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Sweet Seeds XL autoflowers New

@Sweet Seeds-tommy @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp  @Sweet Seeds Apolo  or anyone else who can help.




I recently purchased some Sweet Cheese XL Autos, Gorilla Girl XL Autos and Sweet Gelato Auto.  You kindly included a Jack 47 XL Auto along with some other goodies:yep:


How many of the XL autos would you recommend for a DR120 tent.  Will be running 24 hrs light under a single 315w cmh and when big enough a 220W Highlight Led to increase light levels.  I normally use Clover multi purpose peat based compost in Air-pots (20 litres i think, green bottom).  Nutrients will be Canna Terra Vega/Flores. In the past I have run 4, 6 or 7 autos (Sweet Cheese, Black Jacks, Black Creme etc.), but none have been XL's.  I have tried a bit of LST on previous grows but unsure if the XLs should get the same treatment.


Three new variables XL Autos, 220 watt Highlight Led and changed feed to Canna. 


Thanks for looking.


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Hi laserbeams!


Welcome to UK420 and to the Sweet Seeds® subforum :yep:


The number of plants depends on the preference of each grower. Personally I prefer to use all the space available for pots, so if I can fit 9 pots in the space (3 rows of 3), 9 plants it is.. If I can fit 16 pots (4x4), then 16 plants it is. And, with autos, if I could fit 25 pots (5x5) I would definitely do 25 plants. The final yield just gets better.


But when you say that with other "non-XL" autos you did between 4 and 7 plants, it gets hard to recommend you to do as I previously mentioned.


I don't know... with 20 litre pots I'm sure you could fit there 16 pots, but given the circumstances I think I would recommend 9 plants. Anyway if the packets you got are 3+1 seed packets, you wouldn't have enough for more than 12 plants, so that's also a limitation to our suggestion :)


Either way, treat them the way you usually treat your autoflowering plants from previous grows and you'll get equally good results or even better with these XL Auto that you have this time.


Keep us updated. All the best with them and sweet smokes :smoke:



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Hello Tommy and thank you for replying.


Looks like it going to be 9 for this run.:yep:


The reason for not filling the tent in the past was due to the lighting.  I knew that one 315w cmh in a DR120 was not going to be enough and would need extra lighting.  And this is why i got the Highlight Led to add to mix.


Always been pleased with all the previous SweetSeed plants. The bud has been good but there is always room for improving my growing skills.


I should get a diary going this time. Hopefully I can get some advice when it comes to feeding time.  They always look good til the feed comes out. :cowboy:


Hope you have a good weekend.




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