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Dov's New Year "Sweet Shop" Sweet Seeds Competition Grow!

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Hello! Welcome to my Sweet Seeds competition grow! 


I want to start by saying thanks the guys at sweet seeds for their great customer support when I had a issue with my seeds parcel, resolving the issue and getting it to me so I can join in to this competition.


This new year I've decided to run a "sweet shop" theme grow including some colourful and interesting girls for the competition.



For personal reasons I had to take my grow tent down this Christmas but it has given me a chance to add the build to my diary which I'm pleased about so let's start with that!


I started by getting the filter system in, the use of rachet straps made this much easier to align the ducting and attach the jubilee clips while suspended.



After checking the fan, filter and ducting for any leaks I moved onto the lighting, again the use of rachet straps made this much easier, I am using a 250w HPS dual spectrum and a 315w CDM lamp, to get started I am only using the HPS and will add the CDM later during flowering so they run side by side.



In my last grow I had some temp issues so I've had to bring in a radiator and thermostat to keep temps where I want them.



After getting the tent ready and at a stable temp of 21/22c last night I started the germination of my chosen seeds, once in the paper towel I wet them to the point they wont drip but feel moist to the touch, then they have been placed in a sealed box in the airing cupboard for the next 48hrs.



Thanks for reading the build intro to my sweet shop diary!


here's a breakdown of my setup in use so far: 


- homebox q120 tent

- cyclone duel speed fan

- fan speed socket

- carboair 60 filter

- 250w hps

- 315w cdm

- oil radiator

- inkbird termostat


In my next update I will be sowing the tapped seeds and going over what soil and nutrients I will be using during this grow. Catch you then! 


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Nice intro.


good luck with the competition.

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Good luck mate, nice looking set up so far.

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Nice start, 

Best of luck with the grow and the competition :yep:


Atb for 2021 




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Greetings @Dov1


Firstly good luck! Your set-up looks nice, and your strains looks tasty. I was tooting on the red poison auto this am. Beautiful little number. 



Edited by growinggold
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@growinggoldglad to hear the poisons a tasty one, I'm really excited to try the Black cream* typed the name wrong in the intro as its has a cream caramel parent haha 

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Will be checking the seeds later this evening and hopefully they're ready to go into the pots that are prepped and waiting.


To prep the pots i filled a bucket of water and left it 24hrs, then I filled the pots with plant magic soil supreme and saturated them being carful not to have any run off, the pots then sat in the tent for 24hrs to warm up ready for the tapped seeds to be planted.




Setup additions:

- fabric pots

- plant magic soil supreme

- thermostats 

- small circulating fans


Thanks for reading this partial update and check back for the rest this evening! 

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Update part 2:


All 6 seeds tap root emerged nicely which is great! I've chosen to run 1 Crystal Candy Auto, 1 Red Poison Auto and 2 Black Cream Autos. 


Each chosen seed has been planted in their 3gal fabric pot 1/2inch deep with the taproot facing down. I have also put the remaining 2 seeds in little plastic pots as backups incase one of the girls doesn't break soil. 




The temperature was rather chilly last night so my termostat has been increased to 23c and the radiator has been turned up to account for this.


During this grow I will be using some of the biobizz range including:

- biobizz root juice

- biobizz grow

- biobizz bloom

-calmag supplement (i have hard water so I shouldn't need this but I'd rather have it on the shelf in the event I did)



Thanks for reading part 2 of this update! Catch you in the next update when we will be taking care of our brand new seedlings! :smokin:

Edited by Joolz
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Hi buddy!

Welcome to the competition! 


As far as I can see, you have everything under control and the plants are well cared for and warm. :wub:


Sweet smokes and happy new year!

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@Sweet Seeds Apolo thanks chap, appreciate the kind words, happy new year to you also :)

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the comp and seems you are off to a good start.   I would keep the "substitute" seedlings and make them grow along the others (perhaps in smaller pots).  Unless you think you will run out of room... 

Good Luck! :v:

Edited by AustrianToker
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Posted (edited)



On the 31st I places some domes over the plant site to raise the humidity over the site.

I also added some larger circulating fans to replace the small desk ones.


The seeds had been under the 250w HPS at 23/24c for 60hrs so early yesterday morning I woke and went to check the girls to see if we had any emerge and the Red Poison was making a racing start! Both main seed and backup had come up however there was no sign of the other 4 seedlings, I watered 1l around each dome of pure tap water.



I closed the tent up and returned around 8pm in the evening to see if there was any sign of the Crystal Candy or Black Cream and all seedlings had started to emerge.



This morning after 12hrs I checked the girls again and they have all caught up to the Red Poison.

I will now leave them under the 250W HPS on a 18hrs on 6hrs off cycle till the pots feel light or it has been 7 days and then water with a tap water and Biobizz Root juice mix to encourage root growth.



Here is the grow space currently.



System additions:

- 2x secret Jardine 20w circulating clip on fans

- DIY humidity domes


Thanks for supporting this diary and I'll see you in the next update where we will be going over the growth of the plants and start of nutrients.




Edited by Dov1
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Cheers mate!


Welcome to the competition :yep:


A good setup and an outstanding choice of strains, you have it all for a good adventure with these ladies ;)


Thanks for sharing. Sweet smokes!



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Posted (edited)



Its been 6 days since the girls popped out of the soil and they are ready for their first watering! 


Over the week I've been monitoring temps keeping them between 23c and 24c. One evening I had a drop of 21c but nothing to worry about.


The girls have been getting a bit tall so I've added a small support on them and ive turned the rear fan on to the moving setting to help strengthen the stems.


A bucket of water has been stood inside and one outside the tent to help raise humidity however I'm not to worried about this as these girls are autoflowers and will get big fairly quickly ceeating their own humidity.



Each plant has been watered for 1L of tap water and 4ml of Biobizz rootjuice around the edges of the pot to encourage the roots to spread out in search of the water.




All 4 plants have started to grow their 2nd node as they continue to grow i will be using Low Stress Training to over time develop a even canopy of main buds.


Thanks for reading this update and catch you next time for some LST! 



Edited by Dov1
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Posted (edited)

Great start to your diary mate, tidy set up and germination rate. Good luck with the grow and the comp :yep: 

Edited by jadenugs
missing word
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