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Sweet watery wonderland - trees for life

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id be pulling hair out me hope u sort it out man

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its hopefully sorted this time. The issues i had were over the past year. 


Anyway, i gave them a res change yesterday, i emptied out the system and refilled with fresh water.

magic numbers are 0.8ec and 5.8ph

The problem i have with this is the water temp when it comes into the system, it is straight out of the tap, and its normally only about 9 degrees or so, and sometime the plants dont like it. the first sweet afghan delicious  didnt like it.


it was looking perfect before i changed the res, but last night it decided its leaves were going to curl up at the ends and do a bit of canoeing, twisting down and going a bit wonky....oh great........doh........ typical.....ive never seen a plant reacting like this before....its a bit odd....maybe the extra watts from upping the lightto 600 contributed, i dunno, but i raised the lights a few inches anyway.


Im sure that they will recover. its neighbours and the rest of the plants are unaffected.



here are its neighbours, a couple of the Moham rams


the other side of the room looks ok too, so im sure its nothing to worry about. 




this res change will see them through to new year, so i  can safely get stuck into the whisky and cider lol.


So merry christmas sweet seed fans, have a good one and see you in the new year, all being well. 

next year will hopefully begin with some scrogging action, woo hoo, exciting times

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I've got the same issue with water temps with the res change.


Thinking of filling to 3/4 with the hose then topping up with warmer water by bucket.


Glad to see you back in the saddle... have a good un mate.

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thats a good idea, less stress for them, but id need a lot of buckets to warm up about 400 litres .

and im lazy......


its not been an issue before to be honest, but its bound to stress them, i cant see how it wouldnt.

echhhtttt the other 8 are fine....

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400 litres? bloody hell lol i was taking 100 every other day to my allotment by hand a few years ago in hot weather and i thought that was a lot!


hope the sad recovers mate, and you have a nice chilled, boozy holiday :cheers:

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I did think "he's got a bit more water than me mind"... :wacko:

Edited by Punta Roja
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Hey'sup @badbillybob Hope your having a great xmas mate.


Sorry to hear of those hicups you had but glad to see everything seems to be settled in now.

The system looks ready to rock out some beauties :yep:


All the best to you and yours for the new year :bong:


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thanks man, and a happy new year to you and yours too.


im not convinced they have sorted themselves out to be honest, they seem to have stalled a bit in the past week.


next week will tell for sure, im hoping the lower water level will get them back on track- 2 inches instead of 1, but they have hardly moved since Tuesday, so i dunno. i did notice there is not as much roots on them as usual, but we will have to see what occurs.

time will tell.

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had a mad thought earlier ..knew it might come in handy ..


have any of you water culture wizards ever thought of those pound hand warmers from the pound shop ..reusable ones ..would they not be able to warm the water over night at all ..just place one in each pot or throw a dozen in the res ?


random brain fart ..as you were captain .

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Love the setup, real tidy space you've got  sorry to see the first run went south  but best of luck with the new seeds! 


Good luck in the competition:) 

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Well,happy new year toker chums (almost). i thought id grab some pics while im still upright.

heres tonights view, the ph and ec has been stable all week, the air gap is working a treat, and the plants seem to be doing a little bit better. they are still behind where they should be, heres the view from Mahogany ridge

on the left we got from nearest to furthest clockwise round the room, 1 SAD, 2 Moham ram, 2 Jack47, 1 cream 47, and a big lump of a mystery plant in the middle, its 2 and a half weeks further on than the others, you might be able to guess by the size. every time im in there it whispers to me that it wants to be a tree. it might get its wish. 





feeds are at 0.9 ec ph is about 6.0.

i need these to get a friggin move on, i want to flip in 2 weeks maximum. 

they are due a res change at start of next week, will up the feeds to 1.0 or 1.1 i think. plant colour is pretty good, cant tell by my crap pics, but it is. 


SAD1 and 2


moham 1 and 2


jack 47 , 1 and 2



cream 47 1 and 2



and the green poison, with huge fat indica leaves on it, easy to seethe afghan heritage on this onelarge.9.JPG


And finally my pet shrub, im calling her Kate, (Kate Bush see)



im off, ive been sconing cider and glenlivet for most of the day (again), worrafuckinshambles.com


More goodness next week, aye.


Happy new year to you all, i fookin luv ya...

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Thanks for sharing mate ;)


These will be the opposite of the first... Not starting as good but finishing much better :yep:


All the best with it and sweet smokes :smoke:



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More lessons learnt today then.

 i changed out the res, but the replacement water from the tap was only at 7.8 degrees, waaaayyy tooo cold for them, and they stamped thier feet and showed it, pretty much all of them flopping all over the shop.the outside temp is hovering around zero with frost on the ground, so thats probs why......

i cant really warm up kettles of boiling water to prevent this, and to be fair, its not really been a problem in the past. ive got a aquarium heater in there to warm things up, hopefully it will help.


what i should have done was to fill my 200 litre water butt up a couple of days ago and let it get to room temp, and at least that way the water would have been in the teens temp wise.


aint hindsight a wonderful thing, ill put it down to "stress testing" them lol


no pics today, its too embarrassing, and ive already filled my quota of crap plant pics in the first half of the diary lmfao......

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Posted (edited)

oh yes and before i forget, i gave them the following today

600ml of grow nutes

100ml of cal mag

125ml of silver bullet

200ml of silicone

this gave an ec of 1.0

phd to 6, but i will go out and check later and get it down a bit further. temps are up to 11 already, bonus. 

Edited by badbillybob
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well, since you insist, :unsure: heres some pics.


week 4. 


They are  looking a bit ropey still, thanks to me trying to freeze them with 7 degree water, but the water temps were back to normal last night, and the plants look a lot better today than yesterday.

the water  they were in was too cold for about 8 hours, and they didnt like it.........they were freezing, there were a few leaves that did the twist (cos it goes like this) before drying up completely.

i pulled those whiney assed leaves off. 


So now the room is looking something like this

SAD's, 2nd one is a runt, ive decided



the moham rams are growing away. 



the jack 47 arent looking the best , if im honest, 2nd pic is the cream 47, 3rd is cream 47 and green poisonlarge_12.JPGlarge_10.JPGlarge_11.JPG



i am going to look to flip this lot in a week or so. that will be 5 weeks veg for these, which is normally plenty. 

im actually thinking about just doing half res changes and keep a couple of hundred litres in the water butt from here on, after this set back.


The plant in the middle is getting a bit out of control, , hence the flip next week. i dont even know why i kept it, its getting massive, i just diidnt want to throw it out. 


rooms gonna be full at this rate, although the mud pluggers are getting evicted when i flip the room. 



cheers y'all.

cowboy Billy

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