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3 litre Pots sog grow run to waste how many plants in 8x6 tray ?

Hi guys I’m planning on running a coco run to waste sog grow in my groom my rtw tray is 8ft x 6ft Im planning on using 3 litre pots


how many plants would I need ? 

should I just flower clones ? 


should I do less plants with a 7/10 day veg? (I know this isn’t actually a sog)


whats People’s options on this ? 




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I did a sort of sog from seed recently in 3.5l pots and went for 18 in a 4' x 2'.

If I did it again I'd 100% use clones, and not hand water lol

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Posted (edited)

How many plants depends massively on what it is you're growing. A load of indicas will react very differently to a load of sat hybrids. Also veg time, again depends on what you grow.


What are you going to be growing? Might be able to give you an idea on numbers and veg times but alot of it is going to be trial and error!

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