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Red Hot in the Tropic - SS7

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With love and dedication, everything can be achieved. :hippy:


You will see how you get a delicious harvest!

I hope everything is going well now, and we will see more of you here. 


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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Hey All,


Back for week 8 have managed to submit the pictures without any text, so am now trying to get it done before edited out

So in brief, after last weeks post I decided to cut them right back, as below


Week 8 topping



Realised I was cutting some very nice parts of the ladies so thought I should probably take some cuttings, not really set up for it, literally can not find a spare CFL in the house, already plenty of missing bulbs. So I've improvised and we'll see what happens.




They both seemed to take the trim pretty well but the off plant is still off, they've had two feeds, I'll do a seperate post below shortly




In the mean time made some bubble from CreamMandarine Auto and put the spent in the slow cooker with some butter, waste not want not




Theses pics are from today just over 8 weeks, I'm going to have to flip tomorrow fingers crossed the one on the right will perk up .

I've bent a couple of bits back so she looks particularly unhappy at the moment.





Cheers all I'll do another post shortly, with some more details.





Edited by Clumsy
No words =)
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Hey All


So to finish what I started yesterday :)




Temperatures have been fairly steady 21 -24c soil, unfortunately my temp/humidity logger only works with Windows (i'm on Linux) hence no extra info.


Extract is set to 27c so should be around that +1/2 at canopy. Still haven't changed the filter but will get up there and do that later today or tomorrow.


Light is set to 80w between 14 and 16 inches away I've had to do a fair bit of playing around but think now that's probably right. Will see how much I need to raise it during/after stretch.


And I did get around to cleaning out the tray and neatening up my intake.




Still having a few issues, one plant more obvious than the other, last week they had two waterings of 4ml Canna Vega Grow and 1.5 IN MagCal new growth looks pretty green so will back off with both.


One thing contributing to problems, I think, is method of watering. I've been using a pressure spray to water to run off, but this ends up over watering. It was handy when I was hobbling round but I'll grab a watering can this week. Hopefully this will help. :)


The other issue is Calcium and Magnesium, I've looked around at a lot of LED diaries and threads and many seem to advocate supplementing with, but vary in method.


I've tried a few different approaches with CalMag and Epsom Salts, mostly reactive rather than proactive, but haven't managed to sort it. Some plants just seem to deal with it better and soldier on, would be nice to get them all happier.

Only doing a couple of plants at a time it's hard to iron out while switching to LED


My water from the tap is 0.4ec so slightly hard but made up with mostly Calcium info from water company is


                   Max Mean  Min.


Calcium        48    39     33

Magnesium    6      5       4




So by my thinking I would only need to add some Magnesium (epsom salts), but this doesn't seem to work for me


The better results seem to come by adding the CalMag but they're still not right.


Any input appreciated :)








The clones are still in their possibly opaque cake carrier on top of the lights, I did try putting them under my T5 with some paper over the top but without enough


headroom they wilted.


I've put them back on the LED for now, I think they've popped back up (hard to see lol) and will grab a bulb tomorrow.


They'll need to move anyway with the light schedule changing. I'm not 100% I'll grow them out if they root, as I may do another couple of the Cream Manadrine


Auto as flavour is great :yep: we'll see.





Cream Mandarine Bubble is drying in a box and I have a small amount of butter in the fridge. The butter actually has a slight citrus aroma, very tasty.


I'll see if Mrs Clumsy will turn it into something post worthy.



That's all for now, take care, cheers











Edited by Clumsy
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If your taps reading ec0.4 which is what mine is during the summer, I have to add 0.2 EC Calmag so EC0.6 including the tap water. Sorted my problems under the leds. 

Cracking info your including and great pics to go with it. Best of luck in the competition.


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Many Thanks @tokenroll
will give that a go, all the best





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Hey @Clumsy mate, I seen Toke say that before about upping the ec to 0.6 an used his advice, my water 0.0-0.1 also with low mag, so I also sprinkle some Epsom salt’s in aswell as the calmag, this combo has worked for me to good effect. 
Just giving you another option dude. 

