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Canna Pro plus coco issue

Hi all


Im on about my 8th grow and have this time, run into significant issues after each repotting:


i'm using canna coco professional plus coco with clay pebble. and started from seed in jiffy pellet, moved to 4" pots quite happily, and when i repotted again to 5" pots, it all went wrong. lots of leaf clawing symptoms, and slow, stunted growth. after a few days of struggling, i flushed heavily with 50% nutrients and they bounced back nicely. 

then came to repot again, this time to final containers, 4 x 30l alien fabric pots and 1 in a 20l plastic pot, the issues recurred, this time, far worse and for longer period of time. I think its also relevant to mention that on the move from 4" to 5" pots, I saturated the medium with nutrient solution to runoff before transplanting, and did the same when i moved to the final pots. after well over a week, they were still struggling and i then flushed all 4 fabric pots with 50% feed before they started to recover. although at this time, i also decided to stop daily feeds as i was getting about 50% runoff, and switched to feeding every 3 days.


I should mention that this is my first go at using Grow house powder feeds right from seed to harvest. (My last harvest where i used the last of my old liquid feeds during veg, and switched to green house when flowering and ended up with a bumper 66oz from 4 plants.) I also add the chelated calcium and the base nutrients have the Mg in.

one important paragraph in the Green house feeding brochure is not to add Cal-Mag to the nutrient solution as it is not compatible with calcium nitrate.


I initially started feeding at 400ppm and PH 6.0 and followed the feeding schedule as the plants grow. tap water is 100ppm average


So i'm trying to get my head around why i had such a bad and lengthy recovery period after potting up, one clue may lay in the fact that the plant in the smaller plastic pot recovered first, much earlier than the rest in the large fabric pots. did this one recover more quickly because it flushed the new coco more quickly, or because it drained more quickly each time?


does anybody know that Canna buffer the coco with? canna themselves have not answered their emails when i asked, but then i may have been asking the equivalent of asking KFC whats in the secret recipie.. it may be that im experiencing a lockout due to a presence of cal-mag in the coco already.


alternately, I may have been simply overwatering, and should of stuck to what has worked before i.e. lightly watering, and gradually building up. 


Anybody have any insight here? 





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without knowing i had problems because of soft water growing in compost, i changed to coco and the problem worsened, when i looked it up i found coco needs more calcium than soil, i have used cal/mag ever since problem went away.

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Sounds like youre not watering often enough mate. Nute strength and ph are right so that's the obvious culprit. 

Shouldn't give coco a dry cycle. The nutes turn back Into salts and build up. 

Means you can fry a pretty big plant with a fairly small dose. 

Check the run off ppm and you'll be able to see it. 

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