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Safe to plug 600w digi ballast into extension lead?

I have a 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m tent and only 2 wall sockets, each socket has an extension lead plugged in. currently only running 2 x mars hydro ts600 for veg with a total power draw of Just over 100w each.


for flowering I’m filling one side of the tent with 2 mars hydro ts600 and putting a 600w digital hps in the other side, (potentially removing the LEDs and replacing with Another 600w hps if safe to do so) 


so my question is would it be safe for me to use the HPS’s or am I risking a fire? I’ve read that a extension lead should hold 3000 watts so I shouldn’t have a problem but wanted to ask just to be safe,
checked my fuse board and the maxiumum amp for the house is 100a 



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if your extension lead is up to it and can take 3000 watts, then yes it should work. ....


.BUT, if its one of the roll ones, make sure you take the cable out completely, and spread it about, as it does produce some heat and can get melty melty if the coil is all on the roll...not saying it will, but better safe eh?

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