Liking the look off that butter simmering away in the slow cooker, I needa do that, fancy some brownies :chef:


Good luck mate :yep:

Edited by Amo
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Thanks @Amo


The butter really does have a lovely fragrance to it, I think it may go into a lemon drizzle cake :)

The water from the bubble had a very pleasant Mandarine smell, so used some of that in the butter mix


Also cheers for the feed info, I think I was going in too much too late with the calmag ) 0.2 adjustment for me is only .5ml/l so next time will start a little earlier with less, and try a little epsom as well.


Do you do small doses of Epsom through out?


Atb :oldtoker:

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3 hours ago, Clumsy said:

Do you do small doses of Epsom through out?

Hey Clumsy mate. 
Yea small doses from mid/late veg, an upping it as I hit 12/12, but still smallish doses each feed until week 6/7 depending on strain. 
It’s strain dependent on how much, but you will soon work out how much is needed along with your calmag. 

This is just what works for me, an not a how too haha. 

Anyway I hope it helps mate :yep:

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Hey All


Hope everyone is well and starting to thaw out, this week will cover week one of flower.


I may have mislabeled a couple of pics but I'll try and get them in the right order, they shouldn't be growing backwards even for me.


Temps have been fine, gas bill for central heating wont be, but there we go.

Hardest has been keeping the clones warm they've been spending 12hrs on top off the LED and 12hrs under a CFL on top off an old AV unit.

I listen to a lot of music so it keeps the roots snug :)


Think they may have rooted but can't see any yet, I have something coming next week that I can put them in, and get them under a T5 with a bit of headroom.







Took both Toke and Amo's advice, thank you, and the ladies are now getting CalMag from 0.4 to 0.6 and 3.5/4ml Canna Terra Vega with an added pinch of Epsom.


Have also done away with the sprayer, didn't get out for a watering can so just put some holes in a water bottle lid, all a bit make do as per usual.


Flipped them to 12/12 on the 7/8th, although I did forget to set the time on the timer, fortunately noticed fairly quickly so all good, don't think the light was on for too long.


Lights I have increased by 5w a day up to 110w, I think they look a bit tired after 12hrs of this so may raise the light a couple of inches.

I'll double check the height it's at later.


As you can see I squashed my net on, plants were not quite the ideal shape but I have managed to space them out a bit, had to drop the frame slightly on the left to accommodate the shorter one.


So this is...


Day 1 Flower




New growth on both plants





And a couple of days later and they're starting to shoot up,


I've nipped off bits that don't look like they'll produce, tried to rearrange, and tucked a few leaves.


I did have one breakage of a main top which I failed to splint properly and lost, fingers crossed I'll appreciate the extra space.

Net has been leveled and i'll move it up slightly as they grow.


Day 5 Flower



I would usually strip the bottom fan leaves as well but figured I'll leave them at least til the end of stretch.


You can see in the pic below the healthier plant was drinking much faster. So at the moment they're on seperate feeds about every two days, the right getting an extra pinch of Epsom.




Have been pinching some off the faster shoots to try and slow them down and a couple got bent back under, hopefully all vertical from here (but not too much)


Day 7 Flower



Just a couple of close ups, the healthier one still looks better but the other has perked up a bit.




And this is how the bubble dried out


Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine Bubble




Hope everyone has a good week, see you next weekend, cheers






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Hey All


Just a quick add on to yesterdays post.


Checked the clones this morning and one is showing roots at the base of the pot :)




I think the other two have rooted as well but haven't reached the bottom yet.


So the "Cake Cloner" is a resounding success, I shall print weed leaves on them and sell them for ten times the price,

this time next year we'll be...lol


Anyway here is a couple of pics of the healthiest clone I think I've managed to date, to be fair I usually take them at 2/3 weeks flower so they have the reveg vibe going on.




Just waiting for a new home now so i can get them under the T5 properly.


Cheers, be back soon.




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Hey All


Welcome to Week 2 Flower "The Streeeeetch" :)


Temps (roots) have been in range of 22-26c, ambient room should be a little higher in day and maybe a tad lower at night.


