzyme are the extras and although not strictly needed may well benefit you 

Anything else I can help with mate just let me know 

All the best 

Matt :)

perfect Matt, cheers for that


ive ordered them today so they will be ready for my next grow,


jobs a good un :-)

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Posted (edited)

On 10/07/2021 at 7:17 PM, Linch said:

I have made this switch having never really got on with Biobizz in the years I've been using it.


To put it simply this intense organix stuff is incredible! I've been keeping mothers in 1L pots and feeding them the grow nutrient and they look perfect. I've never been able to do this with Biobizz, if I didn't pot up they would all eventually turn yellow and die, it didn't seem to matter what I gave them. In fact, I've got some cuttings in 0.75L pots that are 6 weeks old, been topped and are perfectly happy on a drop of grow, which is a revelation to me. I've never dreamed of keeping a plant going this long in a pot that size.


I've just starting using the bloom nutes and coming into week 4, they look the picture of health. I would normally start getting issues around week 5 with Biobizz so it will be interesting to see how it goes, but I have to say I'm supremely confident. I feel like this might be my best grow to date and all I've done is simply follow the intense feeding schedule, its been super easy and my plants have never looked happier.




As a follow up to this post, I"ve just taken my largest yield ever by 25%. This was by simply following the grow bloom schedule, slightly scaled back the bloom in weeks 3 and 4 as it was a bit too much for them. My leaves stayed green and healthy through out and much further into flower than ever before. Upper leaves were still green after 3 plain water feeds before chop. Initial smoke is good, so I'm sold. Great product, please don't change it! :yep:

Edited by Linch
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@Linch always great to have feedback and a 25% yield increase is what intense like to hear excellent news mate 

all the best bro 


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@Intense Nutrients Matt


Thinking about trying the Organix out. I understand there is an Intense soil in development, but until it arrives, what is the best soil at the moment?

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hi mate yep we do have a soil coming :skin_up:

ive always been a fan of using a lightmix soil as you can add you own feed to it rather than a ready mix heavy fertilized bag 

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@Intense Nutrients Matt

Great to here that Intense are developing a soil, I've been using Biobizz light mix for the moment. 

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7 hours ago, Intense Nutrients Matt said:

hi mate yep we do have a soil coming 

Nice one. 


Will this be a peat free mix? 






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I'm not sure at the moment bro until I get more details. 

I think there's gonna be a light mix and normal mix that's about it for what I know so far mate but when I know more I will update the product descriptions 

Will be adding  all available intense products descriptions to the forum this week 

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