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Auto flowering buds arnt maturing on two plants ???lost count of what week flower also

Hi guys!running 3 autoflower lost track of flower!but one plants seems to be maturing good!!and the other two I think one is doing okay and the other I don’t seem to notice the maturing of the buds any guess??also attached some photos of all three flowering sites please let me know if may just be younger stages of flower compared to main one using GHE 3 parts also atami bloombastic statin is lemonberry haze

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Ah won’t let me attach pictures 

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maybe they are not auto.....try 12/12.........

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Try imgbb.com for image hosting if you are struggling, it will give you embedding links to post here (bbcode)


Are the ones you are concerned about flowering at all? I see they are all the same strain but there can be quite a lot of genetic / phenotypic variation even within strains sometimes. 


Needs photos really & roughly how many weeks in do you think you are?


Unless it's been an outrageous amount of time or the plants look really sick, the answer is likely to be just look after them, give more time and keep a close eye on things 


Good luck







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