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Dov's New Year "Sweet Shop" Sweet Seeds Competition Grow!

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Day 70 Black Cream update:


As we move into this girls final week she's not stopped putting on weight, today we have removed the bloom nutrients from the watering and started her "flush" some advice against this with biobizz as they're organic but I like this routine for the last week.


She has been watered for 3L pure tap water left sitting for 24hrs.


Temps have remained between 22c and 27c






Day 17 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


Both girls are growing great and the Red Poison has returned to a healthier colour with the added grow nutrients.


Both girls have received a watering of 2l with 4ml of rootjuice and 2ml of grow.


The Red Poison is looking much better and taking nicely to the start of her LST.



The Crystal Candy has continued to explode in growth and is showing some promising early main branches as we continue to use LST and leaf tucking to share the light amongst the plant.




The room is continuing to look nicer as these new girls get bigger and bigger.

Due to a holiday these will be the last 2 girls that see it through to the chop till later in the year so let's hope we have a good journey with them!




Catch you soon for more updates! 




@delagdo thanks pal! Appreciate the support hope you enjoy the rest of the diary as we continue through the season! 

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Day 72 Black Cream update:


Not much change in the Black Cream, still rot free thankfully it seems the airflow is up to the task.


Today saw another 3l of pure water given to her.





Day 19 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


These girls are putting on growth like there's no tomorrow, today saw some more LST for each plant, the Crystal Candy is very healthy and we are well into the swing of things with the low stress training.




 The Red Poison however is a little behind and hasn't been given much LST today just some tucking of leaves so she can grow in peace.




No watering for these 2 today as their pots are still heavy.




Catch you again soon!


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Posted (edited)

Day 78 Black Cream update:


This week I've been observing the trichomes and most are cloudy, the buds have grown some more and a few foxtail have formed, last night she had her final pure water watering and will be chopped in my next update.


Temps again remain between 22c and 27c




Day 25 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


Both plants growth has exploded and I have been altering the LST of each plant daily.


Both plants over the week have been watered with 2L of water with 3ml grow and 2ml rootjuice when needed.


Both plants have produced lots of pistils.


The Crystal Candy is showing to be the biggest so far and we have multiple potential main colas.



The Red Poison has caught right up and is developing into a promising young plant! 



The room has filled out very nicely over this week!



See you in a few days for the chop and hang of our Black Cream! 


Edited by Dov1
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Day 79 Black Cream update:


So today it's been 2 days since the last pure water watering and her pot was light again, after checking the trichomes one last time and finding most of them to be really cloudy and a couple amber ones I decided to chop her down and hang her up to dry! 


I used a yoyo hanger to hang her whole in a 60x60 tent attached to the main grow tents intake ducting, this will extend the drying period and provide a small amount of airflow over the Black Cream. The drying tent has been averaging at 16.5c.


I am hoping for a 12day dry and I will start checking her branchs by bending them, ill leave her alone in the dark for 5days before I do this for the first time. When they start to snap instead of flex I will trim the plant and jar her buds for curing.




I am really happy with the size of her colas and the training has paid off again in this grow with lots of main colas to harvest.large.6057d11b41965_157(1).jpg


Throughout this grow the development of colour in this plants flowers has amazed me, the mixture of dark purples and pinks are lovely, im sure there is even some red in there.large_156.jpg


Thanks for joining me on this Black Creams journey through this diary, let's see how close we get to our goal of 100g dry bud in a week & a bit!


Keep tuned for more updates on our Crystal Candy and Red Poison tomorrow when they get watered again and move from under the 250w HPS to the 400w HPS! 



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Now that is a beautiful bouquet, nicely done :yep:



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@Clumsy Thanks pal, im sure the missus will like this one more than the one from asda! :rofl:



Day 27 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


So with the 400w HPS free the 2 girls have been moved under it.


The girls are a great size and are producing plenty of pistils the preflowering is well underway. 


Both the Crystal Candy and Red Poison have been watered for 2l water with 4ml grow.


Temps are a bit lower between 20c and 26c, I will be keeping an eye on the temps with the 250w hps turned off and adjust the environment where needed over the next few days.


