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dinafem dreams in the scrog screens

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Houston , we have a problem, problem is i dont know what the problem is, but they looking pretty shit this week, completely stalled.

These have barely moved in the pat week, i dont know why, if im honest. the only thing might be the stress from the brutal topping, i dont know.

The roots look good, ec and ph havnt moved , still at 1.1ec, ph is at 6.0.


i havnt even had to tuck them under the screen in the past week, which is most un rdwc like. these should be pretty much screen fillers by now, but no.... 

temps and RH are good, sitting about 25-28 degrees, rh 35-50%


Ive got some silver bullet on its way so will give it a try as well as reducing the water level in the pots at the start of next week, and reducing feeds to 0.9/1.0 ish, see if that gets them going..

bloody hydro........large.3.JPGlarge.2.JPGlarge.1.JPG

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right well, after only a week, the res got changed out again this morning.


ive stuck in 100ml silicone, 200ml cal mag and  550 or 600ml grow nutes. 

no roots excellerator, no magnesium mono, just the basics,


ec is 0.9 ph is 5.7, 


will see if they recover. i took some pics for the "before" shots. i sneaked a wee auto in there too under the LE|||D 240 watt boardlarge.5.JPGlarge.4.JPGlarge.3.JPGlarge.2.JPGlarge.1.JPG

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Well, turns out  they had root rot.


PLans have all been pulled , system is in full on bleach mode.........bummer........


oh well, theres always the next time. large.IMG_6460.JPG


thanks for following.


Hasta la vista.....baby


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