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My Why"A"Ree

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Hey everyone hope your doing well. Wacky times at the minute, I was in the shop and some old fella looked at the till assistant and outreaches his hand after he dug out a treasure trove load of coins from his pocket! Then drops them all on the counter which seemingly took forever haha sounded like hail! But whilst doing this he says "Put them in the charity box Son." and the best it about it was the bloody box was literally 4 inches from where he dropped them onto the counter. The till assistant must have been looking around for Jeremy Beadle. 

This here diary will be one containing glimpses into what beers I'm drinking for instance, I'm drinking birra moretti tonight. Night before it was erdinger dunkel, that will make your pish smell alright.  Usually hit the holsten pils though. 

The odd funny pic may slip on into the diary and even the occasional joke if they are PC enough. 

Really looking forward to doing this diary for everyone and a big thanks to the UK420 team and




@Slippy One




Sometimes for me just talking/writing shit and trying not to be a dick is the best medicine going about! So pop open your can of smingles or get tucked into your Jen&Kerri's here comes the first wave of  my diary hope y'all enjoy so dim the lights and roll up a doob for the one time extravaganza the one and only Why"A"Ree! nudge nudge get it, don't be too mean about my bushweed botch up hoping it's more of a Wow"A"Ree than a Why"A"Ree. 

Enough of me talking gobbledygook. 


The grow will be of a plant I germed and vegged so far under a 6000K 40w light 600mmx600mm in size. Once my last grow has finished drying I will be moving it into the room with a lumatek attis 200 the whole way through from when I re pot it into a bigger pot from the 3.5 litre pot it is in at the minute, until its flowered and I get our auld danye son to go in and karatekid the fuck out of it. 


I'll be using the highly recommended clover multi purpose soil straight out of the  beg, right! The beg! I have some blood bone and fish meal and also some potash I might or might knock into the soil when potting up. Don't know, think of this grow like the pantomime, feel free to shout in yer 2p, like don't be adding that ya gluebeg!


Lucas formula with some other stuff added in. I know it was devised for general hydroponics nutes but I'll be doing it with advanced nutrients because I heard ya can, so spit your tea out, bite your tongue or call me a buffoon that's what we are rolling with. 


The room size that it will be moved into under the influence of the attis 200 will be 1.2high x 1.1wide x 1.4long. Snugger than a family of unwelcome roosting pigeons under your PVP panels. :)


Thanks again everyone really hyped to have a stab at this comp, took me ages even just getting thisone post up but I really really don't mind I like to pour the contents of my grey matter onto the white matter in the latter half of the day. Right must stop with the rambling her patience is wearing thin and my eyes are on fire looking at this screen for 4 hrs! I'm so not handy with computers and phones, or maybe it's the water fuckits and morettis I've been doing. 


Thank fuck this saved I thought it wiped, phew here's the plant porn




Bye everyone 

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Hey gang hope your all doing well. Just writing to let you know what I've been up to lately to keep myself from idling and going into stagnation. 


Last crop I done was starting to go a bit mouldy for crying out loud so I whittled out the bad stuff that I could identify and gassed the lot, I know the general consensus is to buck it in the bin but I figured fuck that! Here is a pic got 25.8g 


Imagine plopping that into someone's hair. Good night sweetheart. 


I've made a decision to build a room for a mother and veg room. The room is 80x60x120cm. Then the hamster woke up a bit more and I thought..... my lumatek attis 200 will fit in that nicely and so will the Northern Lights. Only this time round I won't get caught out with mould because I am near certain that these will be banana/coke tin sized buds again. I used to think that big chunker buds where great but when I did that OGKZ from hsoMark and got lots of acorn sized frosty nuggets I was loving it. 


Here is a wee looksie at the room 



Really isn't fun working in a 1.3m high roofspace (at its apex), especially when your over 6ft!


It was built with 12mm plywood, blood sweat and tears. 

5 inch acoustic ducting bcoz I had it already

4 inch outtake fan with carbon filter 

Insulate cabin with cold water storage tank jackets :)

Passive intake

Lumatek attis 200 

To circulate air I'm still during chalkboard stages

Clover soil bit of blood/bone/fish meal and a bit of sulphate of potash threw in


Once I have a light up there and a few more sockets or some safe electric source this big whore will be bathing in the Attis 200. 



Well everyone took me ages fecking repotting that into an airport and watering it now that I think about it, remember why I stopped using them now. 


Bye for now everyone. 

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Airports can be a bit messy when the compost is quite dry :)

I try to make sure it's in an oversized saucer/tray when watering in the first time. 


Looking good mate :yep:

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Hey Shumroom, yeah mate super messy. She came out and was all like "WTF!" 

And I was all, "EHHHHHH" whilst flicking her the two thumbs up. 

Didn't help she remained angry. 

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I find airpots a waste of time, cause when they're root filled you have to soak them through in a bucket for 10 mins to make sure you eliminate all the dry spots...In a normal pot you just water them lol I Tried up to 9L airpots, didn't really notice anything different, apart from a concrete lump of roots in a soil straight jacket, all compressed to fucquery. I think IMHO, airpots are for dripper systems in coco where a constant moisture level is maintained rather than a drying out process after a full drench...just my swerve, cause keeping water in the fucqas when they're in full flower and drinking it all, and getting water to soak in is nigh ion impossible without a soak in a bucket...which seems to make them massively labour intensive. 6ft fully flowered cannabis plant needing 2 waterings a day in an airpot, and having to lift it into a bucket to get it watered lol...that didn't last long lol


I'm now in 6.5L pots which is just far more civilized in every respect. I do the occasional 11l, usually for soil, but sometimes coco. Are you looking to prune this plant 'mainline' style? Love the 4 tops, you can get some epic full spread from that if you scrog.


wicked mate.



