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6 Sweet Ladies In Lockdown.

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Hello @AustrianToker my European brother. Thank you for the kind words few more weeks left yet.. 


I really recommend the machine it's so easy quick and clean, real quality bit of kit. Fingers crossed it will pay dividends in health later on. So I used a full 500ml bottle and it returned appox 480ml I'd say. Pretty much a full bottle.


Thanks for the heads up in the spirit, I will look around others recommend Eva clear spirit too. Think I will do no alcoholic run with MCT oil soon I've got 600ml to use and load of old bud. 


Thanks @mr rhino  me to mate. Can't wait to get my hands sticky icky. 


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@growinggold don’t suppose you’ve tried a shot of that Spyritus have you? I wouldn’t recommend it...:beer:....:puke:....lol

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Should fill a few jars this one... the Mohan seems to be following my Mohan's trend... let's hope for a boost in them last couple of weeks.


ATVB mate



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Hello All,


I hope you're all well and the mother nature is smiling on you.


Here is couple of pictures straight from the grow tent door unzip, lights still a little low on ratchets.  You can see how the ladies have kept on reaching and are almost touching the LEDs now.


Oh and this is Do Sweet Do's lady that flopped out the door trying to make a break for it. She no like lockdown. I don't blame her. Real beauty of a gal. Beautiful and dark. 


Grow Day:61  - 29.01.21
Flower Week 5- Flower Day 29



I will start by including a copy of the activity schedule as it explains my method on grow day, flower week ect. I'm not sure if this is how the breeders or others measure flower weeks. Ive measured from flip this run. 




Do Sweet Do's and Mohan Ram



Ice Cool in the back and Sweet Zkittlez out front. 




There has been a few issues on my visits to the shed. On the 28th Jan to fill the water/feed tank I noticed it was really low. I filled it back with room temperature rain water and checked the grow space.

Lo and behold the tank had emptied it self into the plastic garland tray the 6 sweet ladies are sitting in.  I quickly grabbed the largest syringe to hand and sucked up all the excess water/feed, I will throw this away.

I'm not to sure what has caused this, it could be fault dripper and excess pressure on tank from over filling and putting the lid back on. either way ive checked all the dripper and not filled the tank so full.


I use around a 15/20l Wham plastic water box as tank, as this allows me around 24/48 feed respite window. I could use a larger tank and no have to fill the tank up so often and visit the shed even less.

However the risk of that ism if there is an issue the tank dumps it load the garland tray will over fill and flood the tent, possible ruining the root it heat mat below the tray. 

All sucked up and hopefully no root rot.



I also added a new fan and the black clip on one was on its last legs. These are very much a make do and mend.

I will try and look to add another fan down low to keep airflow.


Group Shots
Positions as below.
Jack 47 - Black Jack - Ice Cool
Do Sweet Do's - Mohan Ram - Sweet Zkittlez



Stretch Heights
In Inch"        

Stretch Heights In Inch"     Canopy " Difference 6      
Heights 02.01.21 10.01.21 16.01.21 21.01.21 29.01.21 TOTAL " STRETCH % Increase
Jack 47 16 26 31 40 44 28 275%
Black Jack 14 16 22 35 38 24 271%
Ice Cool 13 16 23 34 38 25 292%
Do Sweet Do's 16 26 31 40 44 28 275%
Mohan Ram 15 19 26 35 38 23 253%
Sweet Zkittlez 15 22 30 38 42 27 280%

With stretch still not being over and all ladies still reaching for the LEDs.  Ive had to remove the ratchets and fix the non heat sink part of the LED to tent frames at the top with cable ties. I wouldn't recommend this long term as as the cable tie will perish.  This has give me another 4" of space and you can see from the pictures it looks better so hopefully its little easier on the plants. Over the coming week I will also turn the watts up on each LED again. The closest and plant to light is now only 8" away.  





Close Ups & Individual Shots



Black Jack




Ice Cool


Do Sweet Do's



Mohan Ram



Sweet Zkittlez






The Weather
Mild Mild Mild week ago, suppose I shouldn't complain really. 




Temps and Humidity for the last week:
Insulated grow space with tight 22.8c- Average 26.8c
Humidity from 55.6% to 34.9% - Average 43.5%


Remaining consistent which is what we want. 




23.01.21-  Added 4l Rain water to tank, 23ml Canna Terra Vega 
24.01.21-  Added 10l Rain water to tank, 50ml Canna Terra Vega 
25.01.21-  Added 5l Rain water to tank, 25ml Canna Terra Vega    


27.01.21-  Added 5l Rain water to tank, 25ml Canna Terra Flores
28.01.21-  Added 10l Rain water to tank, 50ml Canna Terra Flores   
29.01.21-  Added 5l Rain water to tank, 25ml Canna Terra Flores


Still no cal mag...  ;)



Equipment Settings
Lights- 12 Hours On (7pm-7am) 12 Hours off (7am-7pm)
LED Light 1. 220w Highlight 120w-  @52" From top of pots
LED Light 2. 150w Scope v2 120w-  @52" From top of pots 
6" RVK - Mode 3 Of 5
Inkbird- Set @ 26c for heat Mat and tube heater.
Tube Heater - Full
Oil Rad- Set @1500w of 1500w
3xMounted PC Fan- Full Speed  
Water Tropf Blumat Tank- 8v Submersed water pump
Meaco 20L Dehumidifier set @ 60%- Drain to waste added. 


Kept my fingers in mi pocket this visit, the smelly fingers will have to be a job on future visit. 



Edited by growinggold
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Looking good so far mate,

hopefully that's the stretch period over now and it's about time to start beefing up.


Hopefully you got rid of the excess water before they came to any harm :yep:






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@growinggold. I see what you mean about getting squat plants? Tall ladies eh? The Do Sweet Dos is a lovely plant to grow, smells bang on.  Next time try fimming and keep to smaller pots. What are yours in?

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@Larry Badgeley yeah buddy I got some right lanky ladies. Their all in 6.5l square plastic pots.  I topped three of them and they turned out the tallest. Jack 47, Do Sweet Do's and Sweet Zkittlez.  What pot size are yours?  It's all part the fun trying to grow 6 different strains. 

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@growinggold. 8ltr fabrics. I used to use 6.5 ltr squares but changed it this time. Yes 6 different strains. Hope they finish at the same time as you may have to get the box out

Fimming keeps them stocky

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Hahaha I think you will be right about timing @Larry Badgeley.   

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Got the Mohan colouring I see...




Nice work mate.





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Oh yeah! Great work!! 


I love to see how in control you have everything. Those tables are great. :hippy:


Keep it up!
Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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Coming along nicely @growinggold good job the stretch seems to have stopped now before you ran out of headroom mate. The stink is on the way...

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your flooding issues could have been down to the pump syphoning. not sure how you have set up your drippers though, so dont want to say for sure thats what it is. 


plants are looking good though, despite thier little swim :)

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Thanks for popping by @badbillybob so my tropf blumats are gravity feed, so when the plants pot moisture level drops it calls for more and dripper opens.. hopefully it was a one off and now the caps have been tightened a little and resi not over filled we should be okay. I hope. 


Cheers bro keen to get them over the finish line now. Best be patient. 

Edited by growinggold
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looking tip top mate, they are pumping out the pistils now! lovely and healthy :)

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