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@sprog It's good to have you along for the journey :yep:


You're right on time,

everything is just warming up :) 


Expect an update in the next 24hrs.






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This beautiful cannna train is picking up some pace... 


So much going on I really don't know how you remember what to do. 

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Choo Choo :bong:




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Lookin good in there man aye :yep:


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Sweet Seeds


to around about

the 12th February 2021



I hope you are all keeping well.


As we all know it's been a little cold outside,

but it's been nice'n cosy and very sunny in the indoor garden :george:


Lights at around 110-130W

Air temp around 25C RH around 40-75%







As I kinda mentioned in the previous update,
there appears to have been an incident which occurred when I was topping on or 2 of the Mohan Ram plants.

I was taking another good look at the plants the other day,

when I noticed this

















It appears to me that I may ha FIMed this plant by mistake when topping her.




Here's the other Mohan Ram which has been topped again :) 














These are the Red Hot Cookies 

















When went to check the girls in the Homebox tent about 4 days ago,
I was greeted by some leaf damage which had appeared on one of the Mohan Ram plants(no photo),
that was a definite signal to me that something needed to change.


Yes I have been pushing the light level a little further each day,
but I believe it was probably down to the coco becoming too dry in between daily waterings.


So that evening I potted up all of the plants in group 1,
the 3 MR and the 2 RHC that came up on time potted into 3l air pruning pots,
and the RHC runt went into a 2l.







I haven't tried these pots before but I have seen them used on here by a member who disappeared without a trace :wassnnme:
they're designed to reduce root circling and to air prune the roots in the same way that airpots work.


I pre filled each pot with a couple of handfuls of coco and used a spare pot the same size that the plants were currently in and gently worked the pot into the coco in each of the new larger pots,
the holes were then sprinkled with some TNC Bactor s13 and Azos beneficial microbes.




 before placing the root balls into each hole.



Root shots












RHC runt(after and before)









Before potting up



About to pot up



After giving each a few taps around the pots to get the coco to settle around the rootball and then topped up each pot to the rim and watered in,

making sure the coco was completely drenched and allowed to drain properly.


This time instead of using KickStart I opted to begin feeding with grown up food,
it's still Intense Nutrients,

but it's 60/40 A and B(not necessarily ideal but it's what I've got).


EC still just 1.0 after adding MagCal to 0.4

pH Unknown as my Essentials pH pen started giving an unexpected reading when I was checking before adjusting,
it was showing 8.5 which I thought was strange that the 60/40 would raise the pH of my tap water when the KickStart previously had caused it to fall to 6.5 :mellow:


So I rinsed the pH pen under the tap(EC 0.0) and placed in a jug of clean fresh water,
I forgot what reading it gave but it was strange enough for me to get out the pH7 buffering solution so I could calibrate it.


Unfortunately the pen just gave an error reading while trying to calibrate to the buffering solution.

So a new pH pen is on order from the Bald guy :(


I did add a few drops(the same amount that I used with KickStart) of Down'n Dirty to reduce the pH a little,
fingers crossed that I didn't overdo it :D


Heres some photos inside the tent






After the potting up




The Red Hot Cookies runt













Now that they are in larger pots things are starting to get a bit tight in the Homebox tent,
so it is time for group 1 to be re-homed in the Nursery/veg drobe.

The setup in the Nursery Drobe is:
a large heat mat on the floor controlled with an Inkbird heat controller which also has the tube heater(currently a 5' but I need to swap it for a 3') plugged into it via a 3 way adapter.

Lighting is a Par+275 dimmable LED again from Diyleduk :)

Extraction is via a section of 6" combi ducting with some carbon fibre cooker hood material(acting as a light baffle) inside as the ducting which leads to my main Bloom-room,
which has an 8" AC Infinity Cloudline extractor fan and matching CarboAir 60.


I'll include some photos of them in their new space next time :yep:


In the Homebox


Group 2

Watering as and when required at EC 1.0 ph 5.9 still on the KickStart.


Nothing much to report except excellent growth from all of this lot,
the 2 Sweet Tai will need to be potted up soon though.


Look how squeezed in they were when sharing the Homebox tent with group 1



They're gonna be happy with the extra space to spread out a bit with their group 1 sisters moving out into their own room :D 



Sometimes when looking at the plants in group 2(Sweet Tai, SAD s1, Sweet Zkittlez),

it looks like they need more Magnesium(lack of colour between some of the leaf veins).

