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Red Hot in the Tropic - SS7

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Hey All


Hope everyone is well, this will be the last mid week update as we head towards chop day.


Day 60 of flower

Environment is steady 22c-25c at roots,

Feed plain water,

Lights 120w @ 13".


A couple of bud pics of Whorly Day 60, definitely started on the water a bit early, but they look OK.





Couple of shots of Whorly under the canopy, barely any light, should have neatened things up at three weeks but would have missed out on this lovely pink...



...and frosty as well, will all go in the bubble/oil bin :)




Just the one shot of Plant A, this one is from Day59, today's were rubbish, must try harder :)



Group shot shows how much the tops are fading/starving, whichever your take on flushing is :)



Think I over did it with the MagCal towards the end of feeding, I'll look into getting some Mono Mag or work out the Epsom properly in future.



Someone else had little buds on their fan leaves, I got a stick :(lol



The girls could/should go another week, ten days but they need to come down at the weekend, about 9 weeks, which will give them a couple of days drying in the Drobe before they are swapped over with the clone.


Seems happy doing her thing, has had a feed of 2ml/L Grow and 0.5ml/L MagCal.

Needs a bit of pulling round but will do that when she moves home.

She wont finish for the comp so I'll probably wind the diary up once I've processed and sampled the first two.

Time for a diary break then.




That's all for now, thanks for reading, take care, be back soon.




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Some tasty looking colours on the buds mate and that clone is looking nice and happy :yep: 

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Proper nice grow @Clumsy  ! 

Tasty treats galore. 

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Your smashing it Clumsy!!


Tidy diary mate, well done:bong:

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