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Getting a grow back on for first time in 4-5 years!

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1 hour ago, KC said:

Is it a Cannatronics one? I was wondering about trying to dismantle mine so I could change reflector but I chickened out lol 


Its the Aruara Pro-Lite, a huge square metal box with a timer on one side (looks just like a boiler timer) and the shade plugs into it with a big 3 pin blue 16amp connector. Just had a quick google and looks like cannatronics sell/sold them (I bought it second hand). If it is the same one, its really simple, happy to give advice/send some photos over if you want to have a go at it.

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That sounds like a different one to mine, but thanks for the offer :) 


Plants are looking very healthy, be interesting to hear what you think about the autos. I've only ever grown 3 by accident. They were in a mixed pack, they started flowering when they were in tiny little pots, I think I got about 15g of each of them lol Weed was nice though.  

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My very last grow before I had to stop was an auto grow as was in a rush, I was really impressed with the taste and smell of the cream caramel, but I had a crap yield as I messed them up by potting up multiples times during their first month as it was what I always did with photos, but you live and learn! So far (touch wood) I am really impressed with them, the speed with which they are developing is mind boggling when you are used to photos. I was worried to start with that I didn't have enough plants as I couldn't picture them filling the tent out in 8 or 9 weeks, I can now lol


Pot size does seem to make quite a difference with them, the one in a 6.5l pot is noticeably smaller than the others, will definitely stick with 20l pots for the next grow.

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I have got an auto freebie which i'll put down early next year, was going to try it in a 6 but i'll definitely go bigger now.


Best of luck with em anyway buddy :smokin:



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