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Nutes and fish mix

Hi folks, i use 4 autopots In coco 60/40 over a 600 hps.. using growth technology green haze nutes. Just a+b grow/ bloom and quite happy with them to be honest .. good harvests and quite cheap etc..      any other nutes that are worth trying in my autopots For a wee change, maybe bit more less chemical ?  I thought about the Intense coco nutes but they look like they could block pipework...so I’m Just browsing really to see what’s out there hehe. 

I also got sent some biobizz fish mix From some kind shop ( not a clue who), can I use this as a foliar spray ? And how often. ? Do I water it down for to use in me spray bottle?  Sorry for dumbass questions But been monged constantly due to burfday celebrations.  Take it easy folks. gonge 

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