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Red Hot in the Tropic - SS7

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I hope you don't mind, but i snatched a few cookies while looking at your diary. :D   Are you getting any purple hues yet?  One of my RHC did show purple colour pretty early on in flower, the other pheno is greener with some very light purple.  They are a bit stretchy though.

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I thought I'd already come in here to wish you luck, seems I didnt! Your diary is going great mate, love the cookies designs! 

Very best of luck for flowering now mate! :yinyang:

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Ace cookies. I wish there was a cooking comp. Really good icing your lady is skilled!! What's recipe did you use?


Really like your shot with the LEDs in the back bro. Plenty space left. 

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Disclaimer: No Mrs Clumsy's were harmed in the making of this diary lol


@Sweet Seeds Apolo they taste good too :) for full disclosure I had already scoffed one and a half by the time she tried her thumb sized piece, but my tolerance is pretty high at the mo. She did say today "do you think I should try less next time?" lol  Thanks for stopping by and the comp, ATB


@AustrianToker Please help yourself, I see she'll have to make some more at this rate :)


Started seeing some colour at Day14 flower on the "whorly". I've only done one Red type before, Dark Devil Auto.

Think I had one green, one very dark red/purple and two in between.


Here's the Red Cookie at Day 15 and 17 showing some colour, the other is normal so far. And yep they're still stretching. Thanks for popping by, ATB





Thanks for the kind words @Openairbud, hope you are well, I will pass on the design comments to the chef :chef:

Now she's getting compliments she's taken a new interest in my hobby :) Best of luck to you too.



Cheers @growinggold think it was just a simple shortbread with lemon, 

So flour, butter/Cannabutter, caster sugar and a bit of zest and juice, Icing sugar with lemon juice and colourings for decorating

I know there was 50g of Cannabutter, will check with Mrs Clumsy later and pop it up.


You can still bake yourself some goodies and who doesn't like looking at cake and biscuits,

Get your oven gloves out and let's have some pics, release your inner Duff :)


Just a word of warning, baking cookies with weed in them smells like...baking cookies with weed in them


Take care all, see you soon.



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Hey All


Hope everyone has a bit of sunshine in their lives, here's my update covering Red Hot Cookies Week 3 flower.


Root temps are steady between 22 - 25c,

Room temps higher with lights on, lower with them off :) must get a new logger.


Pre Filter has been changed, will definitely swap the Carbon filter this week, no smell still, but better safe.


The girls started this week as they finished last week, streeeetchy.

Light was turned up to 130W, but noticed some slight curling at the edges of the leaves, you can see it clearly in the post above, so raised the light a few inches. Now at maximum height.


Think the stretch has stopped or at least slowed right down, if not I'll quite happily go back and quote my "plenty of height" comments myself, save others the trouble lol


Below shows the stretch progression through the week.





Flowering sites are starting to turn into budlets, removed a few unproductive side branches that may have got in the way.                                                                         

"Whorly" Day 15 and 20




Plant A Day 15 and 20






They've been drinking a fair bit, I'm not letting them dry out nearly as much and they seem to prefer that.

On 3.5ml/L Canna Terra Vega, 1ml/L IN MagCal, and a pinch of Epsom Salts


And I've just switched them to flowering nutes, so

On 4ml/L Canna Terra Flores, 1ml/L IN MagCal, and a pinch of Epsom Salts


Will see how they got over the next couple of feeds and go from there.



A couple of up to date shots to show how the canopy looks...



...not very even :) You can also see a small breakage front right. Repair seems to have worked and I'll snip the tape in the next couple of days.




Plants have started developing Trichomes and are shooting out lots of nice white pistils.

Not super clear but I hope you can see what's going on.





Clone of Plant A is coming along, she was a bit wobbly as her small root mass was right at the bottom of the long cutting. So just supported her with some ties and all good. Because she was repotted down a bit, roots were at the holes pretty quickly.


With a few more roots she was able to take a bit of training and topping.


I'll try taking her out to the corners of each pot before topping and potting up.

Think I've got a 12 or 15L to finish her in. So probably 300 > 1.5 > 5 > 8 > 12/15L If that sounds about right





That's all for now, thanks for reading, have a good week, back next weekend.





Edited by Clumsy
words change pic
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Posted (edited)

Hey All


Hope all is well, Quick mid-ish week update/note to self :)


Day 23 Flower and the stretch has finally stopped, as mentioned before I've lifted the light to the top,





I've also turned it back down to 120w, the closest bud is 8 inches away from the light, the farthest 23 (I think, I'll double check shortly)


A couple of brown spots have appeared on Plant A :nope:which may be down to light intensity?


Feeding .75/1ml MagCal and back up to 4ml Canna Terra Bloom, pinch of Epsom Salt






A few buds developing :)





And I've potted up the clone, roots were pretty full.

So unclipped her, potted up into 5lt Tropic Mix and clipped back in. Not much headroom so need to keep her squat and train her out to go straight into the drobe and into flower.




That's all for now, take care all.




