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Sweet watery wonderland - trees for life

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they're not, i tried one, too crunchy and ive now got a dentist bill for a new crown.


these are almost a week into the system  now, and apart from a couple of visits to check ph and ec, have been left to thier own devices.

when i started this adventure i checked the levels in the totes and they were equal, but since i cleaned everything and refilled, it appears they arent on the same level, both sides of the room, sooooo, the left side water level has been higher than i would have wanted ( i checked against net pots on right side pots- bah...

so today i saw this, left side pots are submerged .....FML, so i raised them with my patented pot lifters, aka, 10mm wall brackets, under the netpot lid edge

before; then after;


this plant looks a bit odd, with leaf marking in the edges, here it is, a SADlarge.13sad.JPG

i wonder if there was bleach left in the pipes or something to have caused this? hmm, or maybe too high a dose of silver bullet, i dunno tbh,  its getting left anyway, im sure it will sort itself out.

heres a few more, another sad, and a couple of moham ramslarge.12sad.JPGlarge_11mr.JPGlarge_10mr.JPG

the other side plants look similar, the 2 spare green poisons i put into bubblers are looking great, especially since they have hardly any light.

to be honest they are bigger than any of the rdwc plants, i shall keep an eye on them. large.3gp.JPGlarge_4gp.JPG


echhhtttt, heres the rest i took the pics anyway so might as well post them. 

2 jack 47, 2 cream 47 then the last green poison in rdwc. large_9j47.JPGlarge_8j47.JPGlarge_7c47.JPGlarge_6c47.JPGlarge_5gp.JPGlarge_14.JPG

feeds are at 0.6 ec ph is at 5.8 in system. 

the bubblers were at 0.6 ec, ph er........havnt checked them for days to be honest, plants look ok tho. 

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just for my memory i dosed the bubbler green poisons with beneficial bacteria. TNC Mycorrhydro.

i used it on another plant and noticed it looks a lot better than its neighbours. it just leaves a brown mess in the pots, but only takes minutes to clean out, and they only need done once. the roots are just at the bottom of the netpot so should be perfect for getting a good colony going.

I am planning to change out the res and buckets at the start of next week. 

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How they comin oan mate ?


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they are looking a bit shit, but its early days, they have only been in here for a week, and i think the water level was too high up until today. I emptied about 20 litres out of it, better late than never eh?

Im sure they will bounce back tho, well, they bloody well better haha.


Edited by badbillybob
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well lowering the water level seems to have helped a bit and ive also taken to top feeding them once a day for tha past few days. reasonfor this is that the cubes, which i normally sit on the bubbling water, i kept higher this time, just leaving the taproot on the water and suspending the cube and backfilling it, so i think they may have dried out slightly, the cube that is. 


Anyway the 2 spare green poisons, which i stuck in the bubblers are doing great, romping off into the lead, development wise. i dosed these with mycorrhydro, its a soluble, hydro friendly, beneficial  mycorrizal bacteria, which is in the buckets as we speak. they will get changed at the start of the week, and the buckets cleaned out of all the brown crap that comes off the mycorr stuff.


heres the green poisons, looking good, these are about twice the size of the recirculating system plants so far, but the net pots are smaller so the roots hit the nutes soooner, and  then they are off.


 i also added a fan in front o them, when the nutrient temps were getting a bit too high for comfort. large_15gp.JPGlarge_14gp.JPG 


the rest of them are looking a bit healthier than before too, and seem to be enjoying thier time at the pool, heres some moham ram, jack 47 and cream 47 for ya.



so they are still at 0.6.EC, im gonna change the res and up the feeds to 0.8 or possibly 1.0 ec.


ph is sitting at 5.6 which i fine for this stage of thier development. 


and most importantly, no signs of any root issues , hooray..large_10.JPG

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Glad to see they've improved bud and you've realised the gap under the pot is of the utmost importance.

If you never had one (or enough of one) before then that could well be the reason for the previous dose of root rot.

I've found it tends to attack just where the roots leave the pot and as long as the tap root is in the nutes the rest can be left in the air.

Fingers crossed for ya this time round....:yep:




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Im happy with no roots in the juice personally...the gap is 100% humidity and with all the air they can handle they will flourish.

A well ran bubbler is more akin to aeroponics to me.

Good luck fella you deserve a harvest!!!

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Yeah well, ive always grown with the water level to just below the underside of the pots before now, for years with no issues. 

But i'll leave a small gap this time to keep you old buggers happy lol.

ive got about an inch at the minute, reason being, i dont want corded roots, cos they cant uptake as much nutrients, so its staying there for now. 


