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Short, petite auto recommendations

I'm looking to utilise my 60x60x90cm tent for autos. What short (height) Indica dominant hybrids are there that would fit?


Are there any CBD autos, 1:1 that grow short? 


I currently have Sweet Seeds Creme Caramel auto and Dutch Passion Auto White Widow and Blue Auto Mazar. Could any of these fit?


Thanks in advance :oldtoker:

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Ive had "short " autos reach heights over 1,2m  , and average height down as short as 300mm  (was a freak tho) .... it is quite a lottery it seems . 

When I started on autos the Lowryders where pretty much always short things with a huge cola . 


Sorry havent got into growing for CBD , but my mrs's arthritis tells me its something I should look into. 

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I have a Royal Dwarf auto from RQS in my NFT. It’s short and probably the ugliest plant I have set eyes on, but the buds she’s producing are getting really fat. She’s about 40cm tall. I grew two, but the second one had to go as she wouldn’t go into flower.

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