Edited by Clumsy
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Hey All


Only week 4 flower and the stash is looking grim, why do other peoples diaries go much faster lolhope everyone's well :)


Filter still hasn't been changed, went to do it and found that at some point I've ordered both accoustic and combi ducting and I've been twisting my melon trying to remember which I'd decided on and why :spliff:

Have also had people about so couldn't get too much done this week.


Lights have been raised again, I haven't run out of room but have removed my hangars so the nearest top is now 16 inches away from the light.

As I have a non-standard light it's still a bit trial and error, but think we're getting there. Any input still greatly appreciated.



Root temps 22 -25c

Changed Pre Filter,

Lights 120w 16" from nearest top



Plant A has shown a few more brown spots on it's upper most leaves. Have upped the Mag Cal to 1ml for a couple of feeds

And they are still on 4ml Canna Terra Flora, but I think I need to look a bit closer at enviromentals.


There were a few wet leaves on a couple of days as it's getting a bit busy in there,

Definitely don't want that moving forward, so took a few leaves out to try and create a bit of breathing room 

Will try and get some canopy temp and humidity readings together over the next couple of days as I think this may be the brown spot/Calcium issue.


Overall Plant A looks a little lacking in something and Whorly looks ok. Plant A is the slightly taller heavier feeder that was overly transpiring so will look down these routes.


I'll get a few more pics this evening, was a bit late this morning.



Day25 Flower




You can just about see in the Plant A (green) shots here a slight fading/yellowing of the edges,

I've got a couple of other pics that show it that I haven't resized properly. I'll add them in a bit.




Plenty of Trichomes developing (how is Trichomes flagged as a spelling error on a grow sitelol)


Unfortunately the flash on my camera is so weak if I turn the light off you can barely see anything so I'm trying to find some settings that give a decent representation of colour etc.





Still training the clone out towards the corners :upside:the tent is only 60cm high by 90cm wide so I'm going to flip it on it's side for the next couple of weeks for some extra height.

She'll then be allowed to turn upwards, before being topped, then potted up in about a week.




That's all for now, take care, thanks for dropping by.




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End of the month you'll be buzzing with the results judging by where they're at now...


Great show mate KUTGW



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Thanks @Punta Roja very kind of you to say so :)


Not sure what the etiquette for asking advice in a competition diary is (I've been lacking lately) so I'll just add this here for full disclosure :) 


Cheers :oldtoker:


On a somewhat amusing (nearly wasn't) note.


Borrowed Mrs Clumsy's laptop while she was out to run the logging software and almost uploaded the graph to her works server. It's one button in the print options, surely it needs to be more idiot proof than that.


I'm not going to ask if it would have bounced back, and it least it wasn't pics lol






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Posted (edited)

And the canopy night readings are pretty steady as well,


(sorry about the resolution)



Plants don't seem any worse, I've dropped the Bloom back to to 3.5ml, 1ml Magcal, will see how they are in the morning and grab some pics.



Clone is growing quite quickly under the T5, so I've topped the four leaders and will still look to pot up in 4 or 5 days.

Stem is thickening up, hopefully take some weight :)

I've popped a tray of germinating chili seeds in with her which might help get the humidity up a bit.





Thanks all, I'll update on the flowering ladies over the next couple of days, take care



Edited by Clumsy
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As you can see from the logging details the environment isn't too bad. I don't use the logger much as the fan and heating are all automated, so just switch on and set temps, should probably take a better look at RH in the future.


Haven't gotten to the bottom of the brown spots, but they don't seem worse, had some good advice from KC, Shumroom and Toke, I'll paraphrase, "Stop burning your plants" :)


So, popped in this morning and "Whorly" had drank herself dry.

Think the roots might be a bit full due to the longer veg. Managed to get a bit of water in but will probably have to slip a saucer under later and give a bit of a soak. She was given 3.25ml/L Bloom 1ml MagCal.


Grabbed some pics while I was in there


Red Hot Cookies Day 29 Flower




A few flower shots, Buds are starting get a bit bigger, seems to be plenty of trichomes :) Ends of the first pistils have started to turn orange. 




That's all for now, thanks for reading.




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Nice flowers @clumsy 

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Cheers @growinggold I'm happy with them so far, look better than usual but still time left yet :)


A couple of tops on the right didn't develop as much as I'd hoped, they were never going to to be fair. But overall not too bad.


It's getting pretty busy in there so will need to keep an eye out, but RH seems OK. I'll probably try and create a bit of space between the colas with some ties or something.

Managed to get three tops in one net hole so they're a bit tight.


Thanks for dropping in.


Atb :oldtoker:

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Banging along lovely m8, very much so looking like there will be a great harvest. If your having height problems with some tops i would tie them down horizontal or supercrop the stems and then use some string to hold them in place. Level canopy for the win.


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Hello Clumsy, they're all looking good mate, don't worry about those spots, i'm pretty sure it's a sign of the over ferting. Amazing how we all slate photos under hps but i think led is the same. Such a difference between lights on and off in those pics.


Cookies look amazing too, just a shame the mrs had a bad experience, I didn't eat weed for years after I had a few myself. Proper on it now like lol 


Best of luck with the comp good sir :)  

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