So I'm going to start rotating daily between foliar feeding with seaweed solution 2ml/l,

and Epsom Salts 1/2 teaspoon/l for their daily lights off shower.

Of course they could just be a little hungry so on the next feed I'll probably move them onto the 60/40 as well and I might even increase the feed strength to EC 1.2


The Sweet Tai which are in the smaller black pots will need potted up quite soon so that's likely to happen either tonight or tomorrow,

so look forward to seeing how they get on along with having more space for root development.


I reckon I'll pop them into the smaller 2l pots the same size as the RHC runt went into rather than the 3l ones,

I don't want them getting out of hand.


It'll probably be a few more days before the SAD s1 and Sweet Zkittlez need potted up,

I'll probably use the 3l pots for them the same as those in group 1.


I think that just about covers everything :) 

I hope this update makes sense :skin_up:


Thanks for looking.



Stay high/happy and may your gardens grow well.







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Epic update with loads going on!:badass: 

I’ve used Bactor before with good results, I always like to think of the microbes first, convinced it gives the tastiest weed when the population is healthy


Ppl always seem to FIM when they try to top and top whe trying FIM lol 


ATB mate:oldtoker:


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5 hours ago, Shumroom said:

potted into 3l air pruning pots,

Hey mate. 
I had been looking at those very pots same 3L size aswell, as I think they would be easier to pot-up into finals than the small pointy airpots, be more like a normal pot-up.


Cool update, all looks healthy an enough to keep you busy, an good to see another using the TNC range, as I’ve just started using their mycorr max. 

Reguards the leave damage, if your meaning the new growth, are you sure you maybe didn’t just nip some off the leaf tips when topping/fim’n ?

Done this myself more than once :wassnnme: :bag:


Good luck dude :yep:

Edited by Amo
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Great update buddy. So many lush green shots. Amazing work i love it. Especially the root porn. 

I'll keep saying this how do you keep in track all this. The amount weed you must smoke it can't be your memory ;). Ha.. no joke do you have a master log?  


Great growing as ever bud and mentor..



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Thanks @Fragg it's nice to have you following along,

I do hope you and yours are all keeping well.


Good to hear you've had good results using Bactor.


They've had some of this too :) 


since the details in the mega update :D 


They'll no doubt get some Biosys tea drenches throughout the grow periodically.


It would be nice if once they're done that I'm 'unable' to tell that it hasn't been grown in compost,

then I can stick with coco for plants to be flowered,

and compost with a little coco and some worm castings for mums.


On a side note:

I got a Dynavap M 2020 (not tried it yet) along with a couple of glass cooling tubes(one straight, one coiled),

my aim is to have sacked the baccy before this lot are ready :v:


I've tried a couple of different Vapes over the years and none are as pleasant as sucking on a balloon from the classic Volcano,

but those bags are just too noisey for my liking.


So in an effort to keep late night(all day) medicating at it's quietest,

I've picked up an IH from Sourcevapes (Alpine 2020) because those torches required to heat the vape are again just a bit too loud.




@Amo a big huge thumbs up on these pots,

I believe it was @exhale that I first saw using them previously and I was impressed with what I saw :punk:


It's so much easier to make sure the pot gets filled with medium properly,

the slits in the pots are quite narrow so they do dribble a little when watering but not as much as airpots,

plus it does seem like they'll slide out nice'n easy once rooted up.


I got myself a nice wee selection of them,

a bunch of 2's, 3's, 7.5's some 12's and even got a couple of the 20l ones to grow a tree or two at some point later on ;) 


Another vote for TNC is it?

i've seen people use both the Mycormax and Bactor 13 together,

I suppose the more species of beneficial bacteria and fungus the better.


Busy busy busy it's all good atm,

hopefully it remains manageable to the end of the grow.


Yeah there was some leaf damage from nipping too much off,

but what it's lead to where I only meant to top them is 3 leaders instead of 2.


I think it's like Fragg said abou FIMing by mistake :yep:



best wishes to you too :lucky:




@growinggold thanks very much,

my new camera the Olympus tg-6 which is an entry level mirrorless camera is fantastic.


It doesn't rely on interchangeable lenses for general shots and macros,

it's really only outdoor and underwater(yes underwater) that requires additional lenses,

which is great for capping the spend on photography equipment :) 


I can hold the camera right up to the subject for real close ups and zoom in some more.


The roots,

i'm very impressed with them,

I've never had roots like these before,

the heat mats are definitely helping.



I'm finding it so much easier not to overwater with the coco.


Obviously the genetics from Sweet Seeds and the potions from Intense Nutrients have a lot to do with how good they look in those photos.


I've never had as good/controllable growing environment,

a lot of the time it's been quite dependant on the weather outside playing nice.


So hopefully I'll be able to combine that environmental controllability with my experience/knowledge from growing in compost over the years,

and make a decent go at this first attempt at a coco grow.


You asked about my humidity increasing method a while back,

I didn't reply at the time partly due to safety (mixing electricity and water) and I was still figuring out the best method for my space,

you might have noticed the pieces of kitchen roll on the heat mats(stained orange/brown from Cinnamon powder),

I wet these every couple of days,

but the big help has been using a folded piece of kitchen roll that wraps over the top of my tube heater,

with both ends of the paper submerged in a saucer of water which sits under the tube,

i top up this saucer every time I visit the girls to check if anybody needs a drink.


The kitchen roll constantly wicks up water from the saucer so it's a bit of a balancing act with the thermostat on the tube heater and the amount of humidity and extra heat is required.


Give it a week or two and the dehumidifier wil be out instead,

great British weather lol


There's nothing wrong with my memory,

i do sometimes try to put the seaweed lid on the water bottle but they don't even come close to fitting.


My master log exists in an encrypted form which can only be accessed by smoking at least a couple or 5 grams of tasty buds or similar medicinal value of extract per day.


I might need to start taking notes if they all want different feed levels :skin_up:


Breaking news


The 2 x Sweet Tai were potted up into 3l pots of pure coco last night and I've taken the very bottom shoots to see if they'll root up in the @ratdog patented party cup method.


A little coco in the bottom of the cup then moistened with water which had some MagCal, Foundation and Great White liquid mycorrhizae,

then after removing unwanted leaves and trimming largest leaves to minimise water loss,

cutting the base of the stem at roughly 45degrees right at a node where leaves had been growing,

I used a bamboo skewer to start a little hole to push each cutting into.


Then I put on the lids and sellotaped the hole at the top of each cup to keep in the humidity and placed in the most shaded area I could find in the tent.


Expect photos to follow once resized :afro:



Keep calm and smoke/vape/consume weed.


Atvb to everyone reading this.





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Very healthy looking in here, great diary


Am enjoying following along, plenty of helpful info for all gardeners :yep:


How you getting on with your IH? I've been building my own for months, it works just not in a box yet, on the to do list :)


Looking forward to the flower show


Atb :oldtoker:

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Thanks very much @Clumsy :yep:


I'm glad you're getting something from following along :) 

I think it's great picking up ideas from other growers/competitors,

I often find some great tips.


With this grow I'm not looking for max yield,

my main aim is to keep them looking good/healthy throughout the entire process without pushing things too far with the feed/lights or having them falling over from not supporting them properly :D 



I haven't gotten round to trying out my Dynavap or the IH yet.


I've told myself that by the time what's just about to come down from being in bloom atm,

that's when I'll start to make the switch to vaping :v:


Thanks for dropping in and the very best of luck with your tropic grow :lucky:



Here are the photos I promised



From earlier in the week 


Group 1


The Red Hot Cookies runt



One of the other RHCs



Part of group 1 from above(the 3 x RHCs on the left and 2 of the Mohan Ram on the right)




Group 2





SAD s1







Sweet Zkittlez 







Sweet Tai








BigFoot top left and 3 x Sweet Zkittlez 





The 2 x Sweet Tai bottom left and 3 x SAD s1 top and right side 




From earlier today


Roots showing already in the 2l pots :) 



Air pruning 




Well that's all from me for now,

until the next time.






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21 hours ago, Shumroom said:

Roots showing already in the 2l pots

Cheer’s for the close-up’s off those AirPots dude :yep:

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You're welcome @Amo

although I made an error when I said "2l pots".


The Sweet Tai are in "3l pots" :smokin:






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Looking good mate, you will love the Dynavap after the initial learning curve :smokin:

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All looking spick and span in here dude, it's nice to catch up with your doings. Keep up the good work :D 

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