Feed has been 3.5/4l Canna Terra Grow .75ml, IN Magcal, pinch of Epsom salt.


Light 12/12 110w to 120w 6 to 10 inches


Plants have stretched a fair bit, I raised the light a few inches at the beginning of the week and they have grown up into it, nearest growth is about 6 inches away.

Turned the light up to 120w yesterday so that and two weeks since flip should see them slow up.

I have more room above so not too much of an issue.



Bent a few tops over to try, with pinching, to slow a few of the runaways down a bit.






Leaves have been tucked and net was moved up another couple of inches, where I think it will stay. Hopefully that will be enough support.


Flowers have been forming, and I've pinched out a couple of lower tips, a few side branches that are just above the net have been left.

Apologies for colour of pics it's not very easy to get clear pics with the flash so have gone without for most.


A kind of side pic gives an idea of how we're lining up and colour




Plant A week 1 -2





Plant B which is the whorly is a bit slower and smaller, Week 1-2 




Net is quite well filled out, could be better arranged but we're past that now





Three pics to show the stretch over the last 7 days, as mentioned the net and plants have been adjusted but you get the idea


Day 7 through 14.





Have cleared up a bit underneath, the bottom leaves came off a bit too easily so probably need to look into that :)








And the there was one :)


Had an accident with the clones and managed to drop them in their new home, one actually hadn't rooted and the other had only just started, so I binned them and kept the first rooted. They were all from plant A.


I then proceeded to try and cook the last one, but I think she'll be alright. She is under a T5 and on her own I should have enough room to train her until the Flowerdrobe is free. I may even build a new light for veg, just need driver and framework.





No cooking comp this year but Mrs Clumsy has been in the kitchen anyway and made some Lemon (Cream Mandarine Auto) Shortbread biscuits for me.


Apologies for the leaves either the icing was too runny or they're a fair representation of my grows lol No disrespect meant to any deities either





Unfortunately Mrs Clumsy tried a small piece off one (she is not a partaker) and was left crawling from the kitchen to the bedroom.

After some back rubbing and assurance that it wouldn't last long (a good lie?) She was happy to be left munching on carrots for the next couple of hours lol

On a serious note watch your dosing if low tolerance.



And finally...


A few diaries I've seen have some nice shots like this, so I thought I would shamelessly try and copy :) 


Sweetseeds Red Hot Cookies under DiYLED ScopeV2 strips.




That's all for this week thanks for popping by, take care and I'll see you next week




Edited by Clumsy
ahhh I don't know what's happening with the pictures =)
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Great update :yep:


Absolutely loving the cakes.


Keep up the excellent work :) 






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Space well maximised and great looking plants mate. Your missus has an artistic streak, nice one :yep: Hope she recovered well from her indulgence and it hasn't put her off another try.


First brownies I ever made stoned me for 3 days and my tolerance was high at the time! I ended up throwing them away haha.

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Thanks @Shumroom only a couple left now, I feel a bit sick :puke: from the butter and sugar, not the herb :)


I had a look at your Alpine looks a nice piece of kit, the Dynavap is great for microdosing.

Here's my very slow progress on putting an IH together. I have added a kill switch since taking the pic.

As mentioned it works but need to add a momentary switch and put it into an enclosure, plan is to put some holes in an old Magic Flight tin.

Might be done by the end of the diary, thanks for dropping by, ATB






Mrs Clumsy was made up with that @jadenugs, thank you, she wasn't very happy with the decorating (even before eaten them)

Although fully recovered, unfortunately she wont be partaking again, back to the Red Stripe for her lol


Thanks for the kind comments on the grow, newish space and light so still trying to get to grips with that, difficult doing much with RH in small spaces. Central heating should be on less now so that will help.

Have been impressed with the flavour of LED bud so far, could just do with more space, couldn't everyone.

Would like to add another level to the drobe at some point but need to get my training on point first.


Thanks for stopping in, ATB





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I love those cookies! Beautiful! :wub:


But... Use Mrs. Clumsy as a guinea pig?  Try not to be bad!:rofl: 



Sweet smokes,
- Apolo


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