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Exodus cheese x gelato

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yes mate them be the ones, the old skunk structure with that added gelato mixed in, will be nice to see what you think when you get to sample her.

atb 4k

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4 hours ago, i11 said:

A couple of 4kail's Cheese x Gelato almost ready to flip. These two are identical, I sprouted three and the third is nothing like these, more of a mutant with much fatter leaves and stunted growth. These two look very promising though, and I presume they're what the breeder was after :v:



They looking great fella:yep:


I wish i had gave her more veg time, Lights on per day cycle time, space and a bigger pot to see her full potential, Good job i have more beans to try in the future:rockon:

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@Military Grade

it wasn't a bad effort mate, just hope you enjoy, when you sample it.

on another note, and I'm going off tangent here a bit, and this is probably more for beginners

if anyone is going to grow any plant from seed, you have got to let it reach full vegative potential in order to discover a somewhat true potential of what  the genetics hold when flowered out to full maturity.

seen it all too many times, people grow a plant from seed get to the end product and think, yes she was nice she has a lot of things going for her.

but and its a big but

 they also think in the back of their mind, there as got to be better out there,and move on to the next best thing.

its a shame because, she had the vigour, she rooted well, was able to tolerate a bit of stick, was suited to your style of growing, etc,etc.

so take a clone or two from a seed plant that takes your fancy, she might just show you an all new set of expressions that didn't show up on the first run from seed.  you got to give them a fair crack of the whip in your environment, don't forget shes come from a different environment, weather coming from seed or cutting, she need time to get used to your way of thinking in your environment 

atb 4k









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@i11 did you finish those cheese x gelato mate?

I flowered just one...


I have kept a superb bigbuddha cheese from his first (male/female) release since i was sent them to run against the cheese clone i had at the time(2006)

So...onto the cheese x gelato

The plant i grew had the typical zig zag of a cheese plant as soon as it hit maturity

I must be honest if you had not told me this was a gelato cross it xould have passed as the clone.

Stretched probably x 2.5

Lovely structure(what i call a growers plant)

Flowering was all over bar the shouting come end of 8 weeks.

Solid buds right down the limbs

ODOUR is in capital letters for a reason!!!

Cheese on cheese on cheese! Ive grown out panicks gelato but could not see any trace of gelato in my plant.i can only imagine its resesive and dominated by the skunk#1

SMOKE is strong,flavourfull and moorish.first few tokes you feel a flush of blood to your face and enveloped in a comfortable relaxation,carry on and you are at risk of staring into space and finding it interesting lol.

Friends who've had some all wanted more and one said it was the best smoke he had ever had!!(these aint kids or inexperienced tokers btw)

I wasnt going to do a write up but having popped some more almost instantly i felt @4kali deserved a 'big up' for sending these in.

Ive popped some more and look forward to the results.

Please forgive my photos being of the fluff but you get the idea



Edited by stu sleeper 20vt
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@stu sleeper 20vt

thanks a lot for the write up mate, means a lot especially coming from someone with your knowledge of the plant 

hopefully if anyone else grew them out they can share their experiences here,it would be appreciated


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got to say Stu, those pics look like pure cheese. if you didnt say, i would have guessed they were

kinda gutted i didnt subscribe when these cheese x gelatos were on the go. 

im doing some gelato/og crossed just now and they are real vigerous growers, so far. 

the 2 plants at top of the page look excellent, structure wise.


great work 4k. 

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@stu sleeper 20vt


Hi mate.

Yes I finished the plants, I'm smoking some this moment. Usually I'd take lots of photos during flower, but I wasn't in a great head space this time round. My mum died, work was going shite, other life issues etc. It was all I could do to go water the plants every second night, check temps and tuck a branch or two under the net.


I grew 3 Cheese x Gelato along with 1 Sapphire Scout from HSO. 2 of the CxG looked identical in veg, the third looked like a mutant with twisted leaves and other deformaties. I only flowered it to fill the space, 4 plants in a 90cm^2 tent with a 400w hps. All 4 plants were very yellow through flowering, due to my lack of care to nutrients ratios (biobizz fish mix & bloom in westlands compost).


After 9 weeks flowering I chopped them. After drying and curing, the mutant looks like your pictures, and I'd say it's much more leaning towards the cheese side of things. The other 2, that looked identical through veg and flowering, are like a different plant to smoke. The Gelato taste shines through. It's a hard flavour to put your finger on, but it's delicious and packs a punch.


All the plants yielded as I expected for my setup, 3/4 g per watt, same as every time almost to the number sometimes. I'm strict with trimming too, there was over 2 oz of trim and small buds for the butter jar.


I'll try get up a few decent pics of the cured buds in the next few days. Conclusion: 4kali's CxG is a beautiful cross that ticks a lot of the boxes for me, but be prepared for the variation that any F1 cross is going to express. Would I grow again? Yes I'm looking forward to doing so and give them a bit more attention next time. I only sprouted 3 seeds from the subbie pack.



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hi mate thanks for taking the time to post the above, its much appreciated.

im so sorry to here about your mum, and my deepest sympathy to you and your family, 

I don't really know how to put into words what you and your family must be going thru right now but hopefully you and yours all find the strength from within to keep going. 

sincerely 4k

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Thanks mate. We're a big family and life goes on. And your weed is helping me find that strength :v:

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