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Finally! Spiritual Cannabis gets scientific recognition



Finally! Spiritual Cannabis gets scientific recognition

17 Oct 2020


NTRO: Humans have been communing with the cannabis plant for thousands of years… ritual use has been discovered in archeological digs in China, India and Israel dating as far back as 2500 years (and that's what we know!). But today, as cannabis has become "normalized" or mainstreamed in Western societies, it's lost much of its specialness as a plant conferring higher consciousness – becoming de-spiritualized if you will. A new study, however, reveals that cannabis is slowly getting the recognition it deserves as an agent of higher consciousness, which I am thrilled to talk about in this week's blog:





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It would be fascinating to go to a Spiritual Gathering in Hyde Park or Brum's NEC to do with an Exposition of all the different Druggies in their element.

  Come visit  "The Spiritual realm of our Substances" . . . The Beer Hall,  The Meth & E Rave, The Garden of Weeds, The Smack & Crack Shack, etc etc   eta: Misty Mushroom Mountain

 Would be interesting to compare and contrast the variously different head spaces, levels of awareness, abilities, group activities, philosophies ect and come away with some bumpf, a goodie bag and an sensational opportunity to find ones spiritual home, because apparently we are very different in what satisfies us all.

  Cannabis makes life so wonderful and interesting to the eager spirit, the further devotion, the less one sees of other spirituality's.

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