The Crystal Candy continues to love the LST with plenty of branchs ready to form into main colas.



The Red Poison has also produced some great branchs with potential to become main colas, we still have some work to do on the LST to get them where I want them. 



The grow room is looking a bit bigger now the Black Cream has been chopped, I'd love to get another 2 girls started but due to a holiday booked that will have to wait. 



Catch you next time for some more progress!



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Nice big ball of colourful bud there mate, nice one :yep: 

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Posted (edited)

@jadenugs cheers chap, very excited to try her after the dry/cure!


Day 6 Black Cream drying update:


Today I opened the drying tent and took a look at our Black Cream, she is drying slowly which we want, her stems bend easily so she has some way to go still.


The temps have been between 15c and 17c so I'm very happy with our drying environment.


There is no sign of any budrot so the airflow seems sufficient.


The tents closed back up and I will check her again on day 10. 




Day 32 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


It's been a busy week but the girls have come along grand, LST is basically finished now and the girls are stretching nicely while soaking up the 400w HPS.


Each plant has been receiving 3l water with 6ml grow. The most recent watering being today.


Temps have been between 21c and 26c I'd like to try and get the lower end up a bit. 


The Crystal Candy hasn't has much more in the ways of LST just evening out of branchs and a nice trim up of lower leaves that wouldn't receive much light and some small branchs that won't grow much.



The Red Poison has received a fair amount of LST over this week and all the main branchs are finally where I want them, she has also received a trim up of lower leaves and popcorn branches. She is also starting to show some colour to her premature buds.



Looks like these girls will continue to make good use of the space in this 120x120 tent!



Catch you in a few days when we will update on the Black Creams drying and be starting to add bloom nutrients to the watering for the Crystal Candy and Red Poison!


Edited by Dov1
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Day 10 Black Cream drying update:


The Black Cream is drying nicely, her buds are visually smaller and the branch become more firm however still bend instead of snapping, she has a few days left for sure. I will now be checking her every other day till she is ready for trimming/jarring.


Temps have been between 16c and 20c with the recent hot weather.





Day 36 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


Both plants are growing fantastically, they are stretching and really getting into their preflower now. 


Both girls have been watered for 3l water with 7.5ml grow and 3ml bloom for the last 2 waterings.


Temps have been back up at 22c - 28c due to the weather, the humidity has been up to at 65%rh so I have turned on the Ecoair DC18 dehumidifier to deal with this.


The Crystal Candy is starting to look like she'll be a frosty plateau of buds by the end of the grow. And has stretched nicely, however is showing to be slightly shorter than the Red Poison at the moment.



The Red Poison has exploded in growth, she has bounce back from being the little yellow plant at the start. Her colours have started to really show too with purple leaves and pinkish/purple calyxs.




It's going to be a lovely show of flowers as these girls tale off into their bloom state.




Catch you soon for the trim and dry of our Black Cream Auto and some more flower photos with our Crystal Candy and Red Poison!


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Day 14 Black Cream drying update:


So last night I checked on the Black Cream and a few branchs snapped nicely so I decided to trim her up and get the jar cure on the go! 


In total she yielded 108.2grams! So just over our goal amount of 100 which is amazing!




The trim is the only part of the process I dislike, after 2hours of "labour" we was finally rewarded with some tidy buds ready for the jar and cure in the dark tent.






Day 40 Crystal Candy and Red Poison Update:


So the girls are now growing at a great rate and are flowering lovely.


Each plant is being watered 3l water with 7.5ml grow and 3ml bloom currently.

The girls got left for 4 days this is 2days more than I had planned and had dropped a fair bit when I watered last night, some leaves showed signs of a potential nutrients deficiency, hopefully this watering has got them back on track, for the next watering I will also add some cal/mag.


Temps have ranged from 22 to 29c since the last update.




I will give these girls a more in depth photo update in the next update.


Catch you soon!



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Great diary mate, well done with the harvest i will look forward to the smoke report:bong:

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Nice result with the Black Cream mate :yep: 

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