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Friday Seed Giveaway

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@smokie1 b c f c


Hiya fella,


congrats !!


The Killer Queen are regs mate and I have grown them out, I got 2 females and both were pretty potent and quite an earthy smoke. One did have a citrus tang to it and that was more of a upper motivational effect, the other was pure stare at the wall for hrs stone lol 


The blazing blues I have not grown out and would be interested to see them if you do. :yep:


all the best 


lil d. :skin_up:

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@lildaveham  cheers mate, regs are rite up my street, im looking for mums so il be cracking a few of each soon, i will put pics up when i run them to show you. was looking at trying to source some killerskunk for a good blue cut, but now il be trying the blazing blues. s1:skin_up:

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