1 of 3 plants not doing well, other 2 are fine, advice needed please

By Shortie in Sick Plants,
Hi all,     So as you can see, I'm growing 3 plants. They are 27 days old and 2 are doing well and one isn't.  My camera is crap so apologies for that. All 3 plants are White Thunder although I have suspicions that i got seeds mixed up and the little one may be Dr Widow.  I started with 4 plants from seed and then picked the best looking 3. EC is currently 750 ppm (500 scale) and I was feeding them 3 x per day for 15 minutes via my wilma system, in clay pebbles, 18 litre pots. Currently under 400 watt but am thinking of  turning up to 600 soon (dimmable ballast).  At first I thought the small plant was in a draft so I moved it to the other corner but it hasn't improved. Then I thought it may be over watered so I went down to 2 x feeding per day and I've moved the drippers right away from the little plant. The other 2 are green and healthy, the poorly one has yellow lower leaves, although it has some healthy looking new growth. is it just a dud or can I bring it back to life. all advice welcome. I'm using Dutch Pro hydro and vita link root stim, in a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2m tent . Whatever i'm doing, 2 of the plants like it!!! it's just this little bugger that isn't having a good time. help please!!
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