The plants themselves are looking ok, seem to be picking up a bit now.

The feeds are still 0.6EC,  6.0ph, no complaints from them, ill go through them all tonight.


the sweet afghan delicious. last time i grew these they were bulletproof, able to withstand a fair bit of stress, heres my 2, number 1 id the better one, number 2 looks a little bit behind, but the light shines on 1 more than 2 so maybe thats why, ill give them a few more weeks, and see how they golarge_12.JPGlarge_13.JPG


next up the Mohams, again these are sturdy plants, withstanding a lot of grief, and are looking very promissinglarge_14.JPGlarge_15.JPG


next the jack 47, looking fine too, i have to saylarge_17.JPGlarge_16.JPG

the cream 47 too, looking ok, the first one is only under a 240w LED hence why its a bit smallerlarge_19.JPGlarge_18.JPG

and finally the green poison. No one told me how vigerous these ones are, ive killed one of the seperate bubbler ones, just because its gonna get to packed, but the system one and the other bubbler girl are doing just fine, biggest of the lot so farlarge_1gp.JPG

next week im due a res change, ill be putting the feeds up to 0.8 or 1.0ec, i  will see how they look.

im going to definitely scrog one side, maybe both sides, to make the most of these and try and recover some of my bud loss from the 8 weeks i wasted on the rotten ones at the start.


im feeling more confident about these, i always worry in the first week or two, but i think these are all going to turn into decent plants, with a little bit of training.


time, as always will tell. They are looking way better than my other room, so thats a start...

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1 minute ago, badbillybob said:

ive got about an inch at the minute,


I'll give you old bugger you fecking whippersnapper...:taz:

During the awful heat we had this year I managed to keep my dwc running with no chiller or frozen bottles and got a good crop...guess how???


I LEFT A DECENT BLOODY GAP!!  :wallbash:  :rofl::rofl:


Fingers crossed for this lot bud, it's about time things turned around for ya...:yep:


BTW, my new system is producing roots the like of which I've never seen before, they are absolutely bursting out everywhere from the mesh pots.

Res temps steady at 23c which is fine as the roots aren't immersed, top fed 15 mins every hour 24/7 (including lights out) EC 0.9...



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i really wish you could post some pics mate, id love to see your flood and drain set up.

im leaving a gap this time. in fact, now that im thinking back, my personal best 26 ouncer was so big due to my laziness at topping up the res, and the plant emptying it daily, there was always plenty of air under the net pot on that one. 


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54 minutes ago, badbillybob said:

there was always plenty of air under the net pot on that one. 


Ahhh...I sense the mist is gradually clearing....:wassnnme:  :rofl:

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OOOH YEAH! Now yes... now yes! 


This is already starting to go smoothly:fart:


Come on, buddy, let's go!


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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Well, my run of great luck continues (wheres the sarcastic b*stard emojie when you need it).


today i was greeted by this.. this is a chiller fitting.large.1.JPG

or should i say i was greeted by a couple of inches of water on my floor of my grow room, after said chiller fitting split and pumped water alll over my floor.about 100 litres or so at a guess.


im suspecting sabotage by @stu sleeper 20vt or @stu914....these guys will do anything to get me to lower my nutrient level in the pots !!!!!


thankfully,  i always make a point of having nothing electrical on the floor, for just this reason.


Even more thankfully i actually had a spare one....yay, small victory......

Edited by badbillybob
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looks like you have had a bit of a year mate, hopefully this grow will see you back to 2019 levels of bud growth :)

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this year has been a total dissaster to be honest, pulled at least 3 grows half way in,the last one pulled was yesterday 4&1/2 weeks into veg, the sweeet comp first attempt was about 7 weeks in iifc, what a wastelol  

Hydros great when its going well, but it doesnt take much to f*ck it up.

i also seeded the big room earlier in the year. flooded rooms, ballasts going tits up, fan controllers going tits up, twice,  chiller leak, im going for the full house. :fart:


Next year will definitely be better, it cant be any worse, thats for sure....:wallbash:


On a more positive note, i changed out the res this afternoon, its all systems go at 0.8EC and 5.7 Ph, just so i dont forget

this one has 120ml of silver bullet roots, about 650ml of grow nutes, and ive kept the level an inch below the pots, just tobe sure the Stu's dont come back and break any more chiller fittings :unsure:


I have to say the plants are looking good so far. one of the sweet afghans is a bit behind, but hopefully it will catch up.

i also upped the lighting to 600watts from 400w. 

why was it on 400watt setting, i dont  hear you ask. ?????


no idea, but 3 of them were, ..............................................again, im blaming the Stus lol   

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