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Home made drying box

I have a small tent and nowhere to dry without stinking out my flat so made a impromptu drying box that feeds into the passive intake on my tent so fingers crossed sends all the drying air through the tent and into the scrubber 


Materials used


1x 5 inch laptop cooling fan with 3 speed controller purchased of amazon for 12 quid 


1 x 200watt cfl bulb box with polystyrene insert


1 x hetty hoover cardboard box 


. Tools

bread knife 



So basically open up the polystyrene insert put the fan in position about 3 inches from start of the box, carve out polystyrene until you can close the insert around the fan, put back inside its box and cut a 4 inch ish outlet hole at the other end of the box


Once that's done stick it inside the bigger box, make some intake holes behind where the fan sits and run your string or wire across so you have somewhere to hang your croplarge.IMG_23062020_201137_(2500_x_1875_pixel).jpg


Using the bread knife I cut out a hole matching up with the outlet hole on the inside



Using boxes I propped it up to the height of the passive intake on my tent, fingers crossed helps with the smell while I crop 



Will give a progress report on how it dries and how effective it is at keeping smell in the tent rather than in the flat 


Cheers for reading

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 the drying box has been operational since Tuesday and have just chopped my second auto and put that in there 


So far the smell has been negligable and the air seems to be going in straight to the the intake as planned, the tray of frozen goods on top during the dayhas managed to keep temps in the box at around 22 and and even brought the tent down 0.5 degrees (in this heat every little help) large.IMG_25062020_230453_(2750_x_2063_pixel).jpg

Will follow up next week to show how the drying turned out and if the smell gets too much 


Cheers for reading

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