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Hasta la Vista, Baby! Sweet Seeds Multistrain Comp Grow

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Black Jack


Another strain, which keeps coming back into my grow.  Black Jack is stable, quite uniform and i know what to expect from her.  Although she is 50/50 indica sativa mix, i find her to be more like an indica when being smoked.  The buds are very dense and heavy and she yields quite well.  The smell isn't very sweet, more like coffee, hints of pepper with haze undertones and quite smooth.  I usually like to smoke this strain in the evening for watching a movie or series.  I would rate her 7.5/10










AT :oldtoker:

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Got myself the magical butter machine and decided to do some magical oil and tincture with the lower trim and some of the seeded buds from gorilla girl FV. 


For the magical oil, i decided to go for some MCT oil based from coconut and followed the guide on the machine on how to produce it.

Ofcourse i decarboxilated the weed before in the oven at 130C for about 35min in the joghurt jars you see below.  Initially, i wanted to do it in sous-vide, but the vacuum machine didn't seal properly.

The joghurt jars are helpful to keep the smell from taking over the kitchen.  I used about 40g of bud to 0.5L of oil mixed with 2 table spoons of lecithin.




Before putting the lid on the magic butter machine



fancy led lighting and just press the button for preset program.  I used 2 cycles of 1h at 71C




Here are the buds for the tincture.  Was able to source bio ethanol with 96%.  Once again - ration 40gr for half a litre of ethanol



Here the result ;)




This stuff will knock my socks off!  Sadly, no more time for more details.... 


Was a pleasure!  Thank you all! :v:


AT :oldtoker:

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Brilliant diary, great pictures and writeup packed with detail, and your gardening skills are second to none. What a fantastic selection of plants all so well looked after :woot: So many nice looking buds. The lighter more green Red Hot Cookies seemed to leap out at me for some reason, and of course the Sweet Gelato Auto - what amazing packed out flowers! You are really showing us what is possible with autos, and photos, when you have good seeds, skills and experience. Never mind the bollocks

hermie, that is just a thing that happens sometimes. Fantastic summaries and reviews at the end, you have so much going on so it was really good to have these. Great video too, love the graphics and editing.


Enjoy your well earned harvest, and the very best of luck in the competition. :lucky::yep:

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