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Red Hot in the Tropic - SS7

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Hey All


Happy New Year! Seems a good time to start a diary :)


Thanks to all at Sweet seeds for running another great competition and Joolz for hosting.

Good luck to all the competitors, hope everyone has some fun getting their jars full.


I've had a few issues uploading pics but with that sorted I'll whip through the first couple of weeks and get up to date.


Cheers :oldtoker:

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Atb with the grow and the competition. 




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Welcome to my Sweetseeds Competition Grow Diary 2020/21


As per usual I'm winging it a bit. I have managed to sort out a little area to get the T5 going.

While I finish off a couple of Cream Mandarin Autos under the LED (you wont be seeing those in this diary lol)

Still getting to grips with the new light so we'll see how we get on.


Set Up for 2 Plants


Area      70 x 50 x 190cm insulated wardrobe

Fans      100mm Ruck Temperature Controlled, PC Case fans 1x (12v) intake 2x (5v) circulation

Filter      CarboAir 50

Light      T5 and 3 x DiyledUK Scope V2 Strip build (approx 150w)

Medium Tropic Mix + Mycorrhizal Fungi

Heat      Two 50w tubes + BioGreen thermostat

Pots      300ml to 3ltr to 8ltr






Seaweed Extract

Canna Terra Vega

Canna Terra Flores




Red Hot Cookies



Picked these and some Autos from last years seeds and as I've had a bit of a 'mare with autos lately thought I would give these a go :)

Citrus and Sat leaning, what's not to like? And if they're red too that's a bonus


























Sweetseeds Blurb:


"Top-quality genetic as a result of crossing a clone of an American “Super Strong” Cookie strain – Tropicanna Cookies – with a clone selected from a second American strain – the potent, mandarin-scented Tangie (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie).


We chose exotic lineages with red flower phenotypes when crossing these two varieties. The red flowers develop in around 60% of the offspring and tend to appear in the last few weeks of flowering, beginning with the lower branches and flowers before spreading to the top of the plant.


Red Hot Cookies® (SWS83) is a “Super Strong”, highly productive and resinous strain with high THC levels of up to 25%. It has an excellent scent and taste; it is sweet, deep and dense, with marked tones of mandarin and mango, plus hints of fruits of the forest."










 Think that's it for now will catch up with anything I've forgotten down the way, back shortly with germination, cheers all :oldtoker:



Edited by GSZZ
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Nice one mate, you're gonna love that light... All the very best.



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Soaked in room temp water for 24hr, planted about 15mm in moist MPC, covered with film and left somewhere warm.


large.SS1212C.JPGlarge.SS1212A.JPG  large.SS1212.JPG




Two days and both up with one looking a little different :lucky:o.k not quite four leaved but extra none the less.




Having not had one before I read about a bit on it and there were mixed opinions on yield and potency. Then found ot1's post so have quoted it below.

I did think about starting another due to possible lower yield but thought my growing skills or lack of them would have a far greater impact lol


From oldtimer1


"Its called whorled phyllotaxis or phyllotaxy where at least three leaf primordia/branch grow at the same node point equidistant round the stem. Its not trifoliate which is a leaf divided into three leaflets.


I have grown quite  few whorled phyllotaxy plants, if they maintain the form through flowering,  the buds are little different to cannabis’s normal decussated phyllotaxis sister seedling plants, psychoactive effects are much the same, colas are usually shorter/fatter and yield a bit lower."



So my lucky charm is staying :)


5 Days                                                                                                                 7 Days

large.SSDay5.jpg  large.SS21Week1.jpg


7 Days




Thanks for stopping by, stay safe all :oldtoker:



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Super happy to have you on board the sweet seeds train to skaville.. 


sorry I mean train load of bud. Good luck @Clumsy I'm sure you wont need it..


Also while we're at this my fav from that albums. 


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I do like that different in one bud, it's unique. Got to keep here. All learning experience. 

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Was a welcome distraction last year and Sweetseeds generosity kept me going for a good part of it.

Feel free to chip in with any thoughts, I'm still struggling with compost coming from coco.

I like palm trees and sandy beaches, I don't think I was supposed to be a mudslinger lol

All the best with your multi strain madness.


@Punta Roja

Thanks mate good to see you around, I've been on my tablet for a while which is a pain to type on but back on a keyboard so all good.

Been loving some of the Wildlife on Weed pics makes perma lockdown a bit more bearable

Now that you've got your automated set up going you'll have time to get back to that writing :) I still sneak back to India

Wishing you well for the comp and the coming year,



Cheers for the welcome and choice tunes, I will play them to the ladies later, relax them a bit before I whip there heads off.

Good luck with your grow you've a very nice set up and the diary is on point, lots of detail for reference for yourself and others.

Would having something floating in your butt :rolleyes: slow down the freezing a bit?



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Thanks buddy thats really kind. I do enjoy it keeps my mind of other things. I don't think so mate. The issue is lack of water it's not very full. It may get moved soon the greenhouse gutter isn't feeding not enough. The house may have it gutters tapped instead. 

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Week 2


Had a small problem with my lucky lady, was a bit sensitive to being right up against the T5 (not touching) but tight.

Don't usually have an issue but I cant regulate the temps in there very well or change the height of the light easily.

Managed to create a bit more space and she seems ok again. Not a peep out of the other one.


Day 9                                                                 Day 10                                                               Day 14





Potting Up


Unfortunately the place I was getting my Clover from has stopped selling it (They were also storing it outside)

So as I was needing something delivered I thought I would try out Tropic Mix now being stocked by @One Tree Horticulture

Product seems good and the service was excellent :yep:


Tropic Mix and Fungi                                                                                            Getting up to temp

large.potup.jpg   large.potupa.jpg



Potted up on Day14 but camera was flat so all settled in on Day16





Day 16                                                                                                           Day 16




Thanks for reading, just one more and I should be up to date :oldtoker:


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Good luck mate:yep:

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Hey All


So this post will bring me up to date,


I'm running out of head room under the T5 so will need to have a play around.

Should pull one out of flower in the next couple of days so all good.


This is their temporary home, NO watering is done in here.






Before topping





After topping




So that's up to Day 19 and all up to date, hopefully get them in the drobe in a couple of days and then a few more until pot up into finals.


Here is where they will be going into, please excuse the tray it will be cleaned



Looks like I still have a couple of edges to tape :doh:


Thanks for reading, stay safe all :oldtoker:

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Thanks @mr rhino

Hope yours are on their way up, best of luck to you too,

Some nice choices you have there.



So I've just looked on my tablet and my formatting is all over the place :thumbdown: (I post on an old laptop)

Don't think there is much I can do about it, so if everyone could just view it on decade old equipment or make it up I'd be much obliged lol







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Thanks for the feedback @Clumsy :yep:

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Screw fix 50mm foil tape works a treat for the edges bud!  Works treat.  Good luck looking like a super space! 

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