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Starting My First Grow :)

Hi everyone :)

I'm starting my very first grow. I'm going to be doing it in coco coir but the part that's baffling me is the nutrients. A lot of the guides I see are american so the products used aren't accessible sometimes. 

Does anyone have a go-to UK accessible nutrients list? 

Thank you! 

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Welcome to uk420 @OrganFlour


I don't use coco myself, but if you have a look, you'll find the coco section.

You'll find loads of info about nutrients.


One of out site sponsors is @Intense Nutrients, check them out.

I think they are for coco if I remember correctly.


best wishes mate.



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@OrganFlour to keep it simple,and cheap,just get some Ionic/Growth Technology coco veg and bloom ( it's  1 bottle for veg,and 1 bottle for bloom). It's also a very good idea to get a ph meter,and an EC meter.Bluelab truncheon EC meter is good,about £70 ish. 'Essentials' brand of ph meter is also good,about £30 ish. Don't waste money on the cheap ebay sold meters. If the ec of your tap water is low,under ec 0.4,get a bottle of calmag,you will need it. You may also want to use some pk boost during flower,Ionic/Growth Technology also sell that,but it's not really neccessary,just veg and bloom to keep it simple. I f you're growing from seed,you can prepare a small pot of coco by using Ionic/GT 'formulex',or a quarter strength veg feed. PH approx wants to be 5.8 - 6 ish throughout veg and bloom. EC in veg 0.8,upto about 1.2. Flower ec upto 1.6 ish. Thats what I used to do anyway. ATB mate :yep:

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