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Hey ZeroG, yeah it's a lengthy process watering the airpots, like spoon feeding a child. 

Noticed them sitting there when I was crawling about the roofspace installing the ventilation ducting. Isn't it amazing how much shite you build up over the years doing this, like a time frame of what's been used over the years. Viparspectre lights and all sorts of reflectors and pruck. Seen the airpots sitting there and was like, you'll do my NL baby girl, instant regret and bad memories returned when started to fill with soil [grumbles] 

Once Big BoJo gives the nod and says cannabis is OK, with all the gear me and the mate have we are a shoeing. 

I've heard of ppl submerging it in a bucket but like u said lifting a plant out, scrog or no scrog would be a royal pain in the arse. 

Don't really know what to do with it, I was just going to let 4 big donkey dicks rock out and have plenty of air circulation this time. I think this pheno is the dockey dick pheno again considering how short her internodal stretching is. 

If my head hurts after using this airpot I'll kill it with fire and send it back to the depths of where it came from (put it back into attics storage)

Like the idea of scrog but never done one so don't want to fuck it up, plus with it being tight in the internodes, would that create problems when weaving it around the net? What would you use yourself as a scrog yourself? @everyone What's everyone using for scrog nets then? 

Must go get ready for work, see you guys later. 

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Progress made today! 




The pot noodle one is a BlackMac

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Get some flat white on the walls dude, seal up those corners, you'll get another 10% out of the reflectivity round the edges and you can also get a very adequate 4.5" mini fan, usb end for about £3, maybe 4 with delivery...you could get 2 more plants in there ;)!


Are you entering the pot noodle challenge? Or is that somewhere else? I lose track.



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Hi G, no the pot noodle comp is with @HSO-Mark and the latest seed collaboration they have put. Last year it was OGKZ and JibbaJabba won it. Really fun to enter or watch/read. The sherbinski strain sounds like a nice one to do. Can't remember why I couldn't finish the comp, still... gave it a go and my candidate turned into this



Your on the ball zero mate, did intend on painting the walls with matt white but finding the time is tricky. It's all up there ready to go,though I reckon if I come home for the third day in a row and brazenly swerve daddy duties for a third consecutive day running there will be bloodshed, MINE! 

Like the cleanliness of the reflective sheeting but they now selling by the roll in my local hydro so fuck that paint will do rightly. Leaving the floor this time coz it just looks shitty after a while and I just went at it last time. 

Shit just remembered I helped the mate deconstruct his grow room and now my van is full of shit! Eeeeeeeepp! Must go clean out van before I rock up to a heating job with 5 inch ducting flying out the back like spring snakes


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Hmmm...not getting that in a pot noodle pot now are you.


And at that size i would have scrogged it and filled that lil box there...^^

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Oh Shabbs mate, it grinds me when people say airpots are a pain to water.... 

it's not like soil where you do a wet dry thing... you have to keep coco moist all the time, so you need to water them at least once daily.

In my 25L airpots, I can literally throw a litre of nutrient in and I wont have a single drip piss out the sides. I can whack 5-6 litres in in a very short time.

I admit, to start off you go gently, but it doesn't take long before you can feed them really quickly, no mess... you just have to be religious feeding them and keeping them wet.


Smaller airpots will dry out very quickly, that's why I go straight into 25L from seed.... I don't soak the whole lot as seedlings, just the centre, and gradually as they grow... over 1-2 weeks I'll have watered the whole pot, and it stays moist till the next days feed.


Once they get a bit bigger, like week 7 or so, I might be feeding them 2x a day, but that's rare... you've seen my monsters... even now only once a day and no issues..


All this dunking the pot in a bucket of feed nonsense.... that's not using the airpots correctly, IMHO if you have these issues, you aren't watering them enough!

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@teehee oh buhjesus I've filled them soil. I'll run up and panic water them and not do a wet dry thing. I think 

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Panic water done

took a lights off pic

giving them council juice at the minute




On the Bavaria tonight, then be hitting some holsten pils




Oh dear god would you look at that sock fluff gathering under my bulbous big toes nail, ya big get ye! As my dear granny would say. Is my big toe abnormally big I still remember the first time my mate seen my wet footprint from getting out of the shower and was like aye aye aye yiiiiiiiii big foot!  In fact there he is now texting to see if we are going to wrangle up some peeps in our mowtor vehicles and be down right nuisances. I know I'm a grown ass man but fuck I giggle wildly with him when we squoosh a few dweebs with a few doobs. 


That's me on the holsten pils now, yum! What lagers ya have down your way tee? 


Hahaha your never going to believe this but anybody here live near Belfast and ever see the fella cycle and roller blade? big, bald with come over wearing a boob tube and cycling shorts that look like that thing nurses test your blood pressure with bocz there that small? Particularly around ravenhill Rd area and lagan river? He's about quite a lot apparently, it was like seeing a Lebanese window cleaner at the minute I couldn't believe my eyes. What did I do when I saw him I hear you say, well I shouted get yer tits out mate! What else. 

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Plenty of nutters up round Ravenhill no doubt he must be a little more special to stand out from the locals lol. Question is did he have 3 tits!


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Hahaha twoooo weeks like that babe in total recall with the three diddies

Edited by TheGreenShabeenReturns
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