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Pruning techniques for photoperiod outdoor growing (flimming?!)


I am doing my first grow. Outdoors, in ground, au-natural with photoperiod high sativa landrace plants called Laughing Buddha (from Barney's Farm).

They are growing tall and big but not yet flowering and I want to maximise the amount of bud I get from them (whilst ideally keeping them from getting to 2m tall).

I've already topped one (accidentally) and am delighted to see that its split into two proper heads, almost two plants in one. So, result.

I've read this guide and am interested in 'flimming'.

I've searched this forum for 'flimming' but can find no mention of it, which seems a bit odd. (I am aware the search on this board is pretty inadequate so I've even tried a Google site search 'site:http://www.uk420.com/boards/ flimming' but still no joy.)

So, does anyone have any experience of pruning these huge photoperiod sativa plants for best quantities of bud? If so can you lend me the benefit of your experience please?

Thanks very much.

Ah... my rather limited growing diary with photos of said plants is here:


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hey mate,


try doing a search for FIMMING instead you'll find heaps of results lol




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Oh that's embarrassing....   thanks 

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