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As above, be nice to see a vape report, but it's a cracking diary and looks like you should have some top quality meds.


Perhaps you might get a super quick Mohan like Mr Rhino :lucky:


Good luck with the flowering, atvb





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Thanks for the kind words :)


Major Update 


A couple of weeks later than I had been aiming for, 

the timer was adjusted when the lights went off on Wednesday. 


So Group 1 in the dr150w had their first 12 hours of darkness yesterday :D


I'll pop up some before and after photos later once I get the chance to get them resized.


I'm trying out a fairly heavy defoliation on this grow. 


I want to maximise the top quality buds and minimise the popcorn/fluff. 



I haven't had the time to get the plants in group 2 potted up yet, 

I'm still trying to get the Bloom-room cleared out from my recent harvest,

hopefully I'll have that done over the next few days :v:


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 






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Shumroom scissor fingers into action. :skin_up:

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As promised,

here's the photos to bring us up to date.




In the veg drobe: some supercropping to keep the height down







3rd of April: located in the dr150w(bloom-room#2)













5th of April: some removal of unwanted growth















7th of April: lower net installed













Everyone is on the same feed as before,

now at EC1.2 pH5.9



I had to do some major defoliation and height reduction for those in the Homebox.


I'll get photos of them when I get them into The Bloom-room.



Until next time,

medicate as required :D









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Hope your suitable medicated today mate. Really lovely greens, how are you finding the vape? Or is it still a joint affair?

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I'm still on joints for the moment :skin_up:


You'd think I was addicted to tobacco or something lol


I wish I had a Volcano (and that the bags were not so loud). 






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As I was reminded when I was reading @Arthur Mix's rolling diary that the lights had still been on 280W that they were on during 18/6 light schedule. 


Just been in and adjusted them, 

the 2 x Highlight 220's are now up 10W to 110W each,

the Par+275 is also at 110W up from 80W.


So they're getting 330W of mixed spectrum Leds... 


Highlight 220 


You can see the little bit of UV at the beginning of the spectrum. 





This light has that extra kick in the red end too. 


Already this has increased the canopy temperature to 29°C :punk:


Although that could also be due to the slightly warmer weather(change of wind direction) today. 



I'm off to roll a carrot for @growinggold


PL&H :hippy:




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