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New to I.N.

Just made the switch to Organix Range with Runzyme. Going to give my first feed today to a 27 day old Fastbuds Green Crack and Smoothie Auto, growing in Plant Magic Supreme Plus. They're in 6l standard pots in a 60x60x150 under a Phlizon 1000 LED/COB (250w actual). 

Both are showing the first signs of flower so I'm on a roughly 60 day estimated flowering time based on my previous grows - we'll see if the nutes have any effect on this but Fastbuds have been quite consistent from what I've found so far. 

Anyway, any tips of advice or just stuck to the grow schedule?

Hope these leave things looking healthier for longer in my cycle!

Peace :smokin:

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Hi bro 

I usually say when feeding the plants take the schedule as the high average for feeds so always start off lower dose and build up to where you find the sweet spot for your plant

Just remember it's always easier to add more to a hungry plant than it is to put them on a diet 


Anything I can do mate just tag me with a @ and I will do what I can to help you

All the best Mate 

Matt :)

Edited by Intense Nutrients Matt
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18 hours ago, j0eperry said:

Hope these leave things looking healthier for longer in my cycle!


This run is my second with IN, these pics were taken day 39


Ignore the thrips lol

These nutrients are very well balanced, this is a 5 strain grow fed on